AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-24MAINTAINERS: update Allwinner A10 maintainerpull-target-arm-20150924Beniamino Galvani
2015-09-24hw/arm/virt-acpi-build: Fix wrong size of flash in ACPI tableShannon Zhao
2015-09-24hw/arm/virt: Add gic-version option to virt machinePavel Fedin
2015-09-24hw/intc: Initial implementation of vGICv3Pavel Fedin
2015-09-24arm_kvm: Do not assume particular GIC type in kvm_arch_irqchip_create()Pavel Fedin
2015-09-24intc/gic: Extract some reusable vGIC codePavel Fedin
2015-09-24hw/intc: Implement GIC-500 base classShlomo Pongratz
2015-09-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/awilliam/tags/vfio-update-20150923.0' i...Peter Maydell
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Add emulated PCI IDsAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cache vendor and device IDAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Move AMD device specific reset to quirksAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Remove old config window and mirror quirksAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Config mirror quirkAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Config window quirksAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Rework RTL8168 quirkAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cleanup Nvidia 0x3d0 quirkAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cleanup ATI 0x3c3 quirkAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Foundation for new quirk structureAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cleanup ROM blacklist quirkAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Split quirks to a separate fileAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Extract PCI structures to a separate headerAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio: Change polarity of our no-mmap optionAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Make interrupt bypass runtime configurableAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Rename MSI/X functions for easier tracingAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Rename INTx functions for easier tracingAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cleanup vfio_early_setup_msix() error pathAlex Williamson
2015-09-23vfio/pci: Cleanup RTL8168 quirk and tracingAlex Williamson
2015-09-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgibson/tags/spapr-next-20150923' into ...Peter Maydell
2015-09-23sPAPR: Enable EEH on VFIO PCI device onlyGavin Shan
2015-09-23sPAPR: Revert don't enable EEH on emulated PCI devicesGavin Shan
2015-09-23ppc/spapr: Implement H_RANDOM hypercall in QEMUThomas Huth
2015-09-23ppc/spapr: Fix buffer overflow in spapr_populate_drconf_memory()Thomas Huth
2015-09-23spapr: Fix default NUMA node allocation for threadsDavid Gibson
2015-09-23spapr: Move memory hotplug to RTAS_LOG_V6_HP_ID_DRC_COUNT typeBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Support hotplug by specifying DRC countBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Revert to memory@XXXX representation for non-hotplugged memoryBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Populate ibm,associativity-lookup-arrays correctly for non-NUMABharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Provide better error message when slots exceed max allowedBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Don't allow memory hotplug to memory less nodesBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Memory hotplug supportBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Make hash table size a factor of maxram_sizeBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Support ibm,dynamic-reconfiguration-memoryBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr: Add LMB DR connectorsDavid Gibson
2015-09-23spapr: Use QEMU limit for maximum CPUs numberAlexey Kardashevskiy
2015-09-23spapr: Don't use QOM [*] syntax for DR connectors.David Gibson
2015-09-23spapr_drc: use RTAS return codes for methods called by RTASMichael Roth
2015-09-23spapr: Initialize hotplug memory address spaceBharata B Rao
2015-09-23spapr_drc: don't allow 'empty' DRCs to be unisolated or allocatedMichael Roth
2015-09-23spapr_pci: fix device tree props for MSI/MSI-XMichael Roth
2015-09-23spapr: Enable in-kernel H_SET_MODE handlingAlexey Kardashevskiy