BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buildtestserial: st-asc: (De)Register GPIOD and swap Pinctrl profilesLee Jones22 months
for-mfd-nextmfd: tps65217: Support an interrupt pin as the system wakeupMilo Kim24 months
for-rpk-200hzARM: Drop fixed 200 Hz timer requirement from Samsung platformsKrzysztof Kozlowski24 months
robox-1stuffLee Jones17 months
robox-v4.10UBUNTU: [Config]: Enable AndroidLee Jones13 months
robox-v4.10-binder-in-built-namespacestuffLee Jones10 months
robox-v4.10-working-net-binderUBUNTU: [Config]: Enable AndroidLee Jones13 months
tb-st-b2260-sensors-no-rst-pinARM: dts: STiH407-family: Enable HW flow-controlLee Jones22 months
tb-st-b2260-sensors-no-rts-pinARM: dts: STiH410-b2260: Enable HW flow-controlLee Jones21 months
ubuntu-zestybinder: implement namepsace support for Android binder driverOren Laadan18 months
mfd-for-linus-4.10linux-mfd-for-linus-4.10.tar.gz  Lee Jones23 months
for-rpk-200hzlinux-for-rpk-200hz.tar.gz  Lee Jones24 months
for-pete-b2260-mmc-usb-fixlinux-for-pete-b2260-mmc-usb-fix.tar.gz  Lee Jones2 years
b2260-for-broonie-v4.8-rc1linux-b2260-for-broonie-v4.8-rc1.tar.gz  Lee Jones2 years
remoteproc-rpmsg-4.6-for-patricelinux-remoteproc-rpmsg-4.6-for-patrice.tar.gz  Lee Jones2 years
sti-for-maxime-v4.6linux-sti-for-maxime-v4.6.tar.gz  Lee Jones3 years
next-20150910linux-next-20150910.tar.gz  Stephen Rothwell3 years
backlight-for-linus-4.3linux-backlight-for-linus-4.3.tar.gz  Lee Jones3 years
mfd-for-linus-4.3linux-mfd-for-linus-4.3.tar.gz  Lee Jones3 years
next-20150903linux-next-20150903.tar.gz  Stephen Rothwell3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Remove traces of the ios_handler from platform codeHEADfor-nextLee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Use the GPIO regulator framework for SDI0's 'en' and 'vsel'Lee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Setup correct settling time for the MMCI regulatorLee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Use the correct name when supplying a GPIO enable pinLee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Specify which IOS regulator to use for MMCILee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Specify the ux5x0 MMCI regulator's on/off GPIO as high-enableLee Jones
2013-02-06ARM: ux500: Set correct MMCI regulator voltages in the ux5x0 Device TreeLee Jones
2013-02-06mmc: mmci: Move ios_handler functionality into the driverLee Jones
2013-02-06net/smsc911x: Provide common clock functionalityLee Jones
2013-02-06clk: ux500: Provide an alias for the SMSC911x Ethernet chipLee Jones