BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
EAS/android-4.4-easv5.2+aosp-changesMerge branch 'EAS/v4.4-easv5.2+aosp-changes' into EAS/android-4.4-easv5.2+aos...John Stultz5 years
EAS/android-hikey-linaro-4.4-EASv5.2+aospsched/features: Enable ENERGY_AWAREJohn Stultz5 years
EAS/v4.4-easv5.2+aosp-changesFIXUP: sched/tune: update accouting before CPU capacityPatrick Bellasi5 years
android-4.4-stable-mergeMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into android-4.4-stable-mergeJohn Stultz5 years
android-5.4-wifi-backportnet: qrtr: Allocate workqueue before kernel_bindChris Lew13 months
android-hikey-linaro-4.1Merge branch 'android-hikey-linaro-4.1-topic-hikey' into android-hikey-linaro...John Stultz6 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.1-topic-hikeyhikey: defconfig: enable BT mouse supportVishal Bhoj6 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4cpufreq: interactive: only apply interactive boost when enabledDaniel Kurtz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-EASv5.2Add schedtune to defconfig (roll this down)John Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-EASv5.2+aospsched/features: Enable ENERGY_AWAREJohn Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-EASv5.2-WIPhikey_defconfig: Enable and set default cpufreq govenor to schedJohn Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-WIPmore debuggingJohn Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-configsynchikey_defconfig: Drop POWER_RESET_XGENE to sync w/ 4.1John Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4-stableMerge branch 'android-4.4-stable-merge' into android-hikey-linaro-4.4-stableJohn Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.4.17Merge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4.y' into HEADJohn Stultz5 years
android-hikey-linaro-4.9hikey_defconfig: Enable EAS related config optionsJohn Stultz4 years
android-hikey-linaro-5.4MALI: Build fixup for 5.1-rcJohn Stultz18 months
android-hikey-linaro-android-mainlineMALI: Build fixup for 5.1-rcJohn Stultz18 months
android-mainline/5.7-fixesregulator clk sync state?John Stultz15 months
android-mainline/audiodb845c_gki.fragment: Add audio configsJohn Stultz14 months
aosp/4.9-fixupsusb: dwc2: Error out of dwc2_hsotg_ep_disable() if we're in host modeJohn Stultz4 years
aosp/android-hikey-linaro-4.19MALI: Build fixup when using O= w/ kernel buildsJohn Stultz3 years
common/cgroup-perfRFC: FROMLIST: cgroup: reduce read locked section of cgroup_threadgroup_rwsem...Balbir Singh5 years
db845c/dwc3-fixesusb: dwc3: Check for IOC/LST bit in both event->status and TRB->ctrl fieldsAnurag Kumar Vulisha24 months
db845c/gkidb845c_gki_defconfig generated via fragmentJohn Stultz23 months
dev/3.10-hissc-driverhikey_defconfig: Updates for HISSCJohn Stultz4 years
dev/andorid-4.4-easv5.2+aosp-changesMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into dev/andorid-4.4-easv5....John Stultz5 years
dev/android-4.14-hikey960hikey960_defconfig: Add hack FBIOGET_DMABUF configJohn Stultz3 years
dev/android-4.4-cleanup-WIPandroid: base-cfg: Add CONFIG_IP_MULTICASTMark Salyzyn5 years
dev/asix-fixasix: Fix offset calculation in asix_rx_fixup() causing slow transmissionsJohn Stultz5 years
dev/batterypower: Convert android_battery to use wakeup_sources instead of wakelocksJohn Stultz9 years
dev/bluetooth-trivialBluetooth: Add ACL MTU, available buffers and total buffers to hci_conn_info.Nick Pelly9 years
dev/buf-deferred-freex86 VM defconfigJohn Stultz8 months
dev/buf-deferred-free-drmpagepooldma-buf: system_heap: Add deferred freeing to the system heapJohn Stultz5 weeks
dev/db845c-android-5.4ANDROID: db845c: Add build configAmit Pundir19 months
dev/db845c-mainline-WIPRevert "Revert "arm64: dts: qcom: Harmonize DWC USB3 DT nodes name""John Stultz47 hours
dev/db845c-v5.10nother rpmh compile test build fixupJohn Stultz8 months
dev/db845c-v5.11ANDROID: Workaround for cryptobam driver not working with modular clk driversJohn Stultz6 months
dev/db845c-v5.12media: venus: core, venc, vdec: Fix probe dependency errorBryan O'Donoghue3 months
dev/db845c-v5.4db845c: Add build configAmit Pundir20 months
