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@@ -34,17 +34,17 @@ If you are writing new code in QEMU, consider adding a unit test, especially
for utility modules that are relatively stateless or have few dependencies. To
add a new unit test:
-1. Create a new source file. For example, ``tests/foo-test.c``.
+1. Create a new source file. For example, ``tests/unit/foo-test.c``.
2. Write the test. Normally you would include the header file which exports
the module API, then verify the interface behaves as expected from your
test. The test code should be organized with the glib testing framework.
Copying and modifying an existing test is usually a good idea.
-3. Add the test to ``tests/meson.build``. The unit tests are listed in a
+3. Add the test to ``tests/unit/meson.build``. The unit tests are listed in a
dictionary called ``tests``. The values are any additional sources and
dependencies to be linked with the test. For a simple test whose source
- is in ``tests/foo-test.c``, it is enough to add an entry like::
+ is in ``tests/unit/foo-test.c``, it is enough to add an entry like::