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authorDaniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>2015-08-27 16:25:30 +0100
committerDaniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>2015-12-18 12:18:31 +0000
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io: add QIOChannelCommand class
Add a QIOChannel subclass that is capable of performing I/O to/from a separate process, via a pair of pipes. The command can be used for unidirectional or bi-directional I/O. Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrange <berrange@redhat.com>
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diff --git a/trace-events b/trace-events
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--- a/trace-events
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@@ -1858,3 +1858,9 @@ qio_channel_websock_handshake_pending(void *ioc, int status) "Websock handshake
qio_channel_websock_handshake_reply(void *ioc) "Websock handshake reply ioc=%p"
qio_channel_websock_handshake_fail(void *ioc) "Websock handshake fail ioc=%p"
qio_channel_websock_handshake_complete(void *ioc) "Websock handshake complete ioc=%p"
+# io/channel-command.c
+qio_channel_command_new_pid(void *ioc, int writefd, int readfd, int pid) "Command new pid ioc=%p writefd=%d readfd=%d pid=%d"
+qio_channel_command_new_spawn(void *ioc, const char *binary, int flags) "Command new spawn ioc=%p binary=%s flags=%d"
+qio_channel_command_abort(void *ioc, int pid) "Command abort ioc=%p pid=%d"
+qio_channel_command_wait(void *ioc, int pid, int ret, int status) "Command abort ioc=%p pid=%d ret=%d status=%d"