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authorLaszlo Ersek <lersek@redhat.com>2020-09-07 22:26:43 +0200
committerPhilippe Mathieu-Daudé <philmd@redhat.com>2020-09-13 23:03:15 +0200
commit0e2db2c66380b2f124954b80463676f0659d9bff (patch)
parent148ef04cc9c8ce94a88dc73c764cc6b1ff94cdd2 (diff)
roms/edk2: update submodule from edk2-stable201905 to edk2-stable202008
Update the edk2 submodule from release edk2-stable201905 to edk2-stable202008. The release notes can be read at https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable201908 https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable201911 https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202002 https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202005 https://github.com/tianocore/edk2/releases/tag/edk2-stable202008 The update brings in a new submodule (cmocka), and replaces three bundled libraries with submodules (one instance of Oniguruma and two instances of Brotli): - 0eb522987fcd ("UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Library: Add library instances", 2020-02-07) [edk2-stable202002] - 48b6c60cc6a2 ("MdeModulePkg/RegularExpressionDxe: Make oniguruma a submodule in edk2.", 2020-04-13) [edk2-stable202005] - 58802e02c41b ("MdeModulePkg/BrotliCustomDecompressLib: Make brotli a submodule", 2020-04-16) [edk2-stable202005] - 06033f5abad3 ("BaseTools: Make brotli a submodule", 2020-04-16) [edk2-stable202005] Our firmware binaries include code from none of these, therefore we're not going to modify the "licenses" list in "roms/Makefile.edk2". (Consequently, "pc-bios/edk2-licenses.txt" will not change either). Shortlog below (using the mailmap updates posted at <http://mid.mail-archive.com/20200907193102.30535-1-lersek@redhat.com> aka <https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/message/65096>): $ git shortlog edk2-stable201905..edk2-stable202008 > Aaron Antone (1): > MdeModulePkg/ConSplitterDxe: Optimize the ConSplitterTextOutSetMode > > Abdul Lateef Attar (1): > MdeModulePkg: Sets the Cursor to selected BootOption. > > Abner Chang (39): > MdeModulePkg: Update to support SmBios 3.3.0 > MdePkg/Include: Update to support SmBios 3.3.0 > ShellPkg/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib: Update to support SmBios 3.3.0 > FatPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI. > FmpDevicePkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI. > NetworkPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI. > NetworkPkg/HttpBootDxe: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI. > CryptoPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for EDK2 CI. > MdePkg/Include: Add RISC-V related definitions EDK2 CI. > SecurityPkg: Security package changes for RISC-V EDK2 CI. > ShellPkg: Shell package changes for RISC-V EDK2 CI. > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add RISC-V architecture for RISC-V EDK2 CI. > MdeModulePkg: Use LockBoxNullLib for RISC-V > .python/SpellCheck: Add "RISCV" to "words" section > BaseTools: BaseTools changes for RISC-V platform. > BaseTools: BaseTools changes for RISC-V platform. > BaseTools: BaseTools changes for RISC-V platform. > BaseTools: Enable RISC-V architecture for RISC-V EDK2 CI. > .azurepipelines: Add RISC-V architecture on RISC-V EDK2 CI. > .pytool: Add RISC-V architecture on RISC-V EDK2 CI. > MdePkg: Add RISC-V RISCV64 binding > MdePkg/Include: RISC-V definitions. > MdePkg/BaseLib: BaseLib for RISCV64 architecture > MdePkg/BaseCacheMaintenanceLib: RISC-V cache maintenance implementation. > MdePkg/BaseIoLibIntrinsic: Rename IoLibArm.c=>IoLibNoIo.c > MdePkg/BasePeCoff: Add RISC-V PE/Coff related code. > MdePkg/BaseCpuLib: RISC-V Base CPU library implementation. > MdePkg/BaseSynchronizationLib: RISC-V cache related code. > MdePkg/BaseSafeIntLib: Add RISCV64 arch for BaseSafeIntLib. > MdeModulePkg/Logo:Add RISCV64 architecture > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleRuntimeDxe: Add RISCV64 architecture > MdeModulePkg/DxeIplPeim : RISC-V platform level DxeIPL > NetworkPkg: Add RISCV64 architecture > BaseTools: Add external definitions for RISC-V assembly build > BaseTools/PeCoffLoaderEx: Remove the unused local variable > BaseLib:Fix RISC-V Supervisor mode (S-Mode) trap handler reentry issue. > CryptoPkg/Library: Remove the redundant build option > EmbeddedPkg/libfdt: Add strncmp macro to use AsciiStrnCmp > MdePkg/Include: Add missing definition of SMBIOS type 42h in SmBios.h > > Agrawal, Sachin (1): > MdeModulePkg/Ufs: Fix UFS flag read from Query Resp UPIU > > Albecki, Mateusz (24): > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Refactor UFS device presence detection > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Fix unaligned data transfer handling > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcOverride: Add GetOperatingParam notify phase > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcHcDxe: Implement revision 3 of SdMmcOverrideProtocol > MdeModulePkg: Add definition of the EDKII_UFS_HC_PLATFORM_PROTOCOL > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Refactor UfsExecUicCommand function > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Refactor private data to use UfsHcInfo > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Implement EDKII_UFS_HC_PLATFORM_PROTOCOL > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Remove clock stop from HS200 switch > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix bus timing switch sequence > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix SdMmcMmcLegacy bus timing handling > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Hook SwitchClockFreq after SD clock start > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Add function to start SD clock > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix unknown doxygen tag error > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix DAT lane SW reset > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Refactor command error detection > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Add retries for sync commands > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Add retries for async commands > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Send SEND_STATUS at lower frequency > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Enhance driver traces > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Read response on command completion > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Refactor data transfer completion > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Do not map memory for non DMA transfer > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix PIO transfer mode > > Alex James (1): > MdePkg: Use __builtin_offset with CLANGPDB toolchain > > Alexander Graf (1): > ArmPlatformPkg: Actually disable PL031 interrupts > > Amol N Sukerkar (4): > CryptoPkg: Add CryptoPkg Token Space GUID > CryptoPkg/BaseHashApiLib: Implement Unified Hash Calculation API > CryptoPkg/BaseHashApiLib: Align BaseHashApiLib with TPM 2.0 Implementation > CryptoPkg/BaseHashApiLib: Change PcdHashApiLibPolicy type to FixedAtBuild > > Andrei Warkentin (1): > ArmPlatformPkg/PrePi: fix IS_XIP > > Andrew Fish (7): > EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host: Disable inline/optimizations for XCODE5 > EmulatorPkg: Fix XCODE5 lldb issues > EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host: Initialize field in BerkeleyPacketFilter.c > EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host: Remove debug code from BerkeleyPacketFilter.c > EmulatorPkg: Disable TftpDynamicCommand and LogoDxe for XCODE5 > EmulatorPkg/Sec: Change scope of PpiArray[10] > BaseTools/tools_def.template: Add -gdwarf to XCODE5 X64 > > Anthony PERARD (46): > MdeModulePkg: Introduce EDKII_SERIAL_PORT_LIB_VENDOR_GUID > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Use EDKII_SERIAL_PORT_LIB_VENDOR_GUID > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Use EDKII_SERIAL_PORT_LIB_VENDOR_GUID from MdeModulePkg > UefiPayloadPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Use EDKII_SERIAL_PORT_LIB_VENDOR_GUID from MdeModulePkg > OvmfPkg/XenBusDxe: Close XenIoProtocol openned by children > OvmfPkg/XenBusDxe: Don't call DisconnectController in Stop() > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: Add missing dependency on PciLib > OvmfPkg: Create platform OvmfXen > OvmfPkg: Introduce XenResetVector > OvmfPkg: Introduce XenPlatformPei > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: Creating an ELF header > OvmfPkg/XenResetVector: Add new entry point for Xen PVH > OvmfPkg/XenResetVector: Saving start of day pointer for PVH guests > OvmfPkg/XenResetVector: Allow jumpstart from either hvmloader or PVH > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: use a TimerLib instance that depends only on the CPU > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Detect OVMF_INFO from hvmloader > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Use mXenHvmloaderInfo to get E820 > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Grab RSDP from PVH guest start of day struct > OvmfPkg/Library/XenPlatformLib: New library > OvmfPkg/AcpiPlatformDxe: Use XenPlatformLib > OvmfPkg/AcpiPlatformDxe: Use Xen PVH RSDP if it exist > OvmfPkg/XenHypercallLib: Enable it in PEIM > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Reinit XenHypercallLib > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Introduce XenHvmloaderDetected > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Setup HyperPages earlier > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Introduce XenPvhDetected > OvmfPkg: Import XENMEM_memory_map hypercall to Xen/memory.h > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: no hvmloader: get the E820 table via hypercall > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Rework memory detection > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Reserve VGA memory region, to boot Linux > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformPei: Ignore missing PCI Host Bridge on Xen PVH > OvmfPkg/XenPlatformLib: Cache result for XenDetected > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Use XenDetected from XenPlatformLib > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Handle the absence of PCI bus on Xen PVH > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: Override PcdFSBClock to Xen vLAPIC timer frequency > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: Introduce XenTimerDxe > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Use a Xen console for ConOut/ConIn > OvmfPkg: Introduce PcdXenGrantFrames > OvmfPkg: Introduce XenIoPvhDxe to initialize Grant Tables > OvmfPkg: Move XenRealTimeClockLib from ArmVirtPkg > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: use RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe from EmbeddedPkg > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: Remove DEBUG_ON_SERIAL_PORT > OvmfPkg/PlatformDebugLibIoPort: Reword QEMU to hypervisor > OvmfPkg/PlatformDebugLibIoPort: factor out debug port detection > OvmfPkg/PlatformDebugLibIoPort: Introduce a Nocheck variant > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: Introduce DEBUG_ON_HYPERVISOR_CONSOLE build flag > > Antoine Cœur (79): > ArmPkg: Fix various typos > ArmPlatformPkg: Fix various typos > EmbeddedPkg: Fix various typos > BaseTools: Fix various typos > FmpDevicePkg: Fix various typos > Revert "FmpDevicePkg: Fix various typos" > IntelFsp2Pkg: Fix various typos > FmpDevicePkg: Fix various typos > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg: Fix various typos > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Fix few typos > EmbeddedPkg/VirtualKeyboard: Fix few typos > EmulatorPkg/Sec: Fix various typos > EmulatorPkg/Unix: Fix various typos > EmulatorPkg/Win: Fix various typos > FatPkg/EnhancedFatDxe: Fix various typos > FatPkg/FatPei: Fix few typos > MdeModulePkg/Application: Improve French translation > MdeModulePkg/Application: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ata: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Bus/I2c: Fix few typos > MdeModulePkg/Bus/Isa: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Bus/Scsi: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Bus/Sd: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Core/Pei: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Core/PiSmmCore: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/UsbMass: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/UsbMouse: Fix few typos > MdeModulePkg/UsbBus: Fix various typos > MdeModulePkg/Usb: Fix various typos > MdePkg/IndustryStandard: Fix various typos > MdePkg/Library/Dxe: Fix various typos > MdePkg/Library/Pci: Fix various typos > MdePkg/Library/Smm: Fix various typos > MdePkg/Ppi: Fix various typos > MdePkg/Register: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/ArpDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Dhcp4Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Dhcp6Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/DnsDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/DpcDxe: Fix few typos > NetworkPkg/HttpBootDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/HttpDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Ip4Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Library: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/MnpDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Mtftp4Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Mtftp6Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/SnpDxe: Fix few typos > NetworkPkg/TcpDxe/Sock: Fix few typos > NetworkPkg/TcpDxe/Tcp: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Tls: Fix few typos > NetworkPkg/Udp4Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/Udp6Dxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/UefiPxeBcDxe: Fix various typos > NetworkPkg/VlanConfigDxe: Fix few typos > OvmfPkg/Acpi: Fix few typos > OvmfPkg/Csm: Fix various typos > OvmfPkg/Qemu: Fix various typos > OvmfPkg/Virtio: Fix few typos > OvmfPkg/Xen: Fix various typos > PcAtChipsetPkg: Fix few typos > SecurityPkg: Fix few typos > SecurityPkg/Hash2DxeCrypto: Fix few typos > SecurityPkg/Library/Tpm: Fix various typos > SecurityPkg/Tcg: Fix various typos > SecurityPkg/VariableAuthenticated: Fix few typos > ShellPkg/Application: Fix various typos > ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: Fix various typos > SignedCapsulePkg: Fix various typos > SignedCapsulePkg/Universal: Fix various typos > SourceLevelDebugPkg/DebugAgent: Fix various typos > SourceLevelDebugPkg/DebugCommunicationLib: Fix various typos > SourceLevelDebugPkg: Fix few typos > StandaloneMmPkg: Fix few typos > UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe: Fix few typos > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmm: Fix various typos > UefiCpuPkg/Smm: Fix various typos > > Ard Biesheuvel (128): > EmbeddedPkg/PrePiLib: remove dead status code reporting code > BaseTools/GenFw AARCH64: fix up GOT based relative relocations > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtPrePiUniCoreRelocatable: revert to PIE linking > ShellPkg/ShellPkg.dsc AARCH64: enable stack protector > ArmVirtPkg: increase FD/FV size for NOOPT builds > StandaloneMmPkg: make package .DSC file build again > DynamicTablesPkg: include ARM intrinsics library to fix 32-bit build > BaseTools/GenFw AARCH64: disregard ADRP instructions that are patched already > EmbeddedPkg/NonCoherentDmaLib: implement support for DMA range limits > EmbeddedPkg: implement EDK2 IoMmu protocol wrapping DmaLib > Maintainers: assume co-maintainership of StandaloneMmPkg > ArmPkg/MmCommunicationDxe: relay architected PI events to MM context > OvmfPkg: reorganize TPM2 support in DSC/FDF files > OvmfPkg: use HII type PCDs for TPM2 config related variables > MdeModulePkg: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () from ResetSystemLib > PcAtChipsetPkg: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () from ResetSystemLib > UefiPayloadPkg: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () from ResetSystemLib > OvmfPkg: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () from ResetSystemLib > ArmVirtPkg: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () from ResetSystemLib > ArmPkg/ArmSmcPsciResetSystemLib: remove EnterS3WithImmediateWake () > ArmPlatformPkg/PrePeiCore: enable VFP at startup > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: