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authorAnthony Liguori <anthony@codemonkey.ws>2013-09-03 12:31:43 -0500
committerAnthony Liguori <anthony@codemonkey.ws>2013-09-03 12:31:44 -0500
commit5a93d5c2abc719bd44f6c9fbeed88d3cae712606 (patch)
treeb3e9244146ce4bd678bdcf5b452b702f4be0ec8f /tcg/tci
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parentfcdda211f9239f4218f96cdc336a482f7103d90b (diff)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'mjt/trivial-patches' into staging
# By Stefan Weil (6) and others # Via Michael Tokarev * mjt/trivial-patches: aio / timers: use g_usleep() not sleep() adlib: sort offsets in portio registration qmp: fix integer usage in examples tci: Remove function tcg_out64 (fix broken build) target-arm: Report unimplemented opcodes (LOG_UNIMP) pflash_cfi02.c: fix debug macro configure: Remove unneeded redirections of stderr (pkg-config --exists) configure: Remove unneeded redirections of stderr (pkg-config --cflags, --libs) configure: Don't write .pyc files by default (python -B) curl: qemu_bh_new() can never return NULL slirp/arp_table.c: Avoid shifting into sign bit of signed integers configure: disable clang -Wstring-plus-int warning rdma: silly ipv6 bugfix misc: Fix some typos in names and comments slirp: Port redirection option behave differently on Linux and Windows Message-id: 1378119695-14568-1-git-send-email-mjt@msgid.tls.msk.ru Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <anthony@codemonkey.ws>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/tcg/tci/tcg-target.c b/tcg/tci/tcg-target.c
index 281d7d50f3..233ab3bf35 100644
--- a/tcg/tci/tcg-target.c
+++ b/tcg/tci/tcg-target.c
@@ -415,13 +415,6 @@ static void tcg_out_i(TCGContext *s, tcg_target_ulong v)
s->code_ptr += sizeof(tcg_target_ulong);
-/* Write 64 bit value. */
-static void tcg_out64(TCGContext *s, uint64_t v)
- *(uint64_t *)s->code_ptr = v;
- s->code_ptr += sizeof(v);
/* Write opcode. */
static void tcg_out_op_t(TCGContext *s, TCGOpcode op)