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+Managed start up options
+In system mode emulation, it's possible to create a VM in a paused
+state using the ``-S`` command line option. In this state the machine
+is completely initialized according to command line options and ready
+to execute VM code but VCPU threads are not executing any code. The VM
+state in this paused state depends on the way QEMU was started. It
+could be in:
+- initial state (after reset/power on state)
+- with direct kernel loading, the initial state could be amended to execute
+ code loaded by QEMU in the VM's RAM and with incoming migration
+- with incoming migration, initial state will be amended with the migrated
+ machine state after migration completes
+This paused state is typically used by users to query machine state and/or
+additionally configure the machine (by hotplugging devices) in runtime before
+allowing VM code to run.
+However, at the ``-S`` pause point, it's impossible to configure options
+that affect initial VM creation (like: ``-smp``/``-m``/``-numa`` ...) or
+cold plug devices. The experimental ``--preconfig`` command line option
+allows pausing QEMU before the initial VM creation, in a "preconfig" state,
+where additional queries and configuration can be performed via QMP
+before moving on to the resulting configuration startup. In the
+preconfig state, QEMU only allows a limited set of commands over the
+QMP monitor, where the commands do not depend on an initialized
+machine, including but not limited to:
+- ``qmp_capabilities``
+- ``query-qmp-schema``
+- ``query-commands``
+- ``query-status``
+- ``x-exit-preconfig``