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authorPeter Crosthwaite <crosthwaitepeter@gmail.com>2015-06-18 10:24:55 -0700
committerAndreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de>2015-07-09 15:20:40 +0200
commitea3e9847408131abc840240bd61e892d28459452 (patch)
treec0406bdfc85a826a63430162127841fcd38373e7 /target-m68k
parent4bad9e392e788a218967167a38ce2ae7a32a6231 (diff)
cpu-exec: Purge all uses of ENV_GET_CPU()
Remove un-needed usages of ENV_GET_CPU() by converting the APIs to use CPUState pointers and retrieving the env_ptr as minimally needed. Scripted conversion for target-* change: for I in target-*/cpu.h; do sed -i \ 's/\(^int cpu_[^_]*_exec(\)[^ ][^ ]* \*s);$/\1CPUState *cpu);/' \ $I; done Signed-off-by: Peter Crosthwaite <crosthwaite.peter@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <afaerber@suse.de>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/target-m68k/cpu.h b/target-m68k/cpu.h
index 5f165da90d..9a62f6cb52 100644
--- a/target-m68k/cpu.h
+++ b/target-m68k/cpu.h
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ typedef struct CPUM68KState {
void m68k_tcg_init(void);
void m68k_cpu_init_gdb(M68kCPU *cpu);
M68kCPU *cpu_m68k_init(const char *cpu_model);
-int cpu_m68k_exec(CPUM68KState *s);
+int cpu_m68k_exec(CPUState *cpu);
/* you can call this signal handler from your SIGBUS and SIGSEGV
signal handlers to inform the virtual CPU of exceptions. non zero
is returned if the signal was handled by the virtual CPU. */