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authorPavel Butsykin <pbutsykin@virtuozzo.com>2015-09-10 18:39:01 +0300
committerPaolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com>2015-09-16 17:33:33 +0200
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monitor: added generation of documentation for hmp-commands-info.hx
It will be easier if you need to add info-commands to edit only hmp-commands-info.hx, before this had to edit monitor.c and hmp-commands.hx. From the build point of view all documentation is saved into qemu-monitor-info.texi which from now on is used for all user documentation building. Signed-off-by: Pavel Butsykin <pbutsykin@virtuozzo.com> Signed-off-by: Denis V. Lunev <den@openvz.org> CC: Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com> CC: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org> Message-Id: <1441899541-1856-5-git-send-email-den@openvz.org> Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@redhat.com>
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diff --git a/hmp-commands.hx b/hmp-commands.hx
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--- a/hmp-commands.hx
+++ b/hmp-commands.hx
@@ -1724,128 +1724,5 @@ ETEXI
-@item info @var{subcommand}
-@findex info
-Show various information about the system state.
-@table @option
-@item info version
-show the version of QEMU
-@item info network
-show the various VLANs and the associated devices
-@item info chardev
-show the character devices
-@item info block
-show the block devices
-@item info blockstats
-show block device statistics
-@item info registers
-show the cpu registers
-@item info cpus
-show infos for each CPU
-@item info history
-show the command line history
-@item info irq
-show the interrupts statistics (if available)
-@item info pic
-show i8259 (PIC) state
-@item info pci
-show emulated PCI device info
-@item info tlb
-show virtual to physical memory mappings (i386, SH4, SPARC, PPC, and Xtensa only)
-@item info mem
-show the active virtual memory mappings (i386 only)
-@item info jit
-show dynamic compiler info
-@item info numa
-show NUMA information
-@item info kvm
-show KVM information
-@item info usb
-show USB devices plugged on the virtual USB hub
-@item info usbhost
-show all USB host devices
-@item info profile
-show profiling information
-@item info capture
-show information about active capturing
-@item info snapshots
-show list of VM snapshots
-@item info status
-show the current VM status (running|paused)
-@item info mice
-show which guest mouse is receiving events
-@item info vnc
-show the vnc server status
-@item info name
-show the current VM name
-@item info uuid
-show the current VM UUID
-@item info cpustats
-show CPU statistics
-@item info usernet
-show user network stack connection states
-@item info migrate
-show migration status
-@item info migrate_capabilities
-show current migration capabilities
-@item info migrate_parameters
-show current migration parameters
-@item info migrate_cache_size
-show current migration XBZRLE cache size
-@item info balloon
-show balloon information
-@item info qtree
-show device tree
-@item info qdm
-show qdev device model list
-@item info qom-tree
-show object composition tree
-@item info roms
-show roms
-@item info tpm
-show the TPM device
-@item info memory-devices
-show the memory devices
-@item info skeys
-Display the value of a storage key (s390 only)
-@item info iothreads
-show iothreads
-@item info trace-events
-show available trace events and their state
-@item rocker @var{name}
-@findex rocker
-Show Rocker(s)
-@item rocker_ports @var{name}
-@findex rocker_ports
-Show Rocker ports
-@item rocker_of_dpa_flows @var{name} [@var{tbl_id}]
-@findex rocker_of_dpa_flows
-Show Rocker OF-DPA flow tables
-@item rocker_of_dpa_groups @var{name} [@var{type}]
-@findex rocker_of_dpa_groups
-Show Rocker OF-DPA groups
-@end table
@end table