BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
android-hikey-linaro-4.19-i2carch: arm64: dts: hi3660-hikey960.dts: set i2c7 configLoic Poulain6 months
db820c-fixesfix ongoing from lkmlLoic Poulain8 months
db820c-fixes-audiolocal defconfigSrinivas Kandagatla9 months
db820c/5.7-rc1clk: qcom: Add CPU clock driver for msm8996Loic Poulain8 months
db820c/v5.7-rc1arm64: defconfig: Enable WCD Audio and APCC driverLoic Poulain7 months
qcomlt-5.4-410c-overclockarch: arm64: dts: apq8016-dbc: Add missing cpu oppLoic Poulain10 months
qcomlt-5.7-cameraarch: arm64: dts: qcom: apq8016-dtsi: Fix ov5645 parametersLoic Poulain3 months
qcomlt-5.7-geniatech-4iotarm64: dts: Add Geniatech 4IoT developer board dtsLoic Poulain7 months
qcomlt-5.7-videomedia: venus: Fix reported frame intervalsLoic Poulain6 months
qcomlt-5.7-wifiwcn36xx: Setup starting bitrate to MCS-5Loic Poulain5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-25wcn36xx: Setup starting bitrate to MCS-5qcomlt-5.7-wifiLoic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Fix software-driven scanLoic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Disable bmps when encryption is disabledLoic Poulain
2020-08-24tcp: Update ts_recent for duplicate ackLoic Poulain
2020-08-24media: venus: Fix reported frame intervalsLoic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Fix warning due to bad rate_idxLoic Poulain
2020-08-24Revert "wcn36xx: Fix power-saving with some APs"Loic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Use sequence number allocated by mac80211Loic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Fix power-saving with some APsLoic Poulain
2020-08-24wcn36xx: Fix TX data pathLoic Poulain