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authorTom Musta <tommusta@gmail.com>2014-08-12 13:53:34 -0500
committerRiku Voipio <riku.voipio@linaro.org>2014-08-22 15:06:34 +0300
commit5464baecf521d1ca8095604f5a7371443c94226a (patch)
parent5d2fa8ebb4dae0057ed9baab617971dcd5ea493f (diff)
linux-user: Properly Handle semun Structure In Cross-Endian Situations
The semun union used in the semctl system call contains both an int (val) and pointers. In cross-endian situations on 64 bit targets, the value passed to semctl is an 8 byte (abi_long) value and thus does not have the 4-byte val field in the correct location. In order to rectify this, the other half of the union must be accessed. This is achieved in code by performing a byte swap on the entire 8 byte union, followed by a 4-byte swap of the first half. Also, eliminate an extraneous (dead) line of code that sets target_su.val in the IPC_SET/IPC_GET case. Signed-off-by: Tom Musta <tommusta@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <riku.voipio@linaro.org>
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/linux-user/syscall.c b/linux-user/syscall.c
index 08fdd94014..39ab4c7942 100644
--- a/linux-user/syscall.c
+++ b/linux-user/syscall.c
@@ -2652,9 +2652,18 @@ static inline abi_long do_semctl(int semid, int semnum, int cmd,
switch( cmd ) {
case GETVAL:
case SETVAL:
- arg.val = tswap32(target_su.val);
+ /* In 64 bit cross-endian situations, we will erroneously pick up
+ * the wrong half of the union for the "val" element. To rectify
+ * this, the entire 8-byte structure is byteswapped, followed by
+ * a swap of the 4 byte val field. In other cases, the data is
+ * already in proper host byte order. */
+ if (sizeof(target_su.val) != (sizeof(target_su.buf))) {
+ target_su.buf = tswapal(target_su.buf);
+ arg.val = tswap32(target_su.val);
+ } else {
+ arg.val = target_su.val;
+ }
ret = get_errno(semctl(semid, semnum, cmd, arg));
- target_su.val = tswap32(arg.val);
case GETALL:
case SETALL: