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Merge remote-tracking branch 'mreitz/tags/pull-block-2017-04-28' into queue-block
Block patches for the block queue # gpg: Signature made Fri Apr 28 20:50:48 2017 CEST # gpg: using RSA key 0xF407DB0061D5CF40 # gpg: Good signature from "Max Reitz <mreitz@redhat.com>" # Primary key fingerprint: 91BE B60A 30DB 3E88 57D1 1829 F407 DB00 61D5 CF40 * mreitz/tags/pull-block-2017-04-28: progress: Show current progress on SIGINFO iotests: fix exclusion option iotests: clarify help text qemu-img: use blk_co_pwrite_zeroes for zero sectors when compressed qemu-img: improve convert_iteration_sectors() block: assert no image modification under BDRV_O_INACTIVE block: fix obvious coding style mistakes in block_int.h qcow2: Allow discard of final unaligned cluster block: Add .bdrv_truncate() error messages block: Add errp to BD.bdrv_truncate() block: Add errp to b{lk,drv}_truncate() block/vhdx: Make vhdx_create() always set errp Signed-off-by: Kevin Wolf <kwolf@redhat.com>
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