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authorChen Gang <gang.chen.5i5j@gmail.com>2014-10-24 12:19:12 +0100
committerPeter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>2014-10-24 12:19:12 +0100
commit94cc44a9e51eabd67282b1691f882c31436df2c4 (patch)
tree54110511337eefdcad8a009d6ae2824f8e503093 /disas
parent7b95a50858502485b0e159a1adabfa9912214147 (diff)
disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h: Remove unused constants
The instructions-a64.h header defines a number of floating point constants whose initializers are function calls. gcc 5 will warn if these constants are not used by the C or C++ file which includes the header, because they imply a runtime cost. Since for the files QEMU uses from libvixl we don't use these constants at all, just remove them. Upstream intend to fix these by shifting to an 'extern const' in the header plus definition in a suitable source file, so we can drop this patch when we sync with the upcoming libvixl 1.7. The related compiling error: CXX disas/arm-a64.o In file included from /upstream/qemu/disas/libvixl/a64/disasm-a64.h:32:0, from disas/arm-a64.cc:20: disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:98:13: error: 'vixl::kFP32PositiveInfinity' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] const float kFP32PositiveInfinity = rawbits_to_float(0x7f800000); ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:99:13: error: 'vixl::kFP32NegativeInfinity' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] const float kFP32NegativeInfinity = rawbits_to_float(0xff800000); ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:100:14: error: 'vixl::kFP64PositiveInfinity' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] const double kFP64PositiveInfinity = ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:102:14: error: 'vixl::kFP64NegativeInfinity' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] const double kFP64NegativeInfinity = ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:107:21: error: 'vixl::kFP64SignallingNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const double kFP64SignallingNaN = ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:109:20: error: 'vixl::kFP32SignallingNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const float kFP32SignallingNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7f800001); ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:112:21: error: 'vixl::kFP64QuietNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const double kFP64QuietNaN = ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:114:20: error: 'vixl::kFP32QuietNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const float kFP32QuietNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7fc00001); ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:117:21: error: 'vixl::kFP64DefaultNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const double kFP64DefaultNaN = ^ disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h:119:20: error: 'vixl::kFP32DefaultNaN' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable] static const float kFP32DefaultNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7fc00000); ^ cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors make: *** [disas/arm-a64.o] Error 1 Signed-off-by: Chen Gang <gang.chen.5i5j@gmail.com> [PMM: Rewrote the commit message a little] Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <peter.maydell@linaro.org>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 24 deletions
diff --git a/disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h b/disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h
index 38f079f967..29f972291b 100644
--- a/disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h
+++ b/disas/libvixl/a64/instructions-a64.h
@@ -96,30 +96,6 @@ const unsigned kDoubleExponentBits = 11;
const unsigned kFloatMantissaBits = 23;
const unsigned kFloatExponentBits = 8;
-const float kFP32PositiveInfinity = rawbits_to_float(0x7f800000);
-const float kFP32NegativeInfinity = rawbits_to_float(0xff800000);
-const double kFP64PositiveInfinity =
- rawbits_to_double(UINT64_C(0x7ff0000000000000));
-const double kFP64NegativeInfinity =
- rawbits_to_double(UINT64_C(0xfff0000000000000));
-// This value is a signalling NaN as both a double and as a float (taking the
-// least-significant word).
-static const double kFP64SignallingNaN =
- rawbits_to_double(UINT64_C(0x7ff000007f800001));
-static const float kFP32SignallingNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7f800001);
-// A similar value, but as a quiet NaN.
-static const double kFP64QuietNaN =
- rawbits_to_double(UINT64_C(0x7ff800007fc00001));
-static const float kFP32QuietNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7fc00001);
-// The default NaN values (for FPCR.DN=1).
-static const double kFP64DefaultNaN =
- rawbits_to_double(UINT64_C(0x7ff8000000000000));
-static const float kFP32DefaultNaN = rawbits_to_float(0x7fc00000);
enum LSDataSize {
LSByte = 0,
LSHalfword = 1,