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authorDr. David Alan Gilbert <dgilbert@redhat.com>2014-01-30 10:20:31 +0000
committerMichael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com>2014-03-09 21:09:37 +0200
commit8f480de0c91a18d550721f8d9af969ebfbda0793 (patch)
tree5d1f4a76fb2cac801447291d3a723e9aa56b31c4 /qemu-options.hx
parent5d12f961c6f10cba15b0aa43a877c1fffca463d1 (diff)
Add 'debug-threads' suboption to --name
Add flag storage to qemu-thread-* to store the namethreads flag Signed-off-by: Dr. David Alan Gilbert <dgilbert@redhat.com> Acked-by: Michael S. Tsirkin <mst@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: Laszlo Ersek <lersek@redhat.com>
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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/qemu-options.hx b/qemu-options.hx
index 56e5fdf1e0..068da2df09 100644
--- a/qemu-options.hx
+++ b/qemu-options.hx
@@ -328,9 +328,11 @@ possible drivers and properties, use @code{-device help} and
DEF("name", HAS_ARG, QEMU_OPTION_name,
- "-name string1[,process=string2]\n"
+ "-name string1[,process=string2][,debug-threads=on|off]\n"
" set the name of the guest\n"
- " string1 sets the window title and string2 the process name (on Linux)\n",
+ " string1 sets the window title and string2 the process name (on Linux)\n"
+ " When debug-threads is enabled, individual threads are given a separate name (on Linux)\n"
+ " NOTE: The thread names are for debugging and not a stable API.\n",
@item -name @var{name}
@@ -339,6 +341,7 @@ Sets the @var{name} of the guest.
This name will be displayed in the SDL window caption.
The @var{name} will also be used for the VNC server.
Also optionally set the top visible process name in Linux.
+Naming of individual threads can also be enabled on Linux to aid debugging.
DEF("uuid", HAS_ARG, QEMU_OPTION_uuid,