introduce a signalling PPI to depex on > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformPeiLib: make PcdLib dependency explicit in .INF > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformPeiLib: discover the TPM base address from the DT > ArmVirtPkg: implement ArmVirtPsciResetSystemPeiLib > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: add ResetSystem PEIM for upcoming TPM2 support > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: enable TPM2 support in the PEI phase > ArmVirtPkg; avoid DxeTpmMeasurementLib in shared .DSC > ArmVirtPkg: unshare TpmMeasurementLib resolution between platforms > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: enable the DXE phase TPM2 support module > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: enable the TPM2 configuration module > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: enable TPM2 based measured boot > OvmfPkg: add definition of LINUX_EFI_INITRD_MEDIA_GUID > OvmfPkg: add 'initrd' shell command to expose Linux initrd via device path > ArmVirtPkg: add the 'initrd' dynamic shell command > OvmfPkg: add the 'initrd' dynamic shell command > MdeModulePkg/DxeCore: defer PE/COFF emulator registration to StartImage > OvmfPkg IA32: add support for loading X64 images > OvmfPkg/LinuxInitrdDynamicShellCommand: bail if initrd already exists > ArmPkg/MmCommunicationDxe: fix logic bug in DXE driver entrypoint > OvmfPkg/LinuxInitrdDynamicShellCommand: fix uninitialized status return > ArmPlatformPkg/LcdGraphicsOutputDxe: add missing protocol dependency > ArmPlatformPkg/PrePeiCore: replace set/way cache ops with by-VA ones > OvmfPkg: add GUID for the QEMU kernel loader fs media device path > OvmfPkg: export abstract QEMU blob filesystem in standalone driver > OvmfPkg: introduce QemuLoadImageLib library class > OvmfPkg: provide a generic implementation of QemuLoadImageLib > ArmVirtPkg: incorporate the new QEMU kernel loader driver and library > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: switch to separate QEMU loader > OvmfPkg/QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe: don't expose kernel command line > OvmfPkg/QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe: add support for the kernel setup block > OvmfPkg: create protocol and GUID header for loaded x86 Linux kernels > OvmfPkg: implement QEMU loader library for X86 with legacy fallback > OvmfPkg: add new QEMU kernel image loader components > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: switch to QemuLoadImageLib > OvmfPkg/QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe: add support for new Linux initrd device path > OvmfPkg: use generic QEMU image loader for secure boot enabled builds > ArmPlatformPkg/PrePi: replace set/way cache ops with by-VA ones > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: remove dummy constructor > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: split ArmMmuLibCore.c into core and update code > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: use AllocateAlignedPages() for alignment > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: cache-invalidate initial page table entries > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: cache-invalidate initial page table entries > ArmPkg/ArmLib: move set/way helper functions into private header > ArmPkg/ArmLib: clean up library includes > ArmPkg/ArmLib: remove bogus protocol declaration > ArmPkg/ArmLib: ASSERT on set/way cache ops being used with MMU on > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: simplify assignment of TTBR0 system register > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib ARM: drop memory type check for page tables > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen: fix build by providing QemuLoadImageLib resolution > OvmfPkg/QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe: drop tentative const object definition > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: rewrite page table code > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: invalidate page tables before populating them > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: drop pointless page table memory type check > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: cosmetic fixups > OvmfPkg/X86QemuLoadImageLib: add dummy assignment to work around GCC > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformPeiLib: add dummy assignment to work around older GCC > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: limit recursion when freeing page tables > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: use helpers to determine table entry types > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib AARCH64: preserve attributes when replacing a table entry > OvmfPkg/GenericQemuLoadImageLib: Fix VS2019 UINT32 conversion error > Maintainers: switch to my Arm email address > ArmPkg/CpuDxe: use private copy of GetRootTranslationTableInfo() > ArmPkg/CpuDxe: move PageAttributeToGcdAttribute() out of ArmMmuLib > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: drop pointless LookupAddresstoRootTable() routine > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: get rid of GetRootTranslationTableInfo() > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: drop unused TT_ATTR_INDX_INVALID CPP macro > OvmfPkg: remove handling of properties table > MdeModulePkg: disable properties table generation but retain the code > MdePkg: remove PropertiesTable GUID > MdeModulePkg/DxeCore: merge properties table routines into MAT handling > MdeModulePkg/DeviceManagerUiLib: connect all before creating menu page > EmbeddedPkg: rename gEfiMmcHostProtocolGuid to gEmbeddedMmcHostProtocolGuid > EmbeddedPkg: remove DwEmmcDxe host controller driver > EmbeddedPkg: remove Lan91x network controller driver > EmbeddedPkg: remove Lan9118 network controller driver > EmbeddedPkg: remove SiI3132 SATA controller driver > EmbeddedPkg: remove ISP 1716 USB host controller driver > ArmPlatformPkg: remove PL180 SD controller driver > EmbeddedPkg/EmbeddedPkg.dsc: remove some stale component references > MdePkg: introduce MM communicate 2 protocol > MdeModulePkg/SmmIpl: expose MM communicate 2 protocol > ArmPkg/MmCommunicationDxe: expose MM Communicate 2 protocol > MdeModulePkg/VariableInfo: switch to MM communicate 2 protocol > MdeModulePkg/FaultTolerantWriteSmmDxe: switch to MM communicate 2 > MdeModulePkg/VariableSmmRuntimeDxe: switch to MM communicate 2 > StandaloneMmPkg: switch to MM communicate 2 protocol > ArmPkg/CompilerIntrinsicsLib: provide atomics intrinsics > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: use static assertion for console type > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: reject 'default' parity and stop bit count > ArmPkg/ArmPkg.dsc: set terminal type PCD to the right value > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: connect non-discoverable USB hosts > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: register 's' as UEFI Shell hotkey > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: fall back to the UiApp on boot failure > MdeModulePkg/BootManagerUiLib: show inactive boot options > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: hide UEFI Shell as a regular boot option > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: don't connect all devices on each boot > ArmVirtPkg: add FDF rule for self-relocating PrePi > ArmVirtPkg/PrePi: use standard PeCoff routines for self-relocation > ArmVirtPkg: remove unused files > MdePkg/BasePrintLib: avoid absolute addresses for error strings > StandaloneMmPkg/Core: fix bogus FV pointer in DEBUG string > StandaloneMmPkg/Core: add missing GUID reference > StandaloneMmPkg: generate position independent code for StMM core > StandaloneMmPkg/StandaloneMmCoreEntryPoint: relocate StMM core on the fly > ArmPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: regenerate boot options on boot failure > EmbeddedPkg/NonCoherentDmaLib: avoid dereferencing bogus buffer address > ArmVirtPkg/NorFlashQemuLib: disable NOR flash DT nodes upon discovery > > Ashish Singhal (7): > MdeModulePkg/XhciDxe: Fix Aligned Page Allocation > MdeModulePkg/XhciPei: Fix Aligned Page Allocation > EmbeddedPkg/DtPlatformDxe: Add DT/ACPI Default Flexibility > MdeModulePkg: Add EDK2 Platform Boot Manager Protocol > MdeModulePkg/BaseSerialPortLib16550: Fix Serial Port Ready > ShellPkg/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib: Fix FADT Parser > ArmPkg/ArmLib: Fix cache-invalidate initial page tables > > Bret Barkelew (11): > CryptoPkg: Add missing instance for build only > SourceLevelDebugPkg: Add missing instances for build only > MdeModulePkg: Add missing instances for build only > MdeModulePkg/CapsulePei: Optimize the CapsulePei > MdeModulePkg/PeiMain: PeiAllocatePool: output NULL if HOB creation fails > SecurityPkg: Add missing instances for build only > MdeModulePkg: Add a pcd to set the OS indications bit > ShellPkg/UefiShellLib: Set input pointer parameter to null if failure > MdePkg/Include/Library: Add UnitTestLib class > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add info to readme about working with UnitTests > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Readme.md: Update documentation for latest features > > Brian R Haug (1): > MdeModulePkg/Setup: Update opcode number variable type to UINTN > > Burt Silverman (1): > BaseTools: Robustness for multiple build environments > > Chasel Chiu (15): > IntelFsp2Pkg/SplitFspBin.py: Support rebasing 1.x binary. > IntelFsp2Pkg: add TempRamExitPpi.h. > IntelFsp2Pkg: FSP Python scripts to support 3.x. > IntelFsp2Pkg: PeiService pointer not reset to 0 in SecMain > BaseTools/Scripts: Add GetUtcDateTime script. > UefiCpuPkg: support single EFI_PEI_CORE_FV_LOCATION_PPI in PpiList > MdeModulePkg: Enable/Disable S3BootScript dynamically. > IntelFsp2Pkg/SplitFspBin.py: Command crashed when FV almost full. > IntelFsp2Pkg/GenCfgOpt.py: Coverity scan flags issues. > IntelFsp2Pkg/SplitFspBin.py: Coverity scan flags issues. > IntelFsp2Pkg: Support Multi-Phase SiInit and debug handlers. > IntelFsp2Pkg: Add FunctionParametePtr to FspGlobalData. > IntelFsp2Pkg: Add Fsp22SecCoreS.inf to Dsc. > IntelFsp2Pkg: Add FSP*_ARCH_UPD. > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg: Add FSP*_ARCH_UPD. > > Ching JenX Cheng (3): > IntelFsp2Pkg: Improve FSP Python scripts to support 3.x. > Add VS2019 Toolchain def > Add VS2019 Support on ToolSetup Batches > > Christopher J Zurcher (7): > MdePkg: Implement SCSI commands for Security Protocol In/Out > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Check for RPMB W-LUN (SecurityLun) > MdeModulePkg/ScsiBusDxe: Clean up Peripheral Type check > MdeModulePkg/ScsiDiskDxe: Support Storage Security Command Protocol > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Add "sort" keyword to header file parsing loop > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Remove "no-autoalginit" flag from OpenSSL build > MdePkg/UefiScsiLib: Set FUA bit for synchronous SCSI Write operations > > Cole Robinson (4): > BaseTools: Fix python3.8 SyntaxWarning > BaseTools: fix ucs-2 lookup on python 3.9 > BaseTools: Work around array.array.tostring() removal in python 3.9 > Add a stub CONTRIBUTING.md pointing to the wiki > > Cole, Deric (1): > UefiCpuPkg/SecCore: Add pre-memory AP vector > > Damian Nikodem (2): > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: don't free page table pages that are required to handle current page fault > UefiCpuPkg: Fix potential spinLock issue in SmmStartupThisAp > > Dandan Bi (12): > ShellPkg/Debug1CommandsLib: Fix bugs in func DisplaySysEventLogData > Edk2: Remove nt32 related flag in bat files > Edk2Setup: Support different VS tool chain setup > EmbeddedPkg: Unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > MdeModulePkg/DxeCapsuleLibFmp: Unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > MdeModulePkg/UefiBootManager: Unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > MdeModulePkg/PlatformDriOverride: Unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > ShellPkg: Unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > MdeModulePkg/HiiDB: Remove configuration table when it's freed (CVE-2019-14586) > MdeModulePkg/String.c: Zero memory before free (CVE-2019-14558) > MdeModulePkg/DisplayEngine: Zero memory before free (CVE-2019-14558) > MdeModulePkg/DisplayEngine: Add Debug message to show mismatch menu info > > Daniel Pawel Banaszek (1): > MdePkg PciExpress21: PCI_REG_PCIE_DEVICE_CONTROL2 struct has 17 bits > > Daniel Schaefer (2): > MdeModulePkg: Use CopyMem instead of GUID assignment > MdePkg/DxeServicesLib: Add RISC-V architecture > > David Woodhouse (5): > OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBiosDxe: Fix Legacy16GetTableAddress call for E820 data > OvmfPkg/LegacyBios: set NumberBbsEntries to the size of BbsTable > OvmfPkg/LegacyBbs: Add boot entries for VirtIO and NVME devices > OvmfPkg: Don't build in QemuVideoDxe when we have CSM > OvmfPkg: don't assign PCI BARs above 4GiB when CSM enabled > > Derek Lin (2): > BaseTools: Fix an incremental build issue caused by macro in #include > SecurityPkg: Fix TPM2 ACPI measurement. > > Desimone, Nathaniel L (1): > BaseTools/Scripts: Add sendemail.transferEncoding to SetupGit.py > > Donald Kuo (1): > UefiCpuPkg: Adding a new TSC library by using CPUID(0x15) TSC leaf > > Dorapika Wu (1): > ShellPkg: Update timezone of 3 cities > > Eric Dong (41): > MdePkg: Add new MM MP Protocol definition. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Enable MM MP Protocol > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Avoid AP calls PeiServices table. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: avoid use dynamic PCD. > UefiCpuPkg/Include/MpInitLib.h: Add MpInitLibStartupAllCPUs API. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add MpInitLibStartupAllCPUs API. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLibUp: Add MpInitLibStartupAllCPUs API. > UefiCpuPkg: Add new EDKII_PEI_MP_SERVICES2_PPI > UefiCpuPkg/CpuMpPei: Produce EDKII_PEI_MP_SERVICES2_PPI. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Start all processors simultaneously. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: don't shadow the microcode patch twice. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Remove debug message. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Remove debug message. > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Change referenced MSR name. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Clean up useless ConsoleLogLock spinlock. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Clean up useless ConsoleLogLock spinlock. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Add "Test Then Write" Macros. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Combine CR read/write action. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Supports test then write new value logic. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Combine CR read/write action. > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Supports test then write new value logic. > UefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Use new macros. > UefiCpuPkg/SecCore: get AllSecPpiList after SecPlatformMain. > UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe: clean up PAGE_TABLE_LIB_PAGING_CONTEXT usage. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Avoid allocate Token every time > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Remove dependence between APs > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Fix buffer overflow issue. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Pre-allocate PROCEDURE_TOKEN buffer > Revert "UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Fix buffer overflow issue." > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: improve the coding style > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Add missed comments for parameter. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Remove Used parameter. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Remove useless code in ResetTokens. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Restore IDT context for APs. