BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.4-audioWIP: Initial Audio HAL for testingVishal Bhoj3 years
aosp-bootloader-updateWIP: hikey: installer: Update UEFI binaries and ptable to new source baseJohn Stultz14 months
bootloader-updateUpdate UEFI tools to match updted UEFI sourcesJohn Stultz16 months
swrendering-Lhikey: Set variables needed for software renderingJohn Stultz3 years
trebleHACK: Try to add libbinder to vendor halsJohn Stultz14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-03-31WIP: Initial Audio HAL for testing4.4-audioVishal Bhoj
2016-03-31hikey: Change fstab.hikey to handle path changes in 4.4 kernelsJohn Stultz
2016-03-31hikey: Firmware update for wl18xx wireless for 4.4 kernelJohn Stultz
2016-03-23hikey: Move TARGET_KERNEL_USE_4_1 check to hikey.mkDmitry Shmidt
2016-03-23init.hikey.rc & enable cpuset correctlyYongqin Liu
2016-03-23hikey: Allow different kernel use by TARGET_KERNEL_USE_4_1Dmitry Shmidt
2016-03-23init.hikey.rc & ueventd.hikey.rc: move owner and permission setting to uevent...Yongqin Liu
2016-03-23init.hikey.rc: move link creation of sdcard to post-fs sectionYongqin Liu
2016-03-17Revert "Remove references to deleted dhcpcd"Dmitry Shmidt
2016-03-16hikey: wifi: Set config_wifi_framework_scan_interval to 10 secDmitry Shmidt