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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/target-m68k/op_helper.c b/target-m68k/op_helper.c
index ff32e35461..e41ae46498 100644
--- a/target-m68k/op_helper.c
+++ b/target-m68k/op_helper.c
@@ -39,12 +39,12 @@ static inline void do_interrupt_m68k_hardirq(CPUM68KState *env)
/* Try to fill the TLB and return an exception if error. If retaddr is
NULL, it means that the function was called in C code (i.e. not
from generated code or from helper.c) */
-void tlb_fill(CPUState *cs, target_ulong addr, int is_write, int mmu_idx,
- uintptr_t retaddr)
+void tlb_fill(CPUState *cs, target_ulong addr, MMUAccessType access_type,
+ int mmu_idx, uintptr_t retaddr)
int ret;
- ret = m68k_cpu_handle_mmu_fault(cs, addr, is_write, mmu_idx);
+ ret = m68k_cpu_handle_mmu_fault(cs, addr, access_type, mmu_idx);
if (unlikely(ret)) {
if (retaddr) {
/* now we have a real cpu fault */