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Avoid ApInitReconfig in PEI. > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewers for Tcg related modules. > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for security boot modules. > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for UefiCpuPkg. > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for SEC related modules. > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for Pei Core. > IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore: Use UefiCpuLib. > > Eric Jin (13): > BaseTools/Capsule: Supports multiple payloads and drivers in capsule > MdeModulePkg/EsrtFmpDxe: Enhance ESRT to support multiple controllers > FmpDevicePkg: Add UEFI_DRIVER support > FmpDevicePkg: Add APIs to FmpDeviceLib > FmpDEvicePkg/FmpDeviceLibNull: Implement new APIs > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Use new FmpDeviceLib APIs > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Different variable for each FMP Descriptor > FmpDevicePkg: Add Capsule Update Policy Protocol > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Improve all DEBUG() messages > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Add PcdFmpDeviceImageTypeIdGuid > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Add PcdFmpDeviceStorageAccessEnable > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Remove use of CatSprint() > BaseTools/Capsule: Tool to generate Windows Firmware Update Driver > > Eugene Cohen (2): > .mailmap: update description to account for job changes > .mailmap: add entry for Eugene Cohen reflecting email change > > Felix Polyudov (1): > MdePkg: Add PCI Express 5.0 Header File > > Feng, Bob C (60): > BaseTools: refine CreateAsBuiltInf function > BaseTools: Move Build Cache related function out of CreateAsBuiltInf > BaseTools: Fixed the issue of the CFlag for compile PcdValueInit.c > BaseTools: Detect the change of env variable used in tooldef.txt > BaseTools: Fixed the issue when ToolDefinitionFile is not generated > BaseTools: Create ".cache" folder when initialize Build object > BaseTools: Fixed the mis-using strip() function issue. > BaseTools: Sort file list in Makefile > BaseTools:Updata the output encoding of the Popen function > BaseTools: Fixed a typo in Trim.py > BaseTools: Singleton the object to handle build conf file > BaseTools: Split WorkspaceAutoGen._InitWorker into multiple functions > BaseTools: Add functions to get platform scope build options > BaseTools: Decouple AutoGen Objects > BaseTools: Enable Multiple Process AutoGen > BaseTools: Add shared data for processes > BaseTools: Add LogAgent to support multiple process Autogen > BaseTools: Move BuildOption parser out of build.py > BaseTools: Add the support for python 2 > BaseTools: Enable block queue log agent. > BaseTools: Fixed an issue that build raise exception > BaseTools: Fix incremental build bug > BaseTools: Add "-" in a re to parse line in .map file > BaseTools: Move buildoptions.py to Common folder > BaseTools: Fixed issue of incorrect Module Unique Name > BaseTools: Fix incremental build genmake issue > BaseTools: Incorrect error message for library instance not found > BaseTools: fix an incremental build issue. > BaseTools: Fixed regression issue for building !x86 builds > BaseTools: Fix a bug for Hii Pcd override > BaseTools: Fixed build clean regression issue > BaseTools: Fixed issue for IgnoreAutoGen > BaseTools: Sort Pcd settings to make PcdTokenNumber be fixed > BaseTools: Fixed the bug of multi-thread genffs for override inf > BaseTools: Fixed the build fail on Linux with --genfds-multi-thread > BaseTools: Enable --genfds-multi-thread to default build > BaseTools: Fixed a bug of IgnoreAutoGen > BaseTools: Improve GetDependencyList function > BaseTools: remove unnecessary calls of os.exist > BaseTools:Remove the unnecessary operation of renaming a file. > BaseTools: init DependencyHeaderFileSet for each MakeFile class > BaseTools: Fix the lib order in static_library_files.lst > BaseTools: Fix a bug of genffs command generation > BaseTools: Enable MACRO for DSC Components section tag > BaseTools: Add build option for dependency file generation > BaseTools: Generate dependent files for ASL and ASM files > BaseTools: Update build_rule.txt to generate dependent files. > BaseTools: Enhance Basetool for incremental build > BaseTools: Fix build failure when multiple build targets given > BaseTools: Resolve a issue of Incremental build > BaseTools: Fixed a incremental build bug > BaseTools: Fixed a Incremental build issue > BaseTools: Remove invalid leading space before !INCLUDE in Makefile > OvmfPkg/LinuxInitrdDynamicShellCommand: Cast UNIT64 to UNITN in assignment > BaseTools: Warn user the file not found issue instead of break build. > BaseTools: Remove the file timestamp checking during parsing > Revert "BaseTools: Add gcc flag to warn on void* pointer arithmetic" > BaseTools: Improve the method of checking queue empty > BaseTools: Move CreateAsBuiltInf into AutoGenWorker for parallel > BaseTools/Ecc: Fix an issue of path separator compatibility > > Feng, YunhuaX (2): > BaseTools: Fix parse PCD GUID expression issue > BaseTools: Fix binary file not generate map file issue > > Gary Lin (14): > OvmfPkg/README: Update the network build flags > OvmfPkg: use DxeTpmMeasurementLib if and only if TPM2_ENABLE > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.dec: Adjust PcdMptScsiStallPerPollUsec token value > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Create the empty driver > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Install the skeleton of driver binding > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Report the name of the driver > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Probe PCI devices and look for LsiScsi > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Install stubbed EXT_SCSI_PASS_THRU > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Report Targets and LUNs > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Open PciIo protocol and initialize the device > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Map DMA buffer > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Examine the incoming SCSI Request Packet > OvmfPkg/LsiScsiDxe: Process the SCSI Request Packet > Maintainers.txt: Add Gary Lin as the reviewer for LsiScsi driver > > Gary West (1): > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Wrap OpenSSL HKDF algorithm > > Gaurav Jain (3): > MdeModulePkg/Pci: Fixed Asserts in SCT PCIIO Protocol Test. > EmbeddedPkg/RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe: Drop ASSERTs on function arguments > EmbeddedPkg/MmcDxe: Added MaxBlock Transfer Limit 65535 in R/W. > > GregX Yeh (1): > MdeModulePkg/Setup: Check ConfigAccess protocol in case it's destroyed > > Gris87 (1): > MdeModulePkg: Add missing sourceX for Blt > > Guo Dong (4): > UefiPayloadPkg: Remove legacy PIC 8259 driver > UefiPayloadPkg/BootManager: Add PS2 keyboard support > UefiPayloadPkg:Fix NOOPT build failure > UefiPayloadPkg: Fix TerminalDxe build time configurable > > Guomin Jiang (31): > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Issues reported by ECC in EDK2. > MdeModulePkg: Issues reported by ECC in EDK2. > SecurityPkg: Issues reported by ECC in EDK2. > MdeModulePkg/SdDxe: Check the Token to avoid null pointer > MdePkg/UnitTestBaseLib: Add check for pointer BinData > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Check Suite pointer before use. > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/ResultReportLib: Remove invalid index string indicator > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add out attribute for parameter. > MdeModulePkg: Remove gEfiFormBrowserExProtocolGuid Protocol Guid > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLibOnProtocolPpi: Add missing comments > CryptoPkg/BaseHashApiLib: Rename BaseHashApiLib by HashApiLib > MdeModulePkg/SmiHandlerProfileInfo: Overflowed Array Index > EmulatorPkg/WinHost: Add link flags for VS2019 tool chains. > EmulatorPkg: Add MagicPageLib header file declaration. > SecurityPkg/TPM: measure UEFI images without associated device paths again > SecurityPkg/DxeImageAuth: Mark the File parameter as OPTIONAL > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: Mark the File parameter as OPTIONAL > MdeModulePkg/SecurityManagementLib: Mark the File parameter as OPTIONAL > MdeModulePkg/SecurityStubDxe: Mark the File parameter as OPTIONAL > MdePkg/Security2: Mark the File parameter as OPTIONAL. > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/PersistenceLib: Correct the allocated size. > CryptoPkg/Pkcs7: Extend support for other OID types > BaseTools/Scripts: Ignore the CRLF check when upgrade submodule. > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1g > MdeModulePkg: Add new PCD to control the evacuate temporary memory feature (CVE-2019-11098) > MdeModulePkg/Core: Create Migrated FV Info Hob for calculating hash (CVE-2019-11098) > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Pei: Use Migrated FV Info Hob for calculating hash (CVE-2019-11098) > UefiCpuPkg/CpuMpPei: Enable paging and set NP flag to avoid TOCTOU (CVE-2019-11098) > UefiCpuPkg: Correct some typos. > SecurityPkg/TcgPei: Use Migrated FV Info Hob for calculating hash (CVE-2019-11098) > Maintainers.txt: Add "Guomin Jiang" as reviewer for Crypto and Capsule > > Hao A Wu (36): > OvmfPkg: Drop build flag USE_LEGACY_ISA_STACK and legacy ISA stack > Maintainers.txt: Add maintainer for CSM components in OvmfPkg > OvmfPkg: Copy the required CSM components from framework packages > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.dec: Add definitions for CSM-related Guid & Protocol > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.dec: Add the new include folder for CSM header files > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.dec: Add PCD definitions used by copied CSM modules > OvmfPkg/Csm/VideoDxe: Update to make it build for OVMF > OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBiosDxe: Update to make it build for OVMF > OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBootMaintUiLib: Update to make it build for OVMF > OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBootManagerLib: Update to make it build for OVMF > OvmfPkg: Update DSC/FDF files to consume CSM components in OvmfPkg > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Remove redundant reference of framework pkg DEC > OvmfPkg/IncompatiblePciDeviceSupportDxe: Drop framework pkg dependency > OvmfPkg/Csm/CsmSupportLib: Drop IntelFrameworkPkg dependency > OvmfPkg: Refer to Shell app via its declared GUID > PcAtChipsetPkg: Remove framework modules > EmulatorPkg/MiscSubClassPlatformDxe: Remove this unused module > Remove IntelFrameworkModulePkg > Remove IntelFrameworkPkg > Maintainers.txt: Remove information for IntelFramework[Module]Pkg > Maintainers.txt: Drop deprecated SourceForge SVN link > Maintainers.txt: Fine-grained review ownership for MdeModulePkg > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Collect processors' CPUID & Platform ID info > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Reduce the size when loading microcode patches > UefiCpuPkg: Add definitions for EDKII microcode patch HOB > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Produce EDKII microcode patch HOB > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Relocate microcode patch fields in CPU_MP_DATA > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Remove redundant microcode fields in CPU_MP_DATA > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Fix possible uninitialized 'InitFlag' field > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Always get CPUID & PlatformID in MicrocodeDetect() > MdeModulePkg/PiDxeS3BootScriptLib: Fix potential numeric truncation (CVE-2019-14563) > Revert UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Relocate microcode patch fields in CPU_MP_DATA > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Not pass microcode info between archs in CPU_MP_DATA > MdeModulePkg/SdMmcPciHcDxe: Fix double PciIo Unmap in TRB creation (CVE-2019-14587) > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib DXE: Add PCD to control AP status check interval > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add missing explicit PcdLib dependency > > Heinrich Schuchardt (3): > ShellPkg/CommandLib: avoid NULL derefence and memory leak > ShellPkg/edit: typo "%d Lines Wrote" > MdeModulePkg: Make retval in UninstallMultipleProtocol follow Spec > > Heng Luo (1): > MdeModulePkg: Perform test only if not ignore memory test > > Heyi Guo (1): > ArmPkg/ArmExceptionLib: use static buffer for sp_el0 > > Huang, Qing (1): > MdePkg-UefiSpec.h: Add UEFI 2.8 new memory attributes > > Igor Druzhinin (1): > OvmfPkg: End timer interrupt later to avoid stack overflow under load > > Imran Desai (9): > MdePkg/Protocol/Hash: introduce GUID for SM3 > SecurityPkg: introduce the SM3 digest algorithm > SecurityPkg/HashLibBaseCryptoRouter: recognize the SM3 digest algorithm > SecurityPkg: set SM3 bit in TPM 2.0 hash mask by default > OvmfPkg: link SM3 support into Tcg2Pei and Tcg2Dxe > SecurityPkg: introduce the SM3 digest algorithm > SecurityPkg/HashLibBaseCryptoRouter: recognize the SM3 digest algorithm > SecurityPkg: set SM3 bit in TPM 2.0 hash mask by default > OvmfPkg: link SM3 support into Tcg2Pei and Tcg2Dxe > > Irene Park (2): > BaseTools/build.py: Exit with 1 when AutoGen error occurred > ArmPlatformPkg/PL011UartLib: Check PID2 if FiFoDepth is zero > > Jaben Carsey (1): > Maintainers.txt update for ShellPkg > > Jason Voelz (2): > MdePkg BaseLib.h: Update IA32_CR4 strut to include all public fields > UefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: SMXE bit of CR4 should set > > Javeed, Ashraf (5): > PciBusDxe: duplicate node insertion for every PPB device in the system > MdePkg/PciExpress21.h: Fix the PCI industry standard register defines > MdePkg/PciExpress40.h: DVSEC definition missing > MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard: CXL 1.1 Registers > MdePkg/Include/IndustryStandard: Main CXL header > > Jayanth Raghuram (1): > MdePkg/DxeHstiLib: Added checks to improve error handling. > > Jeff Brasen (2): > ArmPlatformPkg/Ds5: Increase path length to 400 > MdeModulePkg/DxeCorePerformanceLib: Switch to UnicodeStrnToAsciiStrS > > Jessica Clarke (1): > MdePkg Base.h: Delete prototype for __builtin_return_address > > Jian J Wang (25): > SecurityPkg: add definitions for OBB verification > SecurityPkg/FvReportPei: implement a common FV verifier and reporter > SecurityPkg: add FvReportPei.inf in dsc for build validation > Readme.md: add submodule policy and clone commands > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: remove clone commands > SecurityPkg/SecurityPkg.uni: Add missing strings for new PCDs > Maintainers.txt: Unify one maintainer name > MdeModulePkg/DxeIplPeim: reserve page 0 for NULL pointer detection > MdeModulePkg/Core/Dxe: free page 0 after disabling NULL pointer detection > MdePkg: add null version of RngLib > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: replace HmacXxxInit API with HmacXxxSetKey > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: remove HmacXxxGetContextSize interface > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: Fix memory leaks (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: reject CertStack.CertNumber==0 per DBX (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: fix wrong fetch dbx in IsAllowedByDb (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: avoid bypass in fetching dbx (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: refactor db/dbx fetching code (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: Differentiate error/search result (1) (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: tighten default result (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: Differentiate error/search result (2) (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: change IsCertHashFoundInDatabase name (CVE-2019-14575) > SecurityPkg: add RpmcLib and VariableKeyLib public headers > SecurityPkg: add null version of RpmcLib > SecurityPkg: add null version of VariableKeyLib > Maintainers.txt: Remove invalid email address and a few other role changes > > Jiaxin Wu (6): > MdePkg/Include/Protocol/Tls.h: Add the data type of EfiTlsVerifyHost (CVE-2019-14553) > CryptoPkg/TlsLib: Add the new API "TlsSetVerifyHost" (CVE-2019-14553) > NetworkPkg/TlsDxe: Add the support of host validation to TlsDxe driver (CVE-2019-14553) > NetworkPkg/HttpDxe: Set the HostName for the verification (CVE-2019-14553) > Maintainers.txt: Change NetworkPkg maintainer role. > NetworkPkg/Ip4Dxe: Check the received package length (CVE-2019-14559). > > Jiewen Yao (29): > BaseTools: Add HOST_APPLICATION module type. > MdePkg/Include: correct Lasa in Tpm2Acpi. > SecurityPkg/dsc: Add PCD for Laml, Lasa for TPM2. