AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-20Add Power7 VSX Logical InstructionsTom Musta
2013-12-20Add VSX Vector Move InstructionsTom Musta
2013-12-20Add VSX Scalar Move InstructionsTom Musta
2013-12-20roms: Flush icache when writing roms to guest memoryAlexander Graf
2013-12-20spapr: tie spapr-nvram to -pflashPaolo Bonzini
2013-12-20PPC: Use default pci bus name for grackle and heathrowAlexander Graf
2013-12-20spapr-rtas: add ibm, (get|set)-system-parameterAlexey Kardashevskiy
2013-12-20spapr-rtas: replace return code constants with macrosAlexey Kardashevskiy
2013-12-20target-ppc: move POWER7+ to a separate familyAlexey Kardashevskiy
2013-12-20Add stxvw4xTom Musta
2013-12-20Add stxsdxTom Musta
2013-12-20Add lxvw4xTom Musta
2013-12-20Add lxvdsxTom Musta
2013-12-20Add lxsdxTom Musta
2013-12-20Add xxpermdiTom Musta
2013-12-20Add stxvd2xTom Musta
2013-12-20Add lxvd2xTom Musta
2013-12-20Add VSR to Global RegistersTom Musta
2013-12-20Add VSX Instruction DecodersTom Musta
2013-12-20Add MSR VSX and Associated ExceptionTom Musta
2013-12-20Declare and Enable VSXTom Musta
2013-12-20powerpc: add PVR mask supportAlexey Kardashevskiy
2013-12-20target-ppc: add stubs for KVM breakpointsGreg Kurz
2013-12-19Merge remote-tracking branch 'pmaydell/tags/pull-target-arm-20131217' into st...Anthony Liguori
2013-12-18s390x/ioinst: CHSC has to set a condition codeThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Fixed condition code for unknown SIGP ordersThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Simplified the calculation of the SIGP order codeThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Implemented SIGP STARTThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Fix coding style in handle_sigp()Thomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Removed s390_store_status stubThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Removed duplicated SIGP definesThomas Huth
2013-12-18s390x/kvm: Fix diagnose handling.Cornelia Huck
2013-12-17MAINTAINERS: add myself to maintain allwinner-a10pull-target-arm-20131217liguang
2013-12-17hw/arm: add cubieboard supportliguang
2013-12-17hw/arm: add allwinner a10 SoC supportliguang
2013-12-17hw/intc: add allwinner A10 interrupt controllerliguang
2013-12-17hw/timer: add allwinner a10 timerliguang
2013-12-17vmstate: Add support for an array of ptimer_state *Peter Maydell
2013-12-17MAINTAINERS: Document 'Canon DIGIC' machineAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17hw/arm/digic: add NOR ROM supportAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17hw/arm/digic: add UART supportAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17hw/arm/digic: add timer supportAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17hw/arm/digic: prepare DIGIC-based boards supportAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17hw/arm: add very initial support for Canon DIGIC SoCAntony Pavlov
2013-12-17target-arm: A64: add support for logical (immediate) insnsAlexander Graf
2013-12-17target-arm: A64: add support for 1-src CLS insnClaudio Fontana
2013-12-17host-utils: add clrsb32/64 - count leading redundant sign bitsClaudio Fontana
2013-12-17target-arm: A64: add support for bitfield insnsClaudio Fontana
2013-12-17target-arm: A64: add support for 1-src REV insnsClaudio Fontana
2013-12-17target-arm: A64: add support for 1-src RBIT insnAlexander Graf