dev/db845c-v5.4-gkidb845c: add db845c_gki_defconfigJohn Stultz20 months
dev/db845c-v5.4-gki-clk-reworkANDROID: Try to enable gcc/displcc clks for 845 in providerJohn Stultz20 months
dev/db845c-v5.5add debugfsJohn Stultz18 months
dev/db845c-v5.6db845c_defconfig: Add audio supportJohn Stultz16 months
dev/db845c-v5.7Revert "clk: add pre and post change rate callbacks"John Stultz14 months
dev/db845c-v5.8wireless: ath10k: Return early in ath10k_qmi_event_server_exit() to avoid har...John Stultz12 months
dev/db845c-v5.9wireless: ath10k: Return early in ath10k_qmi_event_server_exit() to avoid har...John Stultz10 months
dev/dma-buf-heapx86 VM defconfigJohn Stultz20 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-WIPRevert "BROKEN: dma-buf: heaps: Try to simplify the sg table mmap logic"John Stultz20 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-consolidate-fddma-buf: heaps: Rework heep allocation hooks to return struct dma_buf instead...John Stultz8 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-exp_namedma-buf: heaps: Add hook to get the heap name so we can provide a useful name...John Stultz9 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-inkernel-allocationdma-heap: Provide accessors so that in-kernel drivers can allocate dmabufs fr...John Stultz15 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-perfx86 VM defconfigJohn Stultz8 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-perf-nextdma-buf: system_heap: Allocate higher order pages if availableJohn Stultz8 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-skeletondma-buf: heaps: Skeleton Example HeapJohn Stultz15 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-uncachedx86 VM defconfigJohn Stultz6 months
dev/dma-buf-heap-uncached-cmadma-heap: Add an uncached (cma) heapJohn Stultz14 months
dev/dmabuf-heap-kselftest-fixupskselftests: dmabuf-heaps: Add extra checking that allocated buffers are zeroedJohn Stultz6 months
dev/drm_hwc-4.14hikey960_defconfig: Drop FBIOGET_DMABUFJohn Stultz3 years
dev/drm_hwc-4.9hikey960_defconfig: Remove FBDEV_EMULATION support and enable SW_SYNC for drm...John Stultz3 years
dev/etmARM: etm: Add sysfs entry to enable return stack if supportedArve Hjønnevåg9 years
dev/fiq-kdbARM: versatile: Make able to use UART ports for KGDB FIQ debuggerAnton Vorontsov8 years
dev/gki-defconfig-android-mainlinepcie: qcom: Add support for sdm845 PCIe controllerBjorn Andersson23 months
dev/gki-hikey960WIP: Step three, initial pass at switching to modules (some quirks still)John Stultz23 months
dev/gki-hikey960-android-mainlinedebug bitsJohn Stultz21 months
dev/hdmi-audioi2s driverAndy Green6 years
dev/hdmi-audio-4.4hikey_defconfig: Add config tweaks to support HDMI audioJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hdmi-more-modesADd more debugging to figure out where what modes come fromJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hdmi-suspenddrm: kirin: Add sysfs debug hook to trigger display suspend/resumeJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hi3660-4.4-aosp-take2Revert "HACK: misc: hi3660-sysconfig: adv7533 regulator power-up"John Stultz5 years
dev/hi3660-aospdrm: resolve the performance issue by interrupt mechanismc002740204 years
dev/hi3660-cleanuparm64: configs: add android_defconfigAmit Pundir5 years
dev/hikey-4.10HACK: Use CAP_SYS_RESOURCE instead of CAP_CGROUP for nowJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.11MALI: Minor build fixup for 4.11John Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.12MALI: v4.12-rc fixupsJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.13HACK: ion: Revert ION to 4.11 era code to avoid ABI breakJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.14MALI: Build fixes for 4.14-rcJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.15MALI: v4.15-rc build fixJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey-4.16Revert "WIP: drm_hwcomposer defconfig changes"John Stultz3 years
dev/hikey-4.17Revert "WIP: drm_hwcomposer defconfig changes"John Stultz3 years
dev/hikey-4.18Revert "WIP: drm_hwcomposer defconfig changes"John Stultz3 years
