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update ipxe from 69313ed to 35c5379
Anton D. Kachalov (1): [intel] Add 8086:1557 card (Intel 82599 10G ethernet mezz) Christian Hesse (1): [build] Merge util/geniso and util/genliso Curtis Larsen (3): [efi] Use EFI_CONSOLE_CONTROL_PROTOCOL to set text mode if available [efi] Report errors from attempting to disconnect existing drivers [efi] Try various possible SNP receive filters Dale Hamel (1): [smbios] Expose board serial number as ${board-serial} Florian Schmaus (1): [build] Set GITVERSION only if there is a git repository Hannes Reinecke (3): [ethernet] Provide eth_random_addr() to generate random Ethernet addresses [igbvf] Assign random MAC address if none is set [igbvf] Allow changing of MAC address Jan Kiszka (1): [intel] Add I217-LM PCI ID Marin Hannache (4): [nfs] Fix an invalid free() when loading a symlink [nfs] Fix an invalid free() when loading a regular (non-symlink) file [nfs] Rewrite NFS URI handling [readline] Add CTRL-W shortcut to remove a word Michael Brown (144): [profile] Allow interrupts to be excluded from profiling results [intel] Exclude time spent in hypervisor from profiling [build] Fix version.o dependency upon git index [tcp] Defer sending ACKs until all received packets have been processed [lkrnprefix] Function as a bzImage kernel [build] Avoid errors when build directory is mounted via NFS [undi] Apply quota only to number of complete received packets [lkrnprefix] Make real-mode setup code relocatable [intel] Increase receive ring fill level [syslog] Strip invalid characters from hostname [test] Add self-tests for strdup() [libc] Prevent strndup() from reading beyond the end of the string [efi] Allow for optional protocols [efi] Make EFI_DEVICE_PATH_TO_TEXT_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Make EFI_HII_DATABASE_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Do not try to fetch loaded image device path protocol [ipv6] Fix definition of IN6_IS_ADDR_LINKLOCAL() [dhcpv6] Do not set sin6_scope_id on the unspecified client socket address [ipv6] Do not set sin6_scope_id on source address [ipv6] Include network device when transcribing multicast addresses [ipv6] Avoid potentially copying from a NULL pointer in ipv6_tx() [librm] Allow for the PIC interrupt vector offset to be changed [ifmgmt] Do not sleep CPU while configuring network devices [scsi] Improve sense code parsing [iscsi] Read IPv4 settings only from the relevant network device [iscsi] Include IP address origin in iBFT [debug] Allow debug message colours to be customised via DBGCOL=... [build] Expose build timestamp, build name, and product names [efi] Allow device paths to be easily included in debug messages [efi] Provide a meaningful EFI SNP device name [efi] Restructure EFI driver model [build] Fix erroneous object name in version object [build] Add yet another potential location for isolinux.bin [efi] Allow network devices to be created on top of arbitrary SNP devices [autoboot] Allow autoboot device to be identified by link-layer address [efi] Identify autoboot device by MAC address when chainloading [efi] Attempt to start only drivers claiming support for a device [efi] Rewrite SNP NIC driver [efi] Include SNP NIC driver within the all-drivers target [crypto] Add support for iPAddress subject alternative names [crypto] Fix debug message [netdevice] Reset network device index when last device is unregistered [efi] Update EDK2 headers [efi] Install our own disk I/O protocol and claim exclusive use of it [efi] Allow for interception of boot services calls by loaded image [efi] Print well-known GUIDs by name in debug messages [efi] Include EFI_CONSOLE_CONTROL_PROTOCOL header [ioapi] Fail ioremap() when attempting to map a zero bus address [intel] Check for ioremap() failures [realtek] Check for ioremap() failures [vmxnet3] Check for ioremap() failures [skel] Check for ioremap() failures [myson] Check for ioremap() failures [natsemi] Check for ioremap() failures [i386] Add functions to read and write model-specific registers [x86_64] Add functions to read and write model-specific registers [efi] Show more diagnostic information when building with DEBUG=efi_wrap [ioapi] Centralise notion of PAGE_SIZE [lotest] Discard packets arriving on the incorrect network device [xen] Import selected public headers [xen] Add basic support for PV-HVM domains [xen] Add support for Xen netfront virtual NICs [efi] Default to releasing network devices for use via SNP [efi] Unload started images only on failure [efi] Fill in loaded image's DeviceHandle if firmware fails to do so [efi] Fix incorrect debug message level when device has no device path [efi] Report exact failure when unable to open the device path [netdevice] Avoid registering duplicate network devices [efi] Ignore failures when attempting to install SNP HII protocol [efi] Expand the range of well-known EFI GUIDs in debug messages [efi] Provide efi_handle_name() for debugging [efi] Add ability to dump all openers of a given protocol on a handle [efi] Use efi_handle_name() instead of efi_handle_devpath_text() [efi] Use efi_handle_name() instead of efi_devpath_text() where applicable [efi] Allow compiler to perform type checks on EFI_HANDLE [efi] Avoid unnecessarily passing pointers to EFI_HANDLEs [efi] Dump existing openers when we are unable to open a protocol [efi] Dump handle information around connect/disconnect attempts [efi] Improve debugging of the debugging facilities [efi] Add excessive sanity checks into efi_debug functions [efi] Also try original ComponentName protocol for retrieving driver names [efi] Print raw device path when we have no DevicePathToTextProtocol [efi] Add ability to dump SNP device mode information [efi] Reset multicast filter list when setting SNP receive filters [efi] Provide centralised definitions of commonly-used GUIDs [efi] Open device path protocol only at point of use [efi] Move abstract device path and handle functions to efi_utils.c [efi] Generalise snpnet_pci_info() to efi_locate_device() [bios] Support displaying and hiding cursor [efi] Support displaying and hiding cursor [readline] Ensure cursor is visible when prompting for input [xen] Accept alternative Xen platform PCI device ID 5853:0002 [xen] Use version 1 grant tables by default [xen] Cope with unexpected initial backend states [smc9000] Avoid using CONFIG as a preprocessor macro [build] Allow for named configurations at build time [intel] Display PBS value when applying ICH errata workaround [intel] Display before and after values for both PBS and PBA [intel] Apply PBS/PBA errata workaround only to ICH8 PCI device IDs [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed during Windows boot [efi] Dump details of any calls to our dummy block and disk I/O protocols [romprefix] Do not preserve unused register %di [build] Remove obsolete references to .zrom build targets [build] Allow ISA ROMs to be built [build] Avoid deleting config header files if build is interrupted [prefix] Halt system without burning CPU if we cannot access the payload [prefix] Report both %esi and %ecx when opening payload fails [util] Use PCI length field to obtain length of individual images [mromprefix] Use PCI length field to obtain length of individual images [mromprefix] Allow for .mrom images larger than 128kB [efi] Show details of intercepted LoadImage() calls [efi] Make our virtual file system case insensitive [efi] Wrap any images loaded by our wrapped image [efi] Use the SNP protocol instance to match the SNP chainloading device [efi] Avoid returning uninitialised data from PCI configuration space reads [efi] Make EFI_PCI_ROOT_BRIDGE_IO_PROTOCOL optional [efi] Allow for non-PCI snpnet devices [build] Clean up all binary directories on "make [very]clean" [efi] Add efifatbin utility [efi] Provide dummy device path in efi_image_probe() [dhcp] Check for matching chaddr in received DHCP packets [dhcp] Remove obsolete dhcp_chaddr() function [build] Use -malign-double to build 32-bit UEFI binaries [efi] Centralise definitions of more protocol GUIDs [efi] Add definitions of GUIDs observed when chainloading from Intel driver [efi] Free transmit ring entry before calling netdev_tx_complete() [efi] Generalise snpnet_dev_info() to efi_device_info() [efi] Update to current EDK2 headers [efi] Add NII / UNDI driver [efi] Check for presence of UNDI in NII protocol [efi] Include NII driver within "snp" and "snponly" build targets [ping] Report timed-out pings via the callback function [ping] Allow termination after a specified number of packets [ping] Allow "ping" command output to be inhibited [intel] Use autoloaded MAC address instead of EEPROM MAC address [crypto] Fix parsing of OCSP responder ID key hash [vmxnet3] Add profiling code to exclude time spent in the hypervisor [netdevice] Fix erroneous use of free(iobuf) instead of free_iob(iobuf) [libc] Add ASSERTED macro to test if any assertion has triggered [list] Add sanity checks after list-adding functions [malloc] Tidy up debug output [malloc] Sanity check parameters to alloc_memblock() and free_memblock() [malloc] Check integrity of free list [malloc] Report caller address as soon as memory corruption is detected Peter Lemenkov (1): [build] Check if git index actually exists Robin Smidsrød (2): [build] Add named configuration for VirtualBox [build] Avoid using embedded script in VirtualBox named configuration Sven Ulland (1): [lacp] Set "aggregatable" flag in response LACPDU Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel@redhat.com>
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