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2: Add Support Laml, Lasa for TPM2 ACPI. > MdePkg/Include: Add DMTF SPDM definition. > MdeModulePkg/Include: Add DeviceSecurity.h > MdeModulePkg/dec: Add EdkiiDeviceSecurityProtocolGuid. > MdeModulePkg/Pci: Add DeviceSecurity support. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Smm: Measure the table before patch. > MdePkg/Spdm: fix Nonce structure error. > MdePkg/Tcg: Add new definition in TCG PFP spec. > SecurityPkg/Guid: Add TCG 800-155 event GUID definition. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Dxe: Add Tcg2Dxe to support 800-155 event. > MdeModulePkg/Smbios: Done measure Smbios multiple times. > MdeModulePkg/dec: add PcdTcgPfpMeasurementRevision PCD > MdeModulePkg/Smbios: Add TCG PFP rev 105 support. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Pei: Add TCG PFP 105 support. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Dxe: Add PcdTcgPfpMeasurementRevision in SpecId event. > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Pei: Add missing PCRIndex in FvBlob event. > SecurityPkg/TcgPpi: Add TcgPpi header file. > SecurityPkg/dec: Add TcgPpi. > SecurityPkg/Tcg: Add TcgPpi > SecurityPkg/Tcg2: Add TcgPpi > SecurityPkg/PeiTpmMeasurementLib: Add PEI instance. > SecurityPkg/dsc: Add PeiTpmMeasurementLib. > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/FspMeasurementLib: Add header file. > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/FspMeasurementLib: Add BaseFspMeasurementLib. > IntelFsp2WraperPkg/Fsp{m|s}WrapperPeim: Add FspBin measurement. > IntelFsp2Wrapper/dsc: Add FspTpmMeasurementLib and PcdFspMeasurementConfig. > > John E Lofgren (1): > UefiCpuPkg/CpuExceptionHandlerLib: Fix split lock > > Jonathan Watt (1): > ShellPkg/UefiShellBcfgCommandLib: Fix '-opt' option > > Jordan Justen (2): > EmulatorPkg/build.sh: Fix missing usage of -b BUILDTARGET parameter > EmulatorPkg/Unix: Convert timezone from seconds to minutes > > Julien Grall (1): > Maintainers.txt: Update my e-mail address > > Keysound Chang (1): > NetworkPkg/TlsAuthConfigDxe: Use HiiPopUp() instead of CreatePopUp() > > Kirkendall, Garrett (4): > PcAtChipsetPkg: PcAtChipsetPkg.dsc add UefiCpuLib LibraryClass > SourceLevelDebugPkg: SourceLevelDebugPkg.dsc add UefiCpuLib LibraryClass > UefiCpuPkg: Move StandardSignatureIsAuthenticAMD to BaseUefiCpuLib > UefiCpuPkg: PiSmmCpuDxeSmm skip MSR_IA32_MISC_ENABLE manipulation on AMD > > KrishnadasX Veliyathuparambil Prakashan (1): > MdeModulePkg: Upon BootOption failure, Destroy RamDisk memory before RSC. > > Krzysztof Koch (56): > DynamicTablesPkg: Add frame number validation to GTDT generator > DynamicTablesPkg: Add code for finding duplicate values in arrays > DynamicTablesPkg: Test for duplicate UIDs in MADT generator > DynamicTablesPkg: Test for duplicate GT Block frame numbers > DynamicTablesPkg: Add ACPI 6.3 SPE support to MADT generator > DynamicTablesPkg: Add dynamic PPTT table generation support > ShellPkg: acpiview: ACPI 6.3 update for MADT parser > MdePkg: Add Generic Initiator Affinity Structure definitions to SRAT > ShellPkg: acpiview: Improve PPTT table field validation > ShellPkg: acpiview: Remove '/?' from valid command line flags > ShellPkg: acpiview: Fix '\n\n' printing in Table Checksum reporting > ShellPkg: acpiview: Make DBG2 output consistent with other tables > ShellPkg: acpiview: Allow disabling consistency checks (-q flag) > ShellPkg: acpiview: Remove redundant IORT node types enum > ShellPkg: acpiview: Remove '-v' flag from allowed command line args > ShellPkg: acpiview: Remove duplicate indentation in IORT parser > ShellPkg: acpiview: Make '-h' option not require a parameter > ShellPkg: acpiview: RSDP: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: FADT: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: SPCR: Remove redundant forward declaration > ShellPkg: acpiview: SRAT: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: MADT: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: GTDT: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: DBG2: Remove redundant forward declarations > ShellPkg: acpiview: Allow passing buffer length to DumpGasStruct() > ShellPkg: acpiview: XSDT: Remove redundant ParseAcpi() call > ShellPkg: acpiview: RSDP: Make code consistent with other parsers > ShellPkg: acpiview: SRAT: Minor code style enhancements > ShellPkg: acpiview: MADT: Split structure length validation > ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT: Refactor PMCG node mapping count validation > ShellPkg: acpiview: DBG2: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: GTDT: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: MADT: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: PPTT: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: SRAT: Prevent buffer overruns > ShellPkg: acpiview: Update SRAT parser to ACPI 6.3 > ShellPkg: acpiview: Set ItemPtr to NULL for unprocessed table fields > ShellPkg: acpiview: RSDP: Validate global pointer before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: FADT: Validate global pointer before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: SLIT: Validate global pointer before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: SLIT: Validate System Locality count > ShellPkg: acpiview: SRAT: Validate global pointers before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: MADT: Validate global pointers before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: PPTT: Validate global pointers before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT: Validate global pointers before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: GTDT: Validate global pointers before use > ShellPkg: acpiview: DBG2: Validate global pointers before use > MdePkg: Add PCCT table signature definition > ShellPkg: acpiview: Remove duplicate ACPI structure size definitions > ShellPkg: acpiview: Validate ACPI table 'Length' field > ShellPkg: acpiview: Prevent infinite loop if structure length is 0 > ShellPkg: acpiview: Add -r parameter for table requirements validation > ShellPkg: acpiview: Add library for SBBR ACPI requirements validation > ShellPkg: acpiview: Check if SBBR mandatory ACPI tables are installed > > Kun Qin (2): > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Correct dereferred pointer > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Fix uninitialized pointer dereference > > Laszlo Ersek (164): > MdeModulePkg/PciBusDxe: catch unimplemented extended config space reads > ArmVirtPkg: handle NETWORK_TLS_ENABLE in ArmVirtQemu* > Revert "OvmfPkg: link SM3 support into Tcg2Pei and Tcg2Dxe" > Revert "SecurityPkg: set SM3 bit in TPM 2.0 hash mask by default" > Revert "SecurityPkg/HashLibBaseCryptoRouter: recognize the SM3 digest algorithm" > Revert "SecurityPkg: introduce the SM3 digest algorithm" > Revert "MdePkg/Protocol/Hash: introduce GUID for SM3" > MdePkg/BaseLib: re-specify Base64Decode(), and add temporary stub impl > MdePkg/BaseLib: rewrite Base64Decode() > MdePkg/BaseLib: Base64Decode(): don't declare variables in nested blocks > Maintainers.txt: split out section "ArmVirtPkg: modules used on Xen" > Maintainers.txt: split out section "OvmfPkg: Xen-related modules" > Maintainers.txt: split out section "OvmfPkg: TCG- and TPM2-related modules" > Maintainers.txt: split out section "OvmfPkg: CSM modules" > ArmPkg: list module-internal header files in INF [Sources] > ArmPlatformPkg: list module-internal header files in INF [Sources] > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: list module-internal header files in INF [Sources] > EmbeddedPkg: list module-internal header files in INF [Sources] > Revert "UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Allow SMM access-out when static paging is OFF" > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: unload image on EFI_SECURITY_VIOLATION > OvmfPkg/EnrollDefaultKeys: clean up Base64Decode() retval handling > EmbeddedPkg: add missing EFIAPI calling convention specifiers > EmbeddedPkg/AndroidFastbootTransportTcpDxe: fix DestroyChild() call > EmbeddedPkg/Universal/MmcDxe: "fix" CloseProtocol() call in BindingStop() > EmulatorPkg/DxeTimerLib: drop superfluous cast > EmulatorPkg: stop abusing EFI_HANDLE for keystroke notify registration > MdeModulePkg: fix cast in GetModuleInfoFromHandle() calls > MdeModulePkg/UefiHiiLib: stop using EFI_HANDLE in place of EFI_HII_HANDLE > MdeModulePkg: stop abusing EFI_EVENT for protocol notify registration > MdeModulePkg/PlatformVarCleanupLib: fix HiiConstructConfigHdr() call > MdeModulePkg: document workaround for EFI_RUNTIME_EVENT_ENTRY PI spec bug > MdeModulePkg: stop abusing EFI_HANDLE for keystroke notify registration > MdeModulePkg: PEI Core: clean up "AprioriFile" handling in FindFileEx() > MdeModulePkg: fix UninstallMultipleProtocolInterfaces() calls > MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: make type punning consistent > MdeModulePkg/S3SaveState: cast Position for S3BootScriptLib explicitly > MdePkg/DxeServicesLib: remove bogus cast > NetworkPkg/DxeNetLib: fix type typo in NetLibGetMacAddress() > NetworkPkg: fix CloseProtocol & UninstallMultipleProtocolInterfaces calls > NetworkPkg/Ip4Dxe: fix NetLibDestroyServiceChild() call > NetworkPkg/TcpDxe: fix SockFreeFoo() parameter list > OvmfPkg/XenBusDxe: fix UninstallMultipleProtocolInterfaces() call > OvmfPkg/VirtioNetDxe: fix SignalEvent() call > OvmfPkg/PlatformDxe: fix EFI_HII_HANDLE parameters of internal functions > SecurityPkg: fix UninstallMultipleProtocolInterfaces() calls > SecurityPkg: stop abusing EFI_EVENT for protocol notify registration > ShellPkg/UefiShellDriver1CommandsLib: fix parameter list typo > ShellPkg: stop using EFI_HANDLE in place of EFI_HII_HANDLE > ShellPkg: stop taking EFI_HANDLE in place of SHELL_FILE_HANDLE > ShellPkg/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib: fix ShellCloseFile() call > ShellPkg/UefiShellLib: clarify workaround for unfixable EdkShell bug > StandaloneMmPkg/Core: stop abusing EFI_HANDLE for FwVolHeader tracking > UefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportPei: fix MMCONFIG assignment from XSDT > UefiPayloadPkg/BlSupportDxe: fix ReserveResourceInGcd() calls > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: expand comment on initial AP enumeration > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: honor the platform's boot CPU count in AP detection > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Fix calling PlatformBootManagerWaitCallback on 0 > CryptoPkg/Crt: turn strchr() into a function (CVE-2019-14553) > CryptoPkg/Crt: satisfy "inet_pton.c" dependencies (CVE-2019-14553) > CryptoPkg/Crt: import "inet_pton.c" (CVE-2019-14553) > CryptoPkg/TlsLib: TlsSetVerifyHost: parse IP address literals as such (CVE-2019-14553) > MdeModulePkg/VariableSmmRuntimeDxe.inf: list local header "Variable.h" > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: improve INF file consistency > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib.inf: list OpenSSL local header "ms/uplink.h" > MdeModulePkg/UefiBootManagerLib: log reserved mem allocation failure > NetworkPkg/HttpDxe: fix 32-bit truncation in HTTPS download > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: fix 2M->4K page splitting regression for PDEs > OvmfPkg/OvmfXen.dsc: remove PcdCpu* dynamic defaults > OvmfPkg/IndustryStandard: define macros for QEMU's CPU hotplug registers > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: rewrite MaxCpuCountInitialization() for CPU hotplug > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: simplify "VerifyStatus" > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: remove "else" after return/break > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: keep PE/COFF info status internal > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: narrow down PE/COFF hash status > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: fix retval on memalloc failure > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: remove superfluous Status setting > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: unnest AddImageExeInfo() call > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: eliminate "Status" variable > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: fix retval for (FileBuffer==NULL) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: fix imgexec info on memalloc fail > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationHandler: fix "defer" vs. "deny" policies > BaseTools/Conf/gitattributes: fix "--function-context" for C source code > OvmfPkg: introduce PcdQ35SmramAtDefaultSmbase > OvmfPkg/IndustryStandard: increase vertical whitespace in Q35 macro defs > OvmfPkg/IndustryStandard: add MCH_DEFAULT_SMBASE* register macros > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: factor out Q35BoardVerification() > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: detect SMRAM at default SMBASE (skeleton) > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: assert there's no permanent PEI RAM at default SMBASE > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: reserve the SMRAM at the default SMBASE, if it exists > OvmfPkg/SEV: don't manage the lifecycle of the SMRAM at the default SMBASE > OvmfPkg/SmmAccess: close and lock SMRAM at default SMBASE > OvmfPkg: introduce PcdCsmEnable feature flag > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: detect SMRAM at default SMBASE (for real) > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: plug Data leak in IsForbiddenByDbx() (CVE-2019-14575) > OvmfPkg/QemuVideoDxe: unbreak "secondary-vga" and "bochs-display" support > MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: log SMM image start failure > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: fix S3 Resume for CPU hotplug > OvmfPkg: clone SmmCpuPlatformHookLib from UefiCpuPkg > OvmfPkg: enable SMM Monarch Election in PiSmmCpuDxeSmm > OvmfPkg: enable CPU hotplug support in PiSmmCpuDxeSmm > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: introduce skeleton for CPU Hotplug SMM driver > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: add hotplug register block helper functions > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: define the QEMU_CPUHP_CMD_GET_ARCH_ID macro > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: add function for collecting CPUs with events > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: collect CPUs with events > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: introduce Post-SMM Pen for hot-added CPUs > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: introduce First SMI Handler for hot-added CPUs > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: complete root MMI handler for CPU hotplug > OvmfPkg: clone CpuS3DataDxe from UefiCpuPkg > OvmfPkg/CpuS3DataDxe: superficial cleanups > OvmfPkg/CpuS3DataDxe: enable S3 resume after CPU hotplug > ArmPkg: convert LFs to CRLF, expand hard TABs > ArmVirtPkg: convert LFs to CRLF > ArmPlatformPkg: convert LFs to CRLF, expand hard TABs > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: sync Timeout with PcdPlatformBootTimeOut > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: sync Timeout with PcdPlatformBootTimeOut > OvmfPkg/X86QemuLoadImageLib: fix "unused variable" error in X64 DXE builds > OvmfPkg: raise DXEFV size to 12 MB > OvmfPkg/QemuFlashFvbServicesRuntimeDxe: drop unused PCDs > OvmfPkg/QemuFlashFvbServices: factor out SetPcdFlashNvStorageBaseAddresses > OvmfPkg: set fixed FlashNvStorage base addresses with -D SMM_REQUIRE > OvmfPkg: include FaultTolerantWritePei and VariablePei with -D SMM_REQUIRE > OvmfPkg: improve SMM comms security with adaptive MemoryTypeInformation > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: explain EFI_MEMORY_TYPE_INFORMATION page counts > OvmfPkg: give more telling names to some FDF include files > NetworkPkg/UefiPxeBcDxe: handle competing DHCP servers (more) gracefully > OvmfPkg: supply missing lib class declarations in the DEC file > MdeModulePkg/NonDiscoverablePciDeviceDxe: use standard PCI_MAX_BAR macro > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: wrap long lines > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: