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+version 0.10.1:
+ - virtio-net: check right return size on sg list (Alex Williamson)
+ - Make qemu_announce_self handle holes (live migration after hotplug)
+ (Marcelo Tosatti)
+ - Revert r6804-r6808 (qcow2 allocation info). This series of changes added
+ a high cost to startup for large qcow2 images (Anthony Liguori)
+ - qemu-img: fix help message (Aurelien Jarno)
+ - Fix build for non-default installs of SDL (Anthony Liguori)
+ - Fix race condition in env->interrupt_request. When using TCG and a dynticks
+ host timer, this condition could cause TCG to get stuck in an infinite
+ loop (Aurelien Jarno)
+ - Fix reading encrypted hard disk passwords during early startup (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Fix encrypted disk reporting in 'info block' (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Fix console size with tiny displays (MusicPal) (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Improve error handling in bdrv_open2 (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Avoid leaking data in mux'ed character devices (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Fix initial character device reset (no banner in monitor) (Jan Kiszka)
+ - Fix cpuid KVM crash on i386 host (Lubomir Rintel)
+ - Fix SLES10sp2 installation by adding ISTAT1 register to LSI SCSI emulation
+ (Ryan Harper)
version 0.10.0:
- TCG support (No longer requires GCC 3.x)