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pseries: Update SLOF firmware image to 20160223
The main change is virtio 1.0 support. The complete changelog is: > dhcp: fix warning messages when calling strtoip() > virtio-scsi: enable virtio 1.0 > virtio-scsi: use virtio_fill desc api > virtio-scsi: use idx during initialization > virtio-net: enable virtio 1.0 > virtio-blk: enable virtio 1.0 > virtio: 1.0 helper to read 16/32/64 bit value > virtio: add and enable 1.0 device setup > virtio: 1.0 guest features negotiation > virtio: update features set/get register accessor > virtio: make all virtio apis 1.0 aware > virtio: add 64-bit virtio helpers for 1.0 > virtio: add virtio 1.0 related struct and defines > virtio: get rid of type variable in virtio_device > virtio-net: move setup-mac to the open routine > virtio-net: make net_hdr_size a variable > virtio-net: replace vq array with vq_{tx,rx} > virtio-net: use virtio_fill_desc > virtio-{net,blk,scsi,9p}: use status variable > virtio-blk: add helpers for filling descriptors > virtio-{blk,9p}: enable resetting the device > virtio: introduce helper for initializing virt queue > virtio: fix code style/design issues. > fix code style in byteorder.h > pci: add byte read/write helper routines > virtio-net: fix gcc warnings (-Wextra) > virtio-blk: fix gcc warnings (-Wextra) > readme: Add a note about coding style > dhcp: Remove duplicated strtoip() > ethernet: Fix gcc warnings > net-snk: Fix gcc warnings > net-snk: Fix coding style > net-snk: Fix memory leak in dhcp6_process_options() > net-snk: Fix memory leak in ip6_to_multicast_mac() / send_ipv6() > net-snk: Remove bad NEIGHBOUR_SOLICITATION code in send_ipv6() > Fix dma-alloc and dma-map-in functions on board-js2x > net-snk: Allow stateless autoconfig IPv6 addresses with IP_INIT_IPV6_MANUAL > net-snk: Simplify the ip6_is_multicast() function > net-snk: Move global variable definition out of the header file > net-snk: Prefer non-link-local unicast IPv6 addresses if possible > net-snk: Fix the check for link-local addresses when receiving RAs > net-snk: Remove junk at the end of IPv6 TFTP ACK and error packets > Fix format strings in usb-ohci.c > net-snk: Get rid of junk at the end of sent DHCPv6 packets > net-snk: Use transaction IDs in DHCPv4, too > net-snk: Make use of DHCPv6 transaction IDs > net-snk: Seed the pseudo-random number generator > libc: Add srand() call > libc: Fix the rand() function to return non-zero values > net-snk: Improve printed text when booting via network > Increase temporary buffer size of ibm,client-architecture-support call > Move archsupport.fs into board-qemu directory > boot: stop booting when we encounter HALT > fat-files: Fix bug with root-entries = 0 on certain FAT32 file systems > usb: print unhandled descriptor in debug mode > Improve stack usage with libnvram get_partition function > Improve stack usage in libnvram environment variable code > libc: Port vsnprintf back from skiboot > Move the code for rfill into a separate function > Rework wrapper for new_nvram_partition() and fix possible bug in there > Stack optimization in libusb: split up setup_new_device() > Check for stack overflow in paflof engine > Clean up pending packet variable in ipv4 code > Fix tracking of pending outgoing packets when handling ARP replies Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik@ozlabs.ru> Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
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