clean up library dependencies > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: improve coding style in ResetSystem() > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: factor out ResetShutdown() > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: rename to BaseResetSystemLib > OvmfPkg/ResetSystemLib: introduce the DxeResetSystemLib instance > OvmfPkg: introduce QemuFwCfgSimpleParserLib > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: parse "X-PciMmio64Mb" with QemuFwCfgSimpleParserLib > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: use QemuFwCfgParseBool in UPDATE_BOOLEAN_PCD_FROM_... > OvmfPkg/QemuFwCfgDxeLib: allow UEFI_DRIVER modules > OvmfPkg: control PXEv4 / PXEv6 boot support from the QEMU command line > ArmVirtPkg/QemuFwCfgLib: allow UEFI_DRIVER modules > ArmVirtPkg: control PXEv4 / PXEv6 boot support from the QEMU command line > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: don't track BS Code/Data in default MemTypeInfo HOB > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: rewrite MemTypeInfo HOB production logic > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: extract memory type info defaults to PCDs > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: increase memory type info defaults > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: clean up some lib class dependencies > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: factor out InternalTpm12Detect() > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: skip TPM-1.2 detection when building for ARM/AARCH64 > Maintainers.txt: retitle "MdeModulePkg: ACPI S3 modules" > Maintainers.txt: restore order of OvmfPkg sections > Maintainers.txt: move StandaloneMmPkg to the right spot > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: generalize TPM2-only file-top comments > OvmfPkg/Tcg2ConfigPei: restrict BaseLib class dependency to IA32 and X64 > OvmfPkg/X86QemuLoadImageLib: handle EFI_ACCESS_DENIED from LoadImage() > OvmfPkg/GenericQemuLoadImageLib: log "Not Found" at INFO level > Revert "OvmfPkg: use generic QEMU image loader for secure boot enabled ..." > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: pause in WaitForSemaphore() before re-fetch > OvmfPkg: fix DEC spec violation introduced by Bhyve addition > OvmfPkg/SmmControl2Dxe: negotiate ICH9_LPC_SMI_F_CPU_HOTPLUG > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: fix CPU hotplug race just before SMI broadcast > OvmfPkg/CpuHotplugSmm: fix CPU hotplug race just after SMI broadcast > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: extract SecDataDirEnd, SecDataDirLeft > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: assign WinCertificate after size check > SecurityPkg/DxeImageVerificationLib: catch alignment overflow (CVE-2019-14562) > > Leendert van Doorn (1): > ArmVirtPkg: Include NVMe support in ArmVirtQemu* > > Leif Lindholm (38): > BaseTools: add centralized location for git config files > BaseTools: add script to configure local git options > ArmPlatformPkg: use UINT32 epoch second counter > EmbeddedPkg: improve TimeBaseLib type safety > Maintainers.txt: add Leif Lindholm as Package Reviewer of ArmVirtPkg > BaseTools: fix FCE build when edksetup not executed > Maintainers.txt: update for filesystem area descriptions > Maintainers.txt: add wildcard path association for Arm/AArch64 > BaseTools: add GetMaintainer.py script > BaseTools: use stdint.h for GCC ProcessorBind.h typedefs > BaseTools: add missing newlines at end of files > EmbeddedPkg: add missing newline at end of TemplateResetSystemLib.inf > NetworkPkg: add missing newline at end of file > EmbeddedPkg: delete outdated FdtLib README.txt > BaseTools: fix line endings in SetupGit.py Conf files > DynamicTablesPkg: fix .dsc line ending > ArmPkg: ArmScmiDxe - convert .h to from 8859-x to 7-bit > BaseTools: correct line endings for ConvertFce Python script > EmbeddedPkg: convert Lauterbach README.txt to 7-bit safe Readme.md > ArmPkg: strip trailing whitespace > ArmPlatformPkg: strip trailing whitespace > BaseTools: strip trailing whitespace > EmulatorPkg: strip trailing whitespace > MdeModulePkg: strip trailing whitespace > OvmfPkg: strip trailing whitespace > UefiCpuPkg: strip trailing whitespace > SignedCapsulePkg: fix AARCH64 build > Readme.md: remove positional references from submodule description > Maintainers.txt: update email address for Leif Lindholm > ArmVirtPkg: fix ASSERT in ArmVirtGicArchLib with virtualization=on > ArmPkg: rename misleading local #define in CpuDxe > BaseTools: add handling for 'S:' flag to GetMaintainer.py > ArmPkg: only attempt buildin MmCommunicationDxe for AArch64 > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: add exception for diff orderfile > BaseTools: explicitly import email.header PatchCheck.py > BaseTools: convert diff.order to LF-only > EmbeddedPkg: fix gcc build errors in AndroidBootImgLib > Revert "BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Add LicenseCheck" > > Leo Duran (2): > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Skip reading PlatformId on AMD processors. > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Remove Executable attribute from MpLib.h > > Li, Aaron (1): > BaseTools/Capsule: Add capsule dependency support > > Liming Gao (51): > Remove IntelSiliconPkg that has been moved to edk2-platform repo > Maintainers.txt: update it to remove IntelSiliconPkg maintainers > Revert "BaseTools/FCE: Change FCE script type in PosixLike" > Revert "BaseTools/BfmLib: Change BfmLib script type in PosixLike" > Revert "BaseTools/FMMT: Change FMMT script type in PosixLike" > Revert "BaseTools: fix FCE build when edksetup not executed" > Revert "BaseTools/FMMT: Add a tool FMMT" > Revert "BaseTools/FCE: Add a tool FCE" > Revert "BaseTools/BfmLib: Add a tool BfmLib" > MdeModulePkg RegularExpressionDxe: Update Oniguruma from v6.9.0 to v6.9.3 > MdeModulePkg/RegularExpressionDxe: Add two missing null pointer checks > Readme.md: Remove tag release from Readme > BaseTools: Update GenFw tool to support -e -z option together > SecurityPkg Tcg2Config: Move common definitions to new Tcg2Internal.h > MdeModulePkg SerialDxe.inf: Fix wrong FILE_GUID format > Revert "BaseTools: Improve GetDependencyList function" > MdePkg Base.h: Define STATIC_ASSERT macro as empty for EBC arch > NetworkPkg: Move network related header files from MdeModulePkg to NetworkPkg > MdeModulePkg: Remove network related guid definitions from MdeModulePkg.dec > NetworkPkg: Add PcdTftpBlockSize in NetworkPkg.dec > NetworkPkg UefiPxeBcDxe: Consume PcdTftpBlockSize defined in NetworkPkg.dec > MdeModulePkg: Remove PCD gEfiMdeModulePkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdTftpBlockSize > NetworkPkg: Remove unnecessary MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.dec dependency in INF > Maintainers.txt: Move ShellBin maintainers to EDK II Releases section > SecurityPkg Tcg2Dxe: Add Variable Arch protocol dependency > BaseTools tools_def.template: Remove unnecessary $(DEST_DIR_DEBUG) path > BaseTools tools_def: Add CLANG9 tool chain to directly generate PE image > BaseTools GenFw: Fix the issue to update the wrong size as SectionSize > MdePkg Base.h: Add definition for CLANG9 tool chain > MdePkg BaseIoLibIntrinsic: Remove __inline__ attribute for IO functions > MdeModulePkg LzmaCustomDecompressLib: Update macro to be same in CLANG tool > MdeModulePkg RegularExpressionDxe: Disable warning for CLANG9 tool chain > CryptoPkg: Append options to make CLANG9 tool chain pass build > CryptoPkg IntrinsicLib: Make _fltused always be used > EmulatorPkg: Enable CLANG9 tool chain > OvmfPkg: Enable CLANG9 tool chain > BaseTools: Rename tool chain CLANG9 to CLANGPDB > MdeModulePkg RegularExpressionDxe: Update tool chain name to CLANGPDB > CryptoPkg CryptoLib: Update tool chain name to CLANGPDB > OvmfPkg DSC: Update tool chain name to CLANGPDB > EmulatorPkg DSC and WinHost.inf: Update tool chain name to CLANGPDB > MdePkg Base.h: Use correct style to check the defined macro > MdePkg Base.h: Use correct style to check macro _MSC_VER value > BaseTools tools_def.template: Add back -fno-pie option in GCC49 tool chain > OvmfPkg: Fix build failure with VS2015 tool chain > MdePkg: Add EFI_RT_PROPERTIES_TABLE > BaseTools GenFv: Report the correct spare FV image size > BaseTools: Move VS2019 env setting after VS2017 env setting > BaseTools: Fix the issue in VS prefix setting for VS2017/VS2019 > BaseTools: Fix the issue in VS2017/VS2019 setting > Maintainers.txt: Update Liming mail address > > Liran Alon (20): > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Create empty driver > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Install DriverBinding protocol > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Report name of driver > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Probe PCI devices and look for PvScsi > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Install stubbed EXT_SCSI_PASS_THRU > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Report the number of targets and LUNs > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Translate Target & LUN to/from DevicePath > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Open PciIo protocol for later use > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Backup/Restore PCI attributes on Init/UnInit > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Enable MMIO-Space & Bus-Mastering in PCI attributes > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Define device interface structures and constants > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Reset adapter on init > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Setup requests and completions rings > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Introduce DMA communication buffer > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Support sending SCSI request and receive response > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Reset device on ExitBootServices() > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Enable device 64-bit DMA addresses > Maintainers.txt: Add Liran and Nikita as OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe reviewers > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Fix VS2019 build error because of implicit cast > OvmfPkg/PvScsiDxe: Refactor setup of rings to separate function > > Maciej Rabeda (7): > NetworkPkg/SnpDxe: Add PCD to remove ExitBootServices event from SNP driver. > Maintainers.txt: Adding new NetworkPkg reviewer. > NetworkPkg: Fixes to static code analysis hits > Maintainers.txt: Update email address and role > NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe: Improve Neightbor Discovery message validation. > ShellPkg: Fix 'ping' command Ip4 receive flow. > NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe: Fix ASSERT logic in Ip6ProcessRouterAdvertise() > > Maggie Chu (7): > SecurityPkg/OpalPassword: Add PCD to skip password prompt > SecurityPkg/HddPassword: Add a PCD to skip Hdd password prompt > MdeModulePkg: Add definitions for NVM Express Passthru PPI > MdeModulePkg/NvmExpressPei: Produce NVM Express PassThru PPI > MdeModulePkg/NvmExpressPei: Fix Opal S3 unlock issue > SecurityPkg/OpalPassword: Remove dependency on EFI_BLOCK_IO_PROTOCOL > SecurityPkg: Change default value source > > Marc W Chen (3): > OvmfPkg/QemuVideoDxe: Shouldn't assume system in VGA alias mode. > MdePkg: Add PI 1.5 SmramMemoryReserve HOB file > MdePkg: Add MmAccess and MmControl definition. > > Marc-André Lureau (5): > OvmfPkg: rename TPM2 config prefix to TPM > OvmfPkg: detect TPM 1.2 in Tcg2ConfigPei > OvmfPkg: include TcgPei module > OvmfPkg: include TcgDxe module > OvmfPkg: plug DxeTpmMeasureBootLib into SecurityStubDxe > > Marcin Wojtas (1): > MdeModulePkg/UsbBusDxe: Return error when the device is not present > > Marvin Häuser (8): > WinHost: Add SimplePointer support > MdePkg/UefiDebugLibConOut: Pass the correct buffer size > MdePkg/UefiDebugLibStdErr: Pass the correct buffer size > MdePkg/UefiFileHandleLib: Fix potential NULL dereference > MdePkg/UefiFileHandleLib: Tolerate more Root handle FileNames > ShellPkg/Ls: Consider UEFI timezone may not be set > ShellPkg/Ls: Return empty content for all empty folders > ShellPkg/CommandLib: Use first found UC for unsupported PlatformLang > > Matt DeVillier (3): > MdeModulePkg/Usb/EfiKey: Fix endpoint selection > MdeModulePkg/Usb/UsbMouse: Fix endpoint selection > MdeModulePkg/UsbMouseAbsolutePointer: Fix endpoint selection > > Matthew Carlson (2): > BaseTools:Added arch output to build report > MdePkg/SmBios.h: Add two additional DWORD for smbios 3.3.0 type17 > > Max Knutsen (1): > BaseTools:Add extra debugging message > > Michael D Kinney (93): > MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: Use unique structure signatures > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Fix IA32 link error > ShellPkg: Add shell with all commands integrated > EmulatorPkg: Fix VS2015 build when VS2017 also installed > EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host: Fix NetworkPkg dependencies > EmulatorPkg/Unix/Host: Fix XCODE5 IA32/X64 build failure > MdePkg/X64/ProcessorBind.h: Fix EmulatorPkg X64 XCODE5 > BaseTools/PatchCheck: Ignore blank lines in diff > BaseTools/PatchCheck: Add copy from/to keywords > BaseTools/PatchCheck: Disable text conversion in 'git show' > EmulatorPkg: Fix VS20xx IA32 boot failure > EmulatorPkg: Remove UNIX_SEC_BUILD/WIN_SEC_BUILD > EmulatorPkg: Add -D DISABLE_NEW_DEPRECATED_INTERFACES > EmulatorPkg: Add support for NOOPT target > EmulatorPkg/Win/Host: Fix image unload regression > EmulatorPkg/Win/Host: Fix SecPrint() log line endings > SecurityPkg: Change EFI_D_INFO to DEBUG_INFO > Maintainers.txt: Add continuous integration(CI) directories > CryptoPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > FatPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > FmpDevicePkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > MdeModulePkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > MdePkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > NetworkPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > PcAtChipsetPkg: Add YAML files for CI builds > SecurityPkg: Add YAML files for CI builds > ShellPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > UefiCpuPkg: Add YAML file for CI builds > SignedCapsulePkg: Use BaseCryptLibNull to reduce package CI time > .mergify: Add Mergify YML pull request rules configuration file > Readme.md: Add CI build status badges > Readme.md: Update EDK II CI build status badge and links > Readme.md: Update EDK II CI build branch name > BaseTools/Scripts/PatchCheck: Address false error conditions > BaseTools/Scripts/PatchCheck.py: Remove submodule false positives > BaseTools/DscBuildData: Fix PCD autogen include file conflict > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLibNull: Add missing HkdfSha256ExtractAndExpand() > BaseTools/Build: Do not use Common.lib in Structured PCD app > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Add X509ConstructCertificateStackV(). > CryptoPkg: Add EDK II Crypto Protocols/PPIs/PCDs > CryptoPkg/Driver: Add Crypto PEIM, DXE, and SMM modules > CryptoPkg/Library: Add BaseCryptLibOnProtocolPpi instances > CryptoPkg/CryptoPkg.dsc: Add build of Crypto libraries/modules > .pytool: Add CI support for host based unit tests with results > BaseTools/Plugin: Add HostBasedUnitTestRunner plugin > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add public and private interfaces > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Library: Add library instances > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Test: Add unit test samples > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add DSC, DSC INC, and YAML files > MdePkg/Test: Add SafeIntLib and BaseLib Base64 unit tests > MdeModulePkg: Add DxeResetSystemLib unit test > .azurepipelines: Enable CI for UnitTestFrameworkPkg and host tests > Maintainers.txt: Add UnitTestFrameworkPkg > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Fix XCODE parenthesis issues > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Disable EBC in DSC file > MdePkg: Disable EBC for unit tests in MdePkg.dsc > MdePkg/BaseSafeIntLib: Fix VS20xx IA32 link failures > MdePkg/Test/BaseLib: Add SAFE_STRING_CONSTRAINT_CHECK unit test > MdeModulePkg/Variable/RuntimeDxe: Fix return status from Reclaim() > BaseTools/Python: Allow HOST_APPLICATION to use NULL libraries > MdePkg/BaseCpuLibNull: Add Null version of CpuLib for host testing > MdePkg/BaseCacheMaintenanceLibNull: Add Null instance for host testing > MdePkg/BaseLib: Break out IA32/X64 GCC inline privileged functions > MdePkg/Library/BaseLib: Add BaseLib instance for host based unit tests > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Use host libraries from MdePkg > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Enable source level debug for host tests > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Set host application stack size to 256KB > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Change target mode DebugLib mapping > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Move print log into cleanup > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Fix target mode log messages > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Add checks for ASSERT() > MdePkg/Include: Hook DebugLib _ASSERT() for unit tests > MdePkg/Include: Add UT_EXPECT_ASSERT_FAILURE() to UnitTestLib > MdePkg/Library/BaseStackCheckLib: Fix PCD type in INF > UnitTestFramewokPkg/SampleUnitTest: Use UT_EXPECT_ASSERT_FAILURE() > MdePkg/Library/UnitTestHostBaseLib: Add missing services > UefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Fix spelling mistake > BaseTools/GenSec: Fix spelling mistake > MdeModulePkg/EbcDxe: Fix spelling mistake > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Fix spelling mistake > BaseTools/VolInfo: Fix spelling mistake > EmbeddedPkg/NonCoherentIoMmuDxe: Apply BSD-2-Clause-Patent > MdeModulePkg/PeCoffImageEmulator.h: Apply BSD-2-Clause-Patent > MdePkg/BaseMemoryLibOptDxe: Apply BSD-2-Clause-Patent > Readme.rst: List submodules and links to licenses > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleApp: Fix spelling mistake > SecurityPkg/OpalPassword: Fix spelling mistake > EmulatorPkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > MdeModulePkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > MdePkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > OvmfPkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > SecurityPkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > ShellPkg: Fix spelling mistake for occurred > > Michael Johnson (1): > EmulatorPkg/TimerLib: Add missing GetTimeInNanoSecond function > > Michael Kubacki (54): > BaseTools: Fix GenMake multi-workspace failure > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Consolidate common parsing functions > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Parameterize GetNextVariableInternal () stores > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Parameterize VARIABLE_INFO_ENTRY buffer > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Parameterize auth status in VariableParsing > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Add a file for NV variable functions > MdeModulePkg VariableInfo: Always consider RT DXE and SMM stats > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Add RT GetVariable() cache support > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Add RT GetNextVariableName() cache support > OvmfPkg: Disable variable runtime cache > MdeModulePkg: Enable variable runtime cache by default > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Fix volatile variable RT cache update logic > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Initialize local variable "Variable" > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Initialize local variable "RtPtrTrack" > MdeModulePkg PeiCore: Fix typos > MdeModulePkg PeiCore: Improve comment semantics > MdeModulePkg/Variable: Fix VarErrorFlag RT cache offset calculation > ArmPkg/ArmPkg.dsc: Add missing components > ArmPlatformPkg/ArmPlatformPkg.dsc: Add missing components > MdeModulePkg Variable: Return GetVariable() attr if EFI_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL > MdeModulePkg VariablePei: Return GetVariable() attr if EFI_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL > Revert "TlsAuthConfigDxe: fix TlsCaCertificate attributes retrieval" > NetworkPkg/SnpDxe: Register SnpNotifyExitBootServices at TPL_CALLBACK > NetworkPkg/SnpDxe: Prevent invalid PCI BAR access > NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe: Validate source data record length > .python/SpellCheck: Increase SpellCheck plugin max failures > MdeModulePkg/ReportStatusCodeRouter: Clear RSC Data buffer if Data is NULL > MdeModulePkg/ReportStatusCodeRouter: Revert end pointer on out of resources > MdeModulePkg/ReportStatusCodeRouter: Take HeaderSize into Consideration > MdeModulePkg/ReportStatusCodeRouter: Update RSC Data on reallocation > MdePkg/BaseLib: Add linked list iteration macros > MdeModulePkg/EhciDxe: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > MdeModulePkg/EhciPei: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > MdeModulePkg/XhciDxe: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > MdeModulePkg/RamDiskDxe: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > SecurityPkg/HddPassword: Use BaseLib linked list iteration macros > SecurityPkg: Add PCD for SW SMI Command port > SecurityPkg Tcg: Use SW SMI IO port PCD in Tpm.asl > BaseTools/Ecc: Replace deprecated function time.clock() > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestResultReportLib: Use AsciiStrnCpyS() > MdePkg/UnitTestLib.h: Drop FrameworkHandle param from SaveFrameworkState() > UnitTestFrameworkPkg/UnitTestLib: Update SaveFrameworkState() signature > MdeModulePkg/PeiCore: Enable T-RAM evacuation in PeiCore (CVE-2019-11098) > UefiCpuPkg/CpuMpPei: Add GDT migration support (CVE-2019-11098) > UefiCpuPkg/SecMigrationPei: Add initial PEIM (CVE-2019-11098) > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDependencyLib: Correct ValidateDependency() documentation > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDependencyLib: Fix "exression" typo > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDependencyLib: Handle version string overflow > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDependencyCheckLib: Return unsatisfied on handle failure > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Better warn of potential ImageTypeId misconfig > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Indicate ESRT GUID on invalid ImageIdName > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Improve function parameter validation > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Fix Clang build error > > Mike Turner (1): > MdeModulePkg DxeCore: Fix for missing Memory Attributes Table (MAT) update > > Ming Tan (7): > EmulatorPkg/PlatformSmbiosDxe: fix a spell error of platform. > MdeModulePkg/StatusCodeHandler: do not output \n\r for string data > MdeModulePkg.dec: Change PCDs for status code. > EmulatorPkg/EmulatorPkg.dsc: Change PCDs type about status code > UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkgIa*.dsc: Change some PCDs type > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg*.dsc: Change PCDs type about status code > IntelFsp2Pkg/Tools/GenCfgOpt.py: Fix a bug about parse macro > > Nickle Wang (2): > MdeModulePkg/SetupBrowserDxe: Fix IsZeroGuid() ASSERT. > EmulatorPkg/WinHost: Enable network support. > > Nikita Leshenko (12): > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Create empty driver > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Install DriverBinding Protocol > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Report name of driver > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Probe PCI devices and look for MptScsi > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Install stubbed EXT_SCSI_PASS_THRU > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Report targets and one LUN > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Build and decode DevicePath > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Open PciIo protocol for later use > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Set and restore PCI attributes > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Initialize hardware > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Implement the PassThru method > OvmfPkg/MptScsiDxe: Reset device on ExitBootServices() > > Oleksiy Yakovlev (17): > MdePkg: Extend SERIAL_IO with DeviceTypeGuid > BaseTools: REST style formset > MdePkg: REST style formset > BaseTools: Bootable NVDIMM namespaces > MdePkg: Bootable NVDIMM namespaces > MdePkg: Add UEFI Spec Revision 2.8 > MdePkg: UEFI JSON Capsule Support > MdePkg: Add new CPER Notification types > MdePkg: Fix OUT parameters marked as IN OUT > MdePkg: Add FMP Capsule Image Header extension > MdeModulePkg: Add FMP Capsule Image Header extension > SignedCapsulePkg: Add FMP Capsule Image Header extension > MdePkg: Add Serial Terminal Device Type Guid > MdePkg: Add New Memory Attributes > MdeModulePkg: Add New Memory Attributes > UefiCpuPkg: Update EFI_MEMORY_CACHETYPE_MASK definition > UefiCpuPkg: Add New Memory Attributes > > Park, Aiden (1): > edksetup.bat stuck on unicode locale Windows > > Patrick Rudolph (1): > UefiPayloadPkg: Make TerminalDxe build time configurable > > Paul Grimes (1): > MdePkg: Correcting EFI_ACPI_DMA_TRANSFER_TYPE_16_BIT definition > > Pavana.K (1): > CryptoPkg: Support for SHA384 & SHA512 RSA signing schemes > > Pete Batard (7): > ArmPlatformPkg: Add missing header files in INF file > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Also call PlatformBootManagerWaitCallback on 0 > OvmfPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Don't update progress if Pcd is 0 > ArmVirtPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Don't update progress if Pcd is 0 > MdePkg/Include: Add DCC and BCM2835 SPCR UART types > EmbeddedPkg/AcpiLib: add GICC table init macro for ACPI 6.3 > EmbeddedPkg/TimeBaseLib: Add macros to get build year/month/day > > Peter Jones (1): > OvmfPkg: Make SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE actually need to be set to TRUE > > Philippe Mathieu-Daudé (59): > ArmPkg: DebugPeCoffExtraActionLib: debugger commands are not errors > ArmPkg: DebugPeCoffExtraActionLib: fix trivial comment typos > MdeModulePkg DxeCore: Fix typo in function name > MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: Fix typo in function name > StandaloneMmPkg/Core: Fix typo in function name > NetworkPkg/Ip6Dxe: Fix typo in comment > .pytool: Avoid "is" with a literal Python 3.8 warnings in CI plugins > BaseTools: Avoid "is" with a literal Python 3.8 warnings > .mailmap: Add a stub with documentation > .mailmap: Add an entry for Aaron Li > .mailmap: Add an entry for Antoine Coeur > .mailmap: Add an entry for Ard Biesheuvel > .mailmap: Add an entry for Ashley DeSimone > .mailmap: Add an entry for Baraneedharan Anbazhagan > .mailmap: Add an entry for Chasel Chiu > .mailmap: Add an entry for Christopher J Zurcher > .mailmap: Add an entry for Eric Dong > .mailmap: Add an entry for Erik Bjorge > .mailmap: Add an entry for Hao Wu > .mailmap: Add an entry for Hot Tian > .mailmap: Add an entry for Jiewen Yao > .mailmap: Add an entry for Jim Dailey > .mailmap: Add an entry for Laszlo Ersek > .mailmap: Add an entry for Liming Gao > .mailmap: Add an entry for Maciej Rabeda > .mailmap: Add an entry for Marc-Andre Lureau > .mailmap: Add an entry for Marvin Haeuser > .mailmap: Add an entry for Maurice Ma > .mailmap: Add an entry for Michael Kubacki > .mailmap: Add an entry for Ming Tan > .mailmap: Add an entry for Nikolai Saoukh > .mailmap: Add an entry for Philippe Mathieu-Daude > .mailmap: Add an entry for Ray Ni > .mailmap: Add an entry for Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud > .mailmap: Add an entry for Shenglei Zhang > .mailmap: Add an entry for Star Zeng > .mailmap: Add an entry for Vitaly Cheptsov > .mailmap: Add an entry for Vladimir Olovyannikov > .mailmap: Add an entry for Yonghong Zhu > .mailmap: Add an entry for Yu-Chen Lin > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Ignore CR and LF characters in subject length > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Extract email check code to EmailAddressCheck > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Check the committer email address > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Let EmailAddressCheck describe email checked > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Check the patch author email address > BaseTools/Scripts: Add log.mailmap to SetupGit.py > BaseTools/Scripts/PatchCheck.py: Detect emails rewritten by Groups.Io > BaseTools/Scripts/PatchCheck.py: Do not use mailmap > SecurityPkg: Fix incorrect return value when File is NULL > EmbeddedPkg/VirtualKeyboard: Fix a typo in EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER > MdeModulePkg/UsbBusDxe: Fix a typo > NetworkPkg: Fix a typo > NetworkPkg/DnsDxe: Fix a typo > NetworkPkg/HttpBootDxe: Fix a typo in variable name > OvmfPkg/Csm/LegacyBios: Fix a typo > OvmfPkg/Xen: Fix a typo > StandaloneMmPkg: Fix a typo > ShellPkg: Document ParseCommandLineToArgs returns EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER > ShellPkg: Document UpdateArgcArgv returns EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER > > Pierre Gondois (44): > ShellPkg/acpiview: GTDT updates for ACPI 6.3 > DynamicTablesPkg: GTDT updates for ACPI 6.3 > MdePkg: Add AML OpCode definition for ExternalOp > BaseTools: Script for converting .aml to .hex > BaseTools: Rationalise makefile generation > BaseTools: Remove caret in NASM_INC macro > MdePkg: Add AML FieldList OpCode definitions > ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: Fix implicit cast > BaseTools: PatchCheck: Exclude bash scripts from CRLF check > BaseTools: Generate multiple rules when multiple output files > BaseTools: Rename AmlToHex script to AmlToC > BaseTools: Compile AML bytecode arrays into .obj file > BaseTools: Fix string concatenation > BaseTools: Add gcc flag to warn on void* pointer arithmetic > BaseTools: Factorize GCC flags > EmbeddedPkg: Fix build error for MmcDxe > DynamicTablesPkg: Update ASL build options > DynamicTablesPkg: AmlLib definitions > DynamicTablesPkg: AML grammar definition > DynamicTablesPkg: AML node definitions > DynamicTablesPkg: AML tree interface > DynamicTablesPkg: AML tree enumerator > DynamicTablesPkg: AML tree traversal > DynamicTablesPkg: AML tree iterator > DynamicTablesPkg: AML tree/node cloning > DynamicTablesPkg: AML utility interfaces > DynamicTablesPkg: AML and ASL string helper > DynamicTablesPkg: AML serialise interface > DynamicTablesPkg: AML debug logging > DynamicTablesPkg: AML ACPI Namespace interface > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Parser > DynamicTablesPkg: AML resource data helper > DynamicTablesPkg: AML resource data parser > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Method parser > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Field list parser > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Codegen > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Resource Data Codegen > DynamicTablesPkg: AML Core interface > DynamicTablesPkg: AmlLib APIs > DynamicTablesPkg: Dynamic AML: Add AmlLib library > DynamicTablesPkg: SSDT Serial Port Fixup library > DynamicTablesPkg: SSDT Serial Port generator > DynamicTablesPkg: Add SSDT Serial port for SPCR > DynamicTablesPkg: Add SSDT Serial port for DBG2 > > Qi Zhang (8): > SecurityPkg/Tpm2CommandLib: add a new function > SecurityPkg/Tcg2Config: remove TPM2_ChangEPS if it is not supported. > SecurityPkg/TcgEventLogRecordLib: add new lib for firmware measurement > SecurityPkg/dsc: add FvEventLogRecordLib > SecurityPkg/Tcg2: handle PRE HASH and LOG ONLY > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/dsc: add HashLib, Tpm2CommandLib and Tpm2DeviceLib > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/IntelFsp2WrapperPkg.dec: add FspMeasurementLib.h > MdeModulePkg/Library: add PEIM and SEC module type to TpmMeasurementLibNull > > Ray Ni (49): > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: increase NumApsExecuting only for ApInitConfig > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Decrease NumApsExecuting only for ApInitConfig > IntelFspPkg&IntelFspWrapperPkg: Remove them > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Change variable names and comments to follow SDM > MdePkg/BaseLib.h: Update IA32_CR4 structure for 5-level paging > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Enable 5 level paging when CPU supports > Maintainers.txt: Remove maintainer info for IntelFsp[Wrapper]Pkg > Revert "UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Enable 5 level paging when CPU supports" > Revert "MdePkg/BaseLib.h: Update IA32_CR4 structure for 5-level paging" > MdePkg/BaseLib.h: Update IA32_CR4 structure for 5-level paging > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Enable 5 level paging when CPU supports > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: ReclaimPages: fix incorrect operator binding > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Allow SMM access-out when static paging is OFF > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Enable 5-level paging for AP when BSP's enabled > UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe: Remove unnecessary macros > UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe: Support parsing 5-level page table > MdeModulePkg/DxeIpl: Introduce PCD PcdUse5LevelPageTable > MdePkg/Cpuid.h: Move Cpuid.h from UefiCpuPkg to MdePkg > MdeModulePkg/DxeIpl: Create 5-level page table for long mode > UefiCpuPkg|MdePkg: Move Register/ folder to MdePkg/Include/ > UefiCpuPkg: Update code to include register definitions from MdePkg > UefiCpuPkg: Add PcdCpuSmmRestrictedMemoryAccess > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Use new PCD PcdCpuSmmRestrictedMemoryAccess > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Restrict access per PcdCpuSmmRestrictedMemoryAccess > UefiCpuPkg: Explain relationship between several SMM PCDs > PcAtChipsetPkg: add PcdRealTimeClockUpdateTimeout > MdeModulePkg: Remove PcdRealTimeClockUpdateTimeout > IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore: Remove unneeded MdeModulePkg dependency > IntelFsp2WrapperPkg: Remove unneeded MdeModulePkg dependency > MdePkg/BluetoothLeConfig.h: Add type EfiBluetoothSmpPeerAddressList > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpu: Enable 5L paging only when phy addr line > 48 > UefiCpuPkg: Remove PcdCpuSmmStaticPageTable > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Set X2ApicEnable flag from BSP > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Remove global variable X2ApicEnable > BaseTools: Fix build failure when using python38 > UefiCpuPkg/CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Remove XD enable/disable logic > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeature: Remove CPU_FEATURE_XD macro > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Delete CPU_FEATURE_[BEFORE|AFTER] > UefiCpuPkg/RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Rename [Before|After]FeatureBitMask > UefiCpuPkg/CpuFeature: Introduce First to indicate 1st unit. > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Improve the performance of GetFreeToken() > UefiCpuPkg/MpService: GetProcessorInfo returns 6-level topology > MdePkg/PciSegmentInfoLib: Add missing EFIAPI to GetPciSegmentInfo() > UefiPayloadPkg/Pci: Use the PCIE Base Addr stored in AcpiBoardInfo HOB > UefiCpuPkg/MtrrLib: Remove unnecessary API MtrrGetVariableMtrr() > UefiCpuPkg/MtrrLib: Remove unnecessary API MtrrSetVariableMtrr() > UefiCpuPkg/MtrrLib: Remove unnecessary API MtrrSetFixedMtrr() > UefiCpuPkg/MtrrLib/UnitTest: Add host based unit test > UefiCpuPkg/MtrrLibUnitTest: Change to use static array for CI test > > Rebecca Cran (21): > Fix indentation in edksetup.sh SetupPython3 > edksetup.sh: Use bash variable $PWD instead of executing pwd command > edksetup.sh: Use $SCRIPTNAME consistently instead of 'edksetup.sh' > edksetup.sh: when executing arithmetic commands, $ isn't needed > edksetup.sh: remove redundant -?, -h and --help in options parsing > OvmfPkg/build.sh: enable multitheaded build by default > OvmfPkg/build.sh: remove literal carriage return > OvmfPkg/build.sh: remove $ADD_QEMU_HDA > OvmfPkg/build.sh: use newer '-drive if=pflash' syntax when running qemu > OvmfPkg: replace old EFI_D_ debug levels with new DEBUG_ ones > OvmfPkg: Add bhyve support into AcpiTimerLib > OvmfPkg: Add VBE2 mode info structure to LegacyVgaBios.h > OvmfPkg: Add QemuFwCfgLibNull > OvmfPkg: Add BaseResetSystemLibBhyve > BaseTools: add repo name option to SetupGit.py > ShellPkg: smbiosview - print field values as unsigned integers > BaseTools: Update ReadMe.txt to match current functionality > BaseTools: rename ReadMe.txt to ReadMe.rst > Add BhyvePkg, to support the bhyve hypervisor > Maintainers.txt: Add bhyve reviewers > OvmfPkg/Bhyve: rename files to remove 'Pkg' infix > > Robert Phelps (4): > MdePkg: New Status Codes > MdePkg: Updates to PI 1.7 Revision numbers > MdePkg: Added header file for Delayed Dispatch PPI > MdePkg: Update structures for MpServices Protocol > > Rodriguez, Christian (3): > BaseTools: Add a checking for Sources section in INF file > BaseTools: Refactor hash tracking after checking for Sources section > BaseTools: Fix checking for Sources section in INF file > > Roman Bolshakov (1): > OvmfPkg: Skip initrd command on Xcode toolchain > > Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud (3): > MdeModulePkg: PcdAcpiExposedTableVersions default for Arm64 platforms > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: Revert "limit ACPI support to v5.0 and higher" > ShellPkg: smbiosview - Change some type 17 field values format > > Sami Mujawar (35): > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix line endings in dsc file > DynamicTablesPkg: Disable deprecated APIs > DynamicTablesPkg: Arm SRAT Table Generator > StandaloneMmPkg: Fix build failure - Bug 2253 > ShellPkg: acpiview: Add support for parsing FACS > ShellPkg: acpiview: IORT Spec Rev D updates > ArmPkg: Dispatch deferred images after EndOfDxe > DynamicTablesPkg: Update FADT generator to ACPI 6.3 > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix entry point param definition > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix missing local header warning > DynamicTablesPkg: Remove struct CM_ARM_CPU_INFO > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix serial port subtype warning > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix Proc node length assignment > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix GT Block length assignment > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix Boot arch flag width > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix ACPI table rev field width > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix unaligned pointers usage > DynamicTablesPkg: Serial debug port initialisation > DynamicTablesPkg: Remove redundant frame count check > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix IORT node length assignment > DynamicTablesPkg: IORT: Fix uninitialized memory usage > DynamicTablesPkg: PPTT: Fix uninitialized memory usage > DynamicTablesPkg: Remove erroneous use of EFIAPI > DynamicTablesPkg: Option for VS2017 static code analysis > DynamicTablesPkg: SRAT: Fix entry points > DynamicTablesPkg: SRAT: Fix uninitialized memory usage > BaseTools: Remove deprecated Visual Studio Option > DynamicTablesPkg: Fix issues reported by EDKII CI > DynamicTablesPkg: Add EDK2 Core CI support > DynamicTablesPkg: Update release build flags > DynamicTablesPkg: Introduction to Dynamic AML > DynamicTablesPkg: AML stream interface > DynamicTablesPkg: Add AsciiFromHex helper function > .pytool: CI Settings to support DynamicTablesPkg > .azurepipelines: Add DynamicTablesPkg to CI matrix > > Sean Brogan (35): > BaseTools:replace the chinese quotation mark with unicode " > BaseTools/Capsule: Add WindowsCapsuleSupportHelper > MdePkg: Add UefiFileHandleLib to DSC file > FatPkg: Fix spelling errors > PcAtChipsetPkg: Fix spelling errors > FmpDevicePkg: Fix spelling errors > SecurityPkg: Fix spelling errors > CryptoPkg: Add missing components to CryptoPkg.dsc > CryptoPkg: Add Null instance of the TlsLib class > UefiCpuPkg: Add missing components to UefiCpuPkg.dsc > CryptoPkg: Add Null instance of the BaseCryptLib class > NetworkPkg: Add missing components to DSC file > .gitignore: Ignore python compiled files, extdeps, and vscode > pip-requirements.txt: Add python pip requirements file > BaseTools: Add RC_PATH define for VS2017/2019 > BaseTools: Add YAML files with path env and tool extdeps > BaseTools: Add BaseTools plugins to support CI > .pytool/Plugin: Add CI plugins > .pytool: Add CISettings.py and Readme.md > .azurepipelines: Add Azure Pipelines YML configuration files > MdeModulePkg/NvmExpressDxe: Fix wrong queue size for async IO queues > BaseTools/WindowsVsToolChain: Clean up Python source formatting > BaseTools/WindowsVsToolChain: Setup VS2017/VS2019 env > BaseTools/PcdValueCommon: Fix 64-bit host compiler error > BaseTools: Update Edk2ToolsBuild.py to use multiple threads on Linux > .azurepipelines: Update CI steps > .azurepipelines: Add Platform CI template > ArmVirtPkg: Add Platform CI and configuration for Core CI > EmulatorPkg: Add Platform CI and configuration for Core CI > OvmfPkg: Add Platform CI and configuration for Core CI > .pytool: Update CI Settings to support Emulator, ArmVirt, and Ovmf packages > .azurepipelines: Update Core CI build matrix to include platforms > ReadMe: Convert to rst and add Platform CI Status > .pytool/CISettings: Remove Windows only scope for host based unit tests > BaseTools/Plugin: Update HostBasedUnitTestRunner to support Linux > > Shenglei Zhang (103): > SecurityPkg/DxeDeferImageLoadLib: Remove DxeDeferImageLoadLib > SecurityPkg: Remove DxeDeferImageLoadLib in DSC > BaseTools/BfmLib: Add a tool BfmLib > BaseTools/FCE: Add a tool FCE > BaseTools/FMMT: Add a tool FMMT > BaseTools/FMMT: Change FMMT script type in PosixLike > BaseTools/BfmLib: Change BfmLib script type in PosixLike > BaseTools/FCE: Change FCE script type in PosixLike > MdeModulePkg: Fix typos and add periods > SecurityPkg/FvReportPei: Change HashAlgoId to HashAlgId > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Keep function comment and declaration adjacent > SecurityPkg/SecurityPkg.dec: Remove trailing white space > MdeModulePkg: Remove S3Lib.h and PeiS3LibNull > MdeModulePkg: Remove RecoveryLib.h and PeiRecoveryLibNull > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Add check for pointer Pml5Entry > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Make code consistent with comments > MdeModulePkg/DxeCapsuleLibFmp: Add missing description for parameter > MdeModulePkg: Add missing header files in INF files > MdePkg/BaseUefiDecompressLib: Add missing description for parameter > ShellPkg/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib: Add missing header files in INF > IntelFsp2Pkg/FspSecCore: Add missing header file in INF file > UefiCpuPkg/PiSmmCpuDxeSmm: Fix coding style > MdeModulePkg/DxeIplPeim: Relocate operation of PageMapLevel5Entry++ > ShellPkg/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib: Remove the variable "Index" > NetworkPkg: Add Dpc protocol > NetworkPkg: Move Dpc.h from MdeModulePkg to NetworkPkg > MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.dec: Remove gEfiDpcProtocolGuid > MdeModulePkg/DxeIplPeim: Initialize pointer PageMapLevel5Entry > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Add missing header files in INF file > ShellPkg/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib: Initialize local variables > UefiCpuPkg/Cpuid: Add description for parameter LeafFunction > CryptoPkg: Fix coding style > ShellPkg/UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib: Replace shift logical left > MdePkg/MdePkg.dec: Update PciSegmentLib.h to S3PciSegmentLib.h > SecurityPkg/SecurityPkg.dec: Update TcgPpVendorLib.h to Tcg2PpVendorLib.h > EmulatorPkg/PeiEmuSerialPortLib: Update the INF file Guid > MdeModulePkg/SerialDxe: Update the file Guid in SerialDxe.inf > BaseTools/LzmaCompress: Add two switches > BaseTools/LzmaCompress: Fix the option "d" dictionary size > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Update process_files.pl to generate .h files > MdeModulePkg/Oniguruma: Remove redundant IF statement > MdeModulePkg/Variable/Pei: Update the condition in if statement > MdeModulePkg/HiiDatabaseDxe: ASSERT "Private->Attribute >> 4" > MdeModulePkg/SdBlockIoPei: Add check for DeviceIndex > MdeModulePkg/EhciPei: Initialize the variable Map > MdeModulePkg/UhciPei: Initialize the variable RequestMap > MdeModulePkg/Mem: Initialize the variable MapMemory > CryptoPkg: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1d > ShellPkg/Shell/FileHandleWrappers.c: Add check for MemFile->Buffer > MdeModulePkg/HiiDatabaseDxe: ASSERT StringPtr > MdeModulePkg/EsrtDxe: Add check for EsrtRepository > MdeModulePkg/SetupBrowserDxe: ASSERT GetBufferForValue(&Value) > MdeModulePkg/EbcDebugger: Add check for Entry and RetEntry > MdePkg: Update the comments of IsLanguageSupported > MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.uni: Add missing strings for PCD > NetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.uni: Add missing strings for PCD > UefiCpuPkg/UefiCpuPkg.uni: Add missing strings for PCD > UefiCpuPkg: Update the coding styles > MdeModulePkg/RegularExpressionDxe: Make oniguruma a submodule in edk2. > pip-requirements.txt: Update extensions min version to 0.13.3 > .azurepiplines/pr-gate-steps.yml: Update python to 3.8.x for ci build > BaseTools/WindowsVsToolChain.py: Update toolchain plugin > MdeModulePkg/BrotliCustomDecompressLib: Make brotli a submodule > BaseTools: Make brotli a submodule > NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: Enhance the check for array boundary > .gitmodules: ignore untracked files in brotli > MdeModulePkg/RegularExpressionDxe: Optimize the code infrastructure > NetworkPkg/DxeNetLib: Change the order of conditions in IF statement > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Add LicenseCheck > BaseTools/PatchCheck.py: Skip length check for user name in xxx-by > .pytool/Plugin: Add a plugin LicenseCheck > FatPkg/FatPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > CryptoPkg/CryptoPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > EmulatorPkg/EmulatorPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDevicePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > MdePkg/MdePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > NetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > PcAtChipsetPkg/PcAtChipsetPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > SecurityPkg/SecurityPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > ShellPkg/ShellPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > UefiCpuPkg/UefiCpuPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for LicenseCheck > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add configuration for LicenseCheck in yaml file > pip-requirements.txt: Add Ecc required lib > .pytool/Plugin: Add a plugin EccCheck > MdeModulePkg/MdeModulePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > CryptoPkg/CryptoPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > EmulatorPkg/EmulatorPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > FatPkg/FatPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDevicePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > MdePkg/MdePkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > NetworkPkg/NetworkPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > PcAtChipsetPkg/PcAtChipsetPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > SecurityPkg/SecurityPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > ShellPkg/ShellPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > UefiCpuPkg/UefiCpuPkg.ci.yaml: Add configuration for Ecc check > UnitTestFrameworkPkg: Add configuration for Ecc check in yaml file > .pytool/EccCheck: Disable Ecc error code 10014 for open CI > Revert ".pytool/EccCheck: Disable Ecc error code 10014 for open CI" > > Siyuan Fu (10): > Maintainers.txt: Change NetworkPkg maintainer role. > NetworkPkg/SnpDxe: Use PcdGetBool() instead of FixedPcdGetBool in Snp.c > UefiCpuPkg: Remove alignment check when calculate microcode size. > UefiCpuPkg: Always load microcode patch on AP processor. > MdePkg: Add header file for Firmware Interface Table specification. > UefiCpuPkg: Shadow microcode patch according to FIT microcode entry. > MdeModulePkg/Capsule: Remove RT restriction in UpdateCapsule service. > UefiCpuPkg: Remove FIT based microcode shadow logic from MpInitLib. > MdePkg: Remove FIT table industry standard header file. > NetworkPkg/ArpDxe: Recycle invalid ARP packets (CVE-2019-14559) > > Star Zeng (11): > UefiCpuPkg CpuCommFeaturesLib: Disable TraceEn at the beginning > UefiCpuPkg CpuCommFeaturesLib: Fix GP