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i6300esb: fix timer overflow
We use muldiv64() to compute the time to wait: timeout = muldiv64(get_ticks_per_sec(), timeout, 33000000); but get_ticks_per_sec() is 10^9 (30 bit value) and timeout is a 35 bit value. Whereas muldiv64 is: uint64_t muldiv64(uint64_t a, uint32_t b, uint32_t c) So we loose 3 bits of timeout. Swapping get_ticks_per_sec() and timeout fixes it. We can also replace it by a multiplication by 30 ns, but this changes PCI clock frequency from 33MHz to 33.333333MHz and we need to do this on all the QEMU PCI devices (later...) Signed-off-by: Laurent Vivier <lvivier@redhat.com> Reviewed-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au> Signed-off-by: Michael Tokarev <mjt@tls.msk.ru>
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