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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-21Hisilicon/D06: Fix numa node wrong issueMing Huang
2019-03-21Hisilicon/D06: Use new flash layoutMing Huang
2019-03-21Hisilicon/D06: Support PCIe local RASMing Huang
2019-03-21Hisilicon/D06: Update Mbigen and gic RAS registerMing Huang
2019-03-21Hisilicon/D06: Remove PCI enumeration dependency from SAS driverMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix SBSA PE-15 failed issueMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix set usb reg failed issueMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Fix SBSA test case 42 failed issuesMing Huang
2018-11-20Hisilicon/D06: Add cpu on/off feature in TrustedFirmwareMing Huang
2018-09-03Hisilicon/D06: Add binary modulesMing Huang
2018-08-15Hisilicon/D0x: Fix invoke SetMemorySpaceAttributes error bugMing Huang
2018-08-15Hisilicon/D0x: Move CustomData.Fv to common path of HisiliconMing Huang
2018-08-08Hisilicon/D02: Remove D02 platformMing Huang
2018-04-19Hisilicon/Sm750Dxe: Unify binary and fix GOP frame buffer baseHeyi Guo
2018-02-19Platform/Hisilicon/HiKey960: add mcu firmwareHaojian Zhuang
2018-02-19Platform/Hisilicon/HiKey: add mcuimageHaojian Zhuang
2018-02-07Hisilicon/D05: Update binary of trusted-firmwareHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon/D03: Update binary of trusted-firmwareHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon D03/D05: Update NativeOhci binaryHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon D03/D05: Update SasDriverDxe binaryHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon D0x: Delete SnpPlatformHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon D0x: Fix network interface order issueHeyi Guo
2018-02-07Hisilicon D03/D05: Delete SasPlatformJason Zhang
2017-11-23Hisilicon/D0x/Sas: fix occasional exceptionHeyi Guo
2017-11-13Hisilicon D0x: Remove uncacheable attribute from memory resource HOBMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon: Fix the drivers use the same GUID issueHeyi Guo
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D05: Fix occasional system hang bugMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D05: Update Trusted Firmware binaryMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D05: Update binary fileMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D05/Sas: Add SasPlatformHeyi Guo
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D05/Net: Update Snp driverHeyi Guo
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D03: Update Trusted Firmware binaryMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D03: Update binary fileMing Huang
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D03/Sas: Add SasPlatformHeyi Guo
2017-10-05Hisilicon/D03/Net: Update Snp driverHeyi Guo
2017-08-03Platform,Silicon: Import Hisilicon d02/d03/d05 modulesLeif Lindholm