dev/hikey-4.19staging: ion: Rework ion_map_dma_buf() to minimize re-mappingJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey-4.20staging: ion: Rework ion_map_dma_buf() to minimize re-mappingJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey-4.4hikey_defconfig: Try to sync hikey_defconfig with 4.1 treeJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.4-WIPdefconfig: Add POWERKEY to hikey_defconfigJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.4-drm-synchikey_defconfig: Enable HiKey LCD panel supportJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.6-devHACK: Revert 4.6 sync changes to let graphics still workJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.6-rc3hikey_defconfig: Add hikey_defconfig that is close to the AOSP 4.4 treeJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.7mali: utgard: Update driver to use 4.6+ sync APIJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.7-WIPmali: utgard: Update driver to use 4.6+ sync APIJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.7-pwrhikey_defconfig: Add a base hikey_defconfigJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.8HACK: add printk to workaround odd dwc2 usb bugJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-4.9MALI: mali_ukk_core: Fix potential kernel stack info leakJohn Stultz5 years
dev/hikey-5.0MALI: access_ok fix for 5.0-rcJohn Stultz2 years
dev/hikey-5.1MALI: Build fixup for 5.1-rcJohn Stultz2 years
dev/hikey-5.10more adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz8 months
dev/hikey-5.12more adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz2 months
dev/hikey-5.13more adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz3 weeks
dev/hikey-5.2[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz2 years
dev/hikey-5.3[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz23 months
dev/hikey-5.4more debugJohn Stultz20 months
dev/hikey-5.5[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz18 months
dev/hikey-5.6checkpatch: Properly warn if Change-Id comes after first Signed-off-by lineJoe Perches16 months
dev/hikey-5.7serial: amba-pl011: Make sure we initialize the port.lock spinlockJohn Stultz14 months
dev/hikey-5.9test debug bitsJohn Stultz10 months
dev/hikey-lima-WIPhikey_defconfig: Switch to limaJohn Stultz23 months
dev/hikey-mainline-WIPmore adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz2 months
dev/hikey-mainline-newmaliHACK: Use CAP_SYS_RESOURCE instead of CAP_CGROUP for nowJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-4.14hikey960_defconfig: Initial hikey960_defconfigJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-4.14-gfx-perf-ion4.11Revert "FROMLIST: arm64: hikey960: update idle-states"John Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-4.14-gfx-perf-map-reworkstaging: ion: Try to further simplify the attach/detach flowJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-4.15drm: kirin960: Add support for ARGB888 and ABGR888 pixel formatsJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-4.16HACK: drm: Add FBIOGET_DMABUF implementation for cma/gem fbJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-4.17drm/kirin960: don't turn on LDI at modesetStefan Schake3 years
dev/hikey960-4.18arm64: dts: hikey960: Enable SDIO high-speed mode on WL1837 moduleRyan Grachek3 years
dev/hikey960-4.19staging: ion: Rework ion_map_dma_buf() to minimize re-mappingJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-4.19-easarm64: hikey960_defconfig: enable EAS optionsQuentin Perret3 years
dev/hikey960-4.20drm: kirin960: Don't turn on LDI at modesetStefan Schake3 years
dev/hikey960-5.0[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz2 years
dev/hikey960-5.0-easMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/experimental/eas-dev' into dev/hikey960-...John Stultz2 years
dev/hikey960-5.1debug bits for k3dmaJohn Stultz2 years
dev/hikey960-5.10HACK: drm workaround for build issue - needs proper fixJohn Stultz8 months
dev/hikey960-5.11[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz6 months
dev/hikey960-5.12test userland switchingJohn Stultz3 months
dev/hikey960-5.13[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz5 weeks
dev/hikey960-5.2initial steps on module confugJohn Stultz2 years