fault issue about ProcTrace > UefiCpuPkg CpuCommFeaturesLib: Fix ASSERT if LMCE is supported > UefiCpuPkg CpuCommFeaturesLib: Reduce to set MSR_IA32_CLOCK_MODULATION > UefiCpuPkg RegisterCpuFeaturesLib.h: Fix typo 'STRICK' to 'STRIKE' > MdeModulePkg SmbiosMeasurementDxe: Add Type4 Voltage field to blacklist > UefiCpuPkg RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Fix an ASSERTION issue > UefiCpuPkg CpuCommonFeaturesLib: Enhance Ppin code > UefiCpuPkg DxeRegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Fix VS2012 build failure > SourceLevelDebugPkg DebugCommLibUsb3: Address NULL ptr dereference case > UefiCpuPkg RegisterCpuFeaturesLib: Match data type and format specifier > > Stephano Cetola (1): > EmulatorPkg: update HOST_TOOLS to xcode5 > > Steven Shi (17): > BaseTools:Build cache cannot store the cache files for library package > BaseTools:Build Cache output notification message > BaseTools: Cannot store library cache of different arch together > BaseTools:Introduce CopyFileOnChange() function to copy cache files > BaseTools: Improve the cache hit in the edk2 build cache > BaseTools: Print first cache missing file for build cachle > BaseTools: Change the [Arch][Name] module key in Build cache > BaseTools: Add GenFds multi-thread support in build cache > BaseTools: Improve the file saving and copying reliability > BaseTools: Support long file path in windows for misc functions > BaseTools: Support more file types in build cache > BaseTools: Add more parameter checking for CopyFileOnChange() > BaseTools: store more complete output files in binary cache > BaseTools: enhance the CacheCopyFile method arg names > BaseTools: Leverage compiler output to optimize binary cache > BaseTools: Remove redundant binary cache file > BaseTools: Enhance call stack unwindability for CLANGPDB x64 binary > > Sunny Wang (1): > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Fix PlatformRecovery issue > > Tom Lendacky (50): > UefiCpuPkg/CpuExceptionHandler: Make XCODE5 changes toolchain specific > OvmfPkg: Use toolchain appropriate CpuExceptionHandlerLib > UefiCpuPkg/CpuExceptionHandler: Revert CpuExceptionHandler binary patching > MdeModulePkg: Create PCDs to be used in support of SEV-ES > UefiCpuPkg: Create PCD to be used in support of SEV-ES > MdePkg: Add the MSR definition for the GHCB register > MdePkg: Add a structure definition for the GHCB > MdeModulePkg/DxeIplPeim: Support GHCB pages when creating page tables > MdePkg/BaseLib: Add support for the XGETBV instruction > MdePkg/BaseLib: Add support for the VMGEXIT instruction > UefiCpuPkg: Implement library support for VMGEXIT > OvmfPkg: Prepare OvmfPkg to use the VmgExitLib library > UefiPayloadPkg: Prepare UefiPayloadPkg to use the VmgExitLib library > UefiCpuPkg/CpuExceptionHandler: Add base support for the #VC exception > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Implement library support for VmgExitLib in OVMF > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for IOIO_PROT NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Support string IO for IOIO_PROT NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for CPUID NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for MSR_PROT NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for NPF NAE events (MMIO) > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for WBINVD NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for RDTSC NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for RDPMC NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for INVD NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for VMMCALL NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for RDTSCP NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for MONITOR/MONITORX NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for MWAIT/MWAITX NAE events > OvmfPkg/VmgExitLib: Add support for DR7 Read/Write NAE events > OvmfPkg/MemEncryptSevLib: Add an SEV-ES guest indicator function > OvmfPkg: Add support to perform SEV-ES initialization > OvmfPkg: Create a GHCB page for use during Sec phase > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Reserve GHCB-related areas if S3 is supported > OvmfPkg: Create GHCB pages for use during Pei and Dxe phase > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Move early GDT into ram when SEV-ES is enabled > UefiCpuPkg: Create an SEV-ES workarea PCD > OvmfPkg: Reserve a page in memory for the SEV-ES usage > OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: Reserve SEV-ES work area if S3 is supported > OvmfPkg/ResetVector: Add support for a 32-bit SEV check > OvmfPkg/Sec: Add #VC exception handling for Sec phase > OvmfPkg/Sec: Enable cache early to speed up booting > OvmfPkg/QemuFlashFvbServicesRuntimeDxe: Bypass flash detection with SEV-ES > UefiCpuPkg: Add a 16-bit protected mode code segment descriptor > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Add CPU MP data flag to indicate if SEV-ES is enabled > UefiCpuPkg: Allow AP booting under SEV-ES > OvmfPkg: Use the SEV-ES work area for the SEV-ES AP reset vector > OvmfPkg: Move the GHCB allocations into reserved memory > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Prepare SEV-ES guest APs for OS use > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewers for the OvmfPkg SEV-related files > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Always initialize the DoDecrement variable > > Tom Zhao (1): > MdePkg: UefiLib: Add a function to check if a language is supported > > Tomas Pilar (7): > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Move log reset to main method > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Refactor configuration > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Move table count reset > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Move parameter parsing > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Refactor DumpAcpiTableToFile > ShellPkg: Add AcpiViewCommandLib > ShellPkg/AcpiView: Add application wrapper > > Vijayenthiran Subramaniam (1): > ArmPkg/ArmSvcLib: prevent speculative execution beyond svc > > Vin Xue (1): > SignedCapsulePkg: Address NULL pointer dereference case. > > Vitaly Cheptsov (10): > MdePkg: Add STATIC_ASSERT macro > MdeModulePkg/ResetUtilityLib: Use STATIC_ASSERT macro > MdePkg: Use STATIC_ASSERT macro > MdePkg: Drop VERIFY_SIZE_OF in favour of STATIC_ASSERT > BaseTools: Do not call sys.setdefaultencoding with python 3 > MdePkg: Do not use CreateEventEx unless required > BaseTools: Switch to GNU mode for CLANGPDB > OvmfPkg: Fix SMM/RT driver section alignment for XCODE5/CLANGPDB > BaseTools: Use SEH exceptions in CLANGPDB for IA32 > MdePkg: Fix SafeString performing assertions on runtime checks > > Vladimir Olovyannikov (1): > MdePkg: UefiFileHandleLib: fix buffer overrun in FileHandleReadLine() > > Walon Li (1): > MdeModulePkg/SetupBrowserDxe: Do not reconnect driver with form-update > > Wasim Khan (1): > MdePkg: Include Acpi header file > > Wei6 Xu (29): > MdeModulePkg: Add Capsule On Disk related definition. > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleApp: Enhance Capsule-On-Disk related functions. > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Support Capsule On Disk. > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleRuntimeDxe: Introduce PCD to control this feature. > MdeModulePkg/DxeIpl: Support Capsule On Disk. > MdeModulePkg: Add Capsule On Disk APIs into CapsuleLib. > MdeModulePkg: Add CapsuleOnDiskLoadPei PEIM. > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleApp: Enhance Capsule-On-Disk related functions. > MdeModulePkg: Add Capsule On Disk related definition. > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Support Capsule On Disk. > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleRuntimeDxe: Introduce PCD to control this feature. > MdeModulePkg/DxeIpl: Support Capsule On Disk. > MdeModulePkg: Add Capsule On Disk APIs into CapsuleLib. > MdeModulePkg: Add CapsuleOnDiskLoadPei PEIM. > MdeModulePkg/DxeCapsuleLibFmp: Add missing NULL pointer check. > MdePkg/UefiDebugLibConOut: Add destructor to CloseEvent > MdePkg/UefiDebugLibDebugPortProtocol: Add destructor to CloseEvent > MdePkg/UefiDebugLibStdErr: Add destructor to CloseEvent > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleApp: Improve comparisons in CapsuleOnDisk.c > MdeModulePkg/DxeCapsuleLibFmp: Improve comparisons in CapsuleOnDisk.c > MdePkg: Add definition for Fmp Capsule Dependency. > MdeModulePkg/CapsuleApp: Enhance CapsuleApp for Fmp Capsule Dependency > FmdDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Support Fmp Capsule Dependency. > FmpDevicePkg: Add FmpDependency library class and BASE instance > FmpDevicePkg/Test: Add FmpDependencyLib unit test > FmpDevicePkg: Add FmpDependencyCheck library class and instances > FmpDevicePkg: Add FmpDependencyDevice library class and NULL instance > FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Use new Fmp dependency libraries > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for FmpDevicePkg. > > XiaoyuX Lu (4): > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Wrap OpenSSL SM3 algorithm > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Fix CR/LF issue > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: disable autoload-config for OpenSSL > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Exclude err_all.c in process_files.pl > > Ye Ting (1): > Change package reviewer of CryptoPkg. > > Yonghong Zhu (1): > Maintainers.txt: Remove Yonghong from BaseTools Reviewer > > Yuwei Chen (2): > BaseTools: Add Guid name support in GenFfs. > Maintainers.txt: Add 'Yuwei Chen' for BaseTools review > > Zhang, Chao B (2): > Revert "Capsule-on-Disk entire Patch > Maintainers.txt: Change SecurityPkg Maintainer Role > > Zhichao Gao (50): > MdeModulePkg/GraphicsConsoleDxe: Initialize the output mode > MdeMoudlePkg/CapsulePei: Fix coding style issue > MdeMoudlePkg/CapsulePei: Optimize AreCapsulesStaged > MdeMoudlePkg/CapsulePei: Optimize GetScatterGatherHeadEntries > MdeMoudlePkg/CapsulePei: No need to remain space for null-terminate > MdeModulePkg/CapsulePei: Add memory pointer check > UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: MicrocodeDetect: Ensure checked range is valid > MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Use a pcd to control PlatformRecovery > ShellPkg/Type.c: Add value check before (LoopVar - 1) > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Use cmp-operator for non-Boolean comparisons > ShellPkg/UefiShellLevel2CommansLib: Pointer Resonse should be checked > ShellPkg/UefiShellDriver1CommandsLib: Make array big enough > ShellPkg/Pci.c: Update supported link speed to PCI5.0 > MdeModulePkg: Extend the support keyboard type of Terminal console > MdeModulePkg/TerminalDxe: Extend the terminal console support types > MdeModulePkg/BM_UI: Add the new terminal types to related menu > MdeModulePkg/TerminalDxe: Enhance the arrow keys support > MdePkg/SmBios.h: SMBIOS 3.3.0 add PCI gen4 values for type 9 > MdePkg/SmBios.h: SMBIOS 3.3.0 add support for CXL Flexbus > MdePkg/SmBios.h: SMBIOS 3.3.0 Add value HBM and Die for type 17 > MdePkg/SmBios.h: SMBIOS 3.3.0 Update Intel Persistent Memory string > ShellPkg/SmbiosView: SMBIOS 3.3.0 add PCI gen4 values for type 9 > ShellPkg/SmbiosView: SMBIOS 3.3.0 add support for CXL Flexbus > ShellPkg/SmbiosView: SMBIOS 3.3.0 Add value HBM and Die for type 17 > ShellPkg/SmbiosView: SMBIOS 3.3.0 Update "Intel persistent memory" > ShellPkg/UefiHandleParsingLib: Fix error allocate pool > ShellPkg/ShellProtocol: Return error code while fail parsing cmd-line > SecurityPkg/TcgPhysicalPresenceLib: Replace the ASSERT with error code > CryptoPkg/CryptoDxe: Add function to indicate the deprecated algorithm > CryptoPkg/BaseCrpytLib: Retire MD4 algorithm > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Set MD4 disable in OpensslLib > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Retire ARC4 algorithm > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Set ARC4 disable in OpensslLib > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Retire the TDES algorithm > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Set TDES disable in OpensslLib > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Retire Aes Ecb mode algorithm > CryptoPkg/OpensslLib: Remove the Aes Ecb file in the OpensslLib > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Retire HMAC MD5 algorithm > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Retire HMAC SHA1 algorithm > CryptoPkg/opensslconf.h: Covert the file ending to dos format > CryptoPkg/Crypto.h: Update the version of Crypto Driver > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Add MARCO to disable the deprecated MD5 > CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Add MARCO to disable the deprecated SHA1 > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Correct the MBR last block value > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Skip the MBR that add for CD-ROM > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Add already start check for child hanldes > Maintainers.txt: Add reviewer for serial, disk and SMBIOS > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Put the UDF check ahead of MBR > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Revert changes for the special MBR > MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: Fix the incorrect LBA size in child hander > > Zhiguang Liu (14): > BaseTools: Add map file parsing support for CLANG9 > BaseTools: Add support for parseing map files generated by CLANG9 in GenFv > MdeModulePkg: Unify the definitions of size_t > MdeModulePkg: LzmaCustomDecompressLib.inf don't support EBC anymore > MdeModulePkg: Add ARM/Aarch64 support which were missing > edksetup.bat: Simplify the step to use CLANGPDB > BaseTools: append -DNO_MSABI_VA_FUNCS option in CLANGPDB tool chain > MdePkg: Avoid using __clang__ to specify CLANGPDB > BaseTools: remove -DNO_MSABI_VA_FUNCS option in CLANGPDB tool chain > MdePkg DebugLib: Enable FILE NAME as DEBUG ASSERT for CLANG > MdePkg: add definitions for ACPI NVDIMM Device Path > Using LLVM compiler set to build BaseTools in Linux > Maintainers.txt: Add 'Zhiguang Liu' for MdePkg review > SecurityPkg: Initailize variable Status before it is consumed. > > Zhijux Fan (27): > BaseTools:Make BaseTools support new rules to generate RAW FFS FILE > BaseTools:Add import in FvImageSection > BaseTools:Add DetectNotUsedItem.py to Edk2\BaseTools\Scripts > BaseTools:Remove unused Edk2\BuildNotes2.txt > BaseTools:Linux changes the way the latest version is judged > BaseTools:Add the Judgment Method of "--exclude" > BaseTools: Update incorrect variable name 'DataPile' > BaseTools:Ecc handle another copyright format > BaseTools:ECC need to handle lower case 'static' > BaseTools:Replace PlatformInfo with PlatformAutoGen for Moudle > BaseTools:change some incorrect parameter defaults > BaseTools:Fix the issue that build report failed > BaseTools:"--exclude" don't apply if parameter ends with separator > BaseTools:Add [packages] section in dsc file > BaseTools:fix regression issue for platform .map file > BaseTools:Enhance the way to handling included dsc file > BaseTools:replaces the two offending quotes by ascii quotes > BaseTools:Change the case rules for ECC check pointer names > BaseTools:Fix GenFds issue for BuildOption replace GenFdsOption > BaseTools:fix Ecc tool issue for check StructPcd > BaseTools: Fixed build failure when using python38 > BaseTools:build failure in CLANGPDB tool chain > BaseTools:copy the common PcdValueCommon.c to output directory > BaseTools:fix issue for decode the stdout/stderr byte arrays > BaseTools:Fix build tools print traceback info issue > BaseTools:GuidedSectionTools.txt is not generated correctly > BaseTools:Add the spare space FV image size checker Cc: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <philmd@redhat.com> Ref: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qemu/+bug/1852196 Signed-off-by: Laszlo Ersek <lersek@redhat.com> Tested-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daude <philmd@redhat.com> Message-Id: <20200908072939.30178-6-lersek@redhat.com> Signed-off-by: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé <philmd@redhat.com>
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/roms/edk2 b/roms/edk2
-Subproject 20d2e5a125e34fc8501026613a71549b2a1a3e5
+Subproject 06dc822d045c2bb42e497487935485302486e15