BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gcov-pocgcov: slit into 2 parts to have ability to run other testsMilosz Wasilewski4 years
masterautomated/linux: add support for WA result postprocessing with LISAMilosz Wasilewski5 months
milosz-masterautomated: workload-automation: add WA instruments debugMilosz Wasilewski12 months
private-stagingswitched pm-qa tests to private repoMilosz Wasilewski5 years
tradefed_atomic_resultsautomated: android: enable CTS/VTS atomic result reportingMilosz Wasilewski16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-08automated/linux: add support for WA result postprocessing with LISAHEADmasterMilosz Wasilewski
2018-05-08workload-automation: add installation and config for AEPMilosz Wasilewski
2018-05-08workload-automation: fix AEP configuration regexMilosz Wasilewski
2018-05-07tradefed: fix typoVishal Bhoj
2018-05-07tradefed: boot.img may have different nameVishal Bhoj
2018-05-03LTP: skip known failed tests on qemu_armNaresh Kamboju
2018-05-03automated/linux: add memtesterChase Qi
2018-04-27LTP: skip ltp sched hackbench tests on qemu arm and qemu arm64Naresh Kamboju
2018-04-27automated/linux/smoke: Add support to only run certain testsAníbal Limón
2018-04-26Add v4l2-compliance test suiteRyan Harkin