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Merge remote-tracking branch 'mjt/trivial-patches' into staging
# By Andreas Färber (1) and others # Via Michael Tokarev * mjt/trivial-patches: pvscsi: fix compilation on 32 bit hosts Trivial grammar and spelling fixes configure: Pick up libseccomp include path
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@@ -2493,7 +2493,7 @@ The main json-object contains the following:
byte (json-int)
These are sent over the wire much more efficiently.
- "skipped": number of skipped zero pages (json-int)
- - "normal" : number of whole pages transfered. I.e. they
+ - "normal" : number of whole pages transferred. I.e. they
were not sent as duplicate or xbzrle pages (json-int)
- "normal-bytes" : number of bytes transferred in whole
pages. This is just normal pages times size of one page,