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-Unsolved issues/bugs in the mips/mipsel backend
-- Unimplemented ASEs:
- - MDMX
- - SmartMIPS
- - microMIPS DSP r1 & r2 encodings
-- MT ASE only partially implemented and not functional
-- Shadow register support only partially implemented,
- lacks set switching on interrupt/exception.
-- 34K ITC not implemented.
-- A general lack of documentation, especially for technical internals.
- Existing documentation is x86-centric.
-- Reverse endianness bit not implemented
-- The TLB emulation is very inefficient:
- QEMU's softmmu implements a x86-style MMU, with separate entries
- for read/write/execute, a TLB index which is just a modulo of the
- virtual address, and a set of TLBs for each user/kernel/supervisor
- MMU mode.
- MIPS has a single entry for read/write/execute and only one MMU mode.
- But it is fully associative with randomized entry indices, and uses
- up to 256 ASID tags as additional matching criterion (which roughly
- equates to 256 MMU modes). It also has a global flag which causes
- entries to match regardless of ASID.
- To cope with these differences, QEMU currently flushes the TLB at
- each ASID change. Using the MMU modes to implement ASIDs hinges on
- implementing the global bit efficiently.
-- save/restore of the CPU state is not implemented (see machine.c).
-- Userland emulation (both n32 and n64) not functional.
-"Generic" 4Kc system emulation
-- Doesn't correspond to any real hardware. Should be removed some day,
- U-Boot is the last remaining user.
-PICA 61 system emulation
-- No framebuffer support yet.
-MALTA system emulation
-- We fake firmware support instead of doing the real thing
-- Real firmware (YAMON) falls over when trying to init RAM, presumably
- due to lacking system controller emulation.
-- Bonito system controller not implemented
-- MSC1 system controller not implemented