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authorBin Meng <bin.meng@windriver.com>2020-05-01 21:23:02 +0800
committerAlistair Francis <alistair.francis@wdc.com>2020-08-21 22:37:55 -0700
commit8ebde78620938990039c7ad000c9c19f67ba4950 (patch)
parent3a631b8e7f36448cac4ffae1df4526bf079406ea (diff)
roms/opensbi: Upgrade from v0.7 to v0.8
Upgrade OpenSBI from v0.7 to v0.8. The v0.8 release includes the following commits: 1bb00ab lib: No need to provide default PMP region using platform callbacks a9eac67 include: sbi_platform: Combine reboot and shutdown into one callback 6585fab lib: utils: Add SiFive test device 4781545 platform: Add Nuclei UX600 platform 3a326af scripts: adapt binary archive script for Nuclei UX600 5bdf022 firmware: fw_base: Remove CSR_MTVEC update check e6c1345 lib: utils/serial: Skip baudrate config if input frequency is zero 01a8c8e lib: utils: Improve fdt_parse_uart8250() API 0a0093b lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_uart8250_node() function 243b0d0 lib: utils: Remove redundant clint_ipi_sync() declaration e3ad7c1 lib: utils: Rename fdt_parse_clint() to fdt_parse_compat_addr() a39cd6f lib: utils: Add FDT match table based node lookup dd33b9e lib: utils: Make fdt_get_node_addr_size() public function 66185b3 lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_sifive_uart_node() function 19e966b lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_hart_id() function 44dd7be lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_max_hart_id() API f0eb503 lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_plic_node() function 1ac794c include: Add array_size() macro 8ff2b94 lib: utils: Add simple FDT timer framework 76f0f81 lib: utils: Add simple FDT ipi framework 75322a6 lib: utils: Add simple FDT irqchip framework 76a8940 lib: utils: Add simple FDT serial framework 7cc6fa4 lib: utils: Add simple FDT reset framework 4d06353 firmware: fw_base: Introduce optional fw_platform_init() f1aa9e5 platform: Add generic FDT based platform support 1f21b99 lib: sbi: Print platform hart count at boot time 2ba7087 scripts: Add generic platform to create-binary-archive.sh 4f18c6e platform: generic: Add Sifive FU540 TLB flush range limit override 13717a8 platform: Remove qemu/virt directory 65c06b0 platform: Remove spike directory d626037 docs: Add missing links in platform.md 7993ca2 include: sbi: Remove redundant page table related defines 5338679 lib: sbi_tlb: Fix remote TLB HFENCE VVMA implementation dc38929 lib: sbi: Improve misa_string() implementation 433bac7 docs: platform/generic: Add details about stdout-path DT property b4efa70 docs: platform/generic: Add details about IPI and timer expectations dfd9dd6 docs: Add platform requirements document c2286b6 docs: Fix ordering of pages in table of contents 7be75f5 docs: Don't use italic text in page title 63a513e lib: Rename unprivileged trap handler aef9a60 lib: Add csr detect support 13ca20d lib: Create a separate math helper function file 79d0fad lib: utils: Update reserved memory fdt node even if PMP is not present 6a053f6 lib: Add support for hart specific features b2df751 platform: Move platform features to hart 4938024 platform: fpga: Remove redundant platform specific features ec0d2a7 lib: timer: Provide a hart based timer feature 1f235ec lib: Add platform features in boot time print 22c4334 lib: Add hart features in boot time print 36833ab lib: Optimize inline assembly for unprivilege access functions 38a4b54 firmware: Correct spelling mistakes 28b4052 lib: sbi: detect features before everything else in sbi_hart_init() 4984183 lib: sbi: Improve get_feature_str() implementation and usage 3aa1036 lib: sbi: Remove extra spaces from boot time prints 3a8fc81 lib: sbi: Print platform HART count just before boot HART id 63b0f5f include: sbi: Use scratch pointer as parmeter in HART feature APIs 2966510 lib: sbi: Few cosmetic improvements to HART feature detection a38bea9 lib: sbi_hart: Detect number of supported PMP regions 89ba634 include: sbi: Add firmware extension constants 73d6ef3 lib: utils: Remove redundant parameters from PLIC init functions 446a9c6 lib: utils: Allow PLIC functions to be used for multiple PLICs 2c685c2 lib: utils: Extend fdt_find_match() Implementation d30bb68 lib: utils/irqchip: Initialize all matching irqchip DT nodes a9a9751 lib: utils: Allow CLINT functions to be used for multiple CLINTs 569dd64 lib: utils: Add fdt_parse_clint_node() function 6956e83 lib: utils/ipi: Initialize all matching ipi DT nodes a63f05f lib: utils/timer: Initialize all matching timer DT nodes 30b6040 Makefile: Fix builtin DTB compilation for out-of-tree platforms 64f1408 firmware: fw_base: Make builtin DTB available to fw_platform_init() 4ce6b7a firmware: fw_base: Don't OR forced FW_OPTIONS 86ec534 firmware: Allow fw_platform_init() to return updated FDT location c6c65ee Makefile: Preprocess builtin DTS 4e3876d Makefile: Add mechanism for platforms to have multiple builtin DTBs 72019ee platform: kendryte/k210: Use new mechanism of builtin DTB 51f0e4a firmware: Remove FW_PAYLOAD_FDT and related documentation 1b8c012 lib: Add RISC-V hypervisor v0.6.1 support 79bfd67 docs: Use doxygen config to mark the main page 106b888 docs: Remove redundant documentation about combined payload use case 9802906 platform: Add AE350 platform specific SBI handler 32f87e5 platform: Add AE350 cache control SBIs e2c3f01 lib: Fix __sbi_hfence_gvma_vmid_gpa() and __sbi_hfence_vvma_asid_va() 6966ad0 platform/lib: Allow the OS to map the regions that are protected by PMP 518e85c platform: Update Nuclei ux600 platform support d5725c2 lib: Don't print delegation CSRs if there is no S-Mode 637b348 lib: Fix the SBI_HART_HAS_MCOUNTEREN feature check db56ef3 platform: Add support for Shakti C-class SoC from IIT-M 9bd5f8f lib: sbi: Fix 32/64 bits variable compatibility 2314101 lib: Don't return any invalid error from SBI ecall a98258d include: Bump-up version to 0.8 Signed-off-by: Bin Meng <bin.meng@windriver.com> Reviewed-by: Anup Patel <anup@brainfault.org> Reviewed-by: Alistair Francis <alistair.francis@wdc.com> Message-Id: <1596439832-29238-3-git-send-email-bmeng.cn@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Alistair Francis <alistair.francis@wdc.com>
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