dev/hikey960-5.3dt-bindings: hisi-dpe.txt: Add first pass at HiSi dpe bindingsJohn Stultz23 months
dev/hikey960-5.4[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz20 months
dev/hikey960-5.5[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz18 months
dev/hikey960-5.6checkpatch: Properly warn if Change-Id comes after first Signed-off-by lineJoe Perches16 months
dev/hikey960-5.7usb: typec: tcpci_rt1711h: Try to avoid screaming irq causing boot hangsJohn Stultz14 months
dev/hikey960-5.8revert all the debug bitsJohn Stultz12 months
dev/hikey960-5.9Revert "HACK: Revert "arm64: dts: hi3660: fix adv7533 interrupt""John Stultz10 months
dev/hikey960-mainline-WIP[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz44 hours
dev/hikey960-mainline-WIP-EASMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/experimental/eas-dev' into dev/hikey960-...John Stultz24 months
dev/hikey960-mainline-WIP-bustedquiet WARN_ONJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-rebase-4.9switch to using upstream adv7511John Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-usb-branchHACK: Revert dwc3 code to android-hikey-linaro-4.4 era codeJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-usb-minimalHACK: dts: hikey960: Add Android Treble dts fstab entryJohn Stultz3 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-alltogetherMerge branch 'dev/hikey960-v4.9-drm-for-guodong-malir7p0' into dev/hikey960-v...John Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-android-WIPmailbox: handle empty message in tx_tickSudeep Holla4 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-drm-for-guodongHACK: dts sync up for usb bitsJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-drm-for-guodong-WIPHACK: get things booting to graphics againJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-drm-for-guodong-malir7p0MALI: Fix 32bit apps w/ legacy r4p0 userspace librariesJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960-v4.9-usb-for-guodonghikey_defconfig: Get USB workingJohn Stultz4 years
dev/hikey960/4.14/dma-workk3dma: add support to dma_min_chanLi Yu3 years
dev/i2c-fixesi2c: designware: Re-init the HW in system PM resumeUlf Hansson5 years
dev/kdb-kioskkdb: Add kiosk modeAnton Vorontsov8 years
dev/mali-fixmali: Fix mali timeline use-after-free problemJohn Stultz5 years
dev/mali-r6p0gpu/mali: fix get_unused_fd build issueXinliang Liu6 years
dev/memfd-unpin-WIPHACK: Initial pass at supporting ashmem "unpinning" in shmemJohn Stultz3 years
dev/netfilternetfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Rename INTERFACE to LABEL in netlink notification.Ashish Sharma9 years
dev/p3defconfig tweaks for easJohn Stultz2 years
dev/pixel3-mainline-WIPtry nolp mode?John Stultz16 months
dev/reboot-reasondts: hikey: Add hikey support for sram-reboot-modeJohn Stultz6 years
dev/suspend-fixhikey_defconfig: Enable suspend supportJohn Stultz5 years
dev/timerslackproc: timerslack_ns permissions fixesJohn Stultz5 years
dev/trebleadd dts fstab for hikeyJohn Stultz3 years
dev/upstream-bluetoothTEST: Disable TI bluetooth stk/kimJohn Stultz5 years
dev/v4.4-easv5.2+aosp-changessched/fair: Avoid redundant idle_cpu() call in update_sg_lb_stats()Waiman Long5 years
dev/vrange-pagingvmscan: Age anonymous memory even when swap is off.John Stultz7 years
dev/vrange-v9vrange: Add vmstat counter about purged pageMinchan Kim8 years
experimental/android-4.1-cleanupandroid: configs: base: enable configfs gadget functionsAmit Pundir6 years
experimental/android-hikey-linaro-4.1mmc: Try fixup sd hotplug hang by forcing a resetJohn Stultz6 years
experimental/android-hikey-linaro-4.1-cleanuphikey_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_MMC_PARANOID_SD_INITJohn Stultz6 years
experimental/android-hikey-linaro-4.19MALI: Build fixup when using O= w/ kernel buildsJohn Stultz3 years
experimental/android-hikey-linaro-4.9hikey_defconfig: Enable EAS related config optionsJohn Stultz5 years
fordmitry/adv7511-mergeMerge remote-tracking branch 'stable/linux-4.9.y' into HEADJohn Stultz4 years
forsumit/hikey-4.4-ltsMerge branch 'linux-4.4.y' of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...John Stultz4 years
hikey-3.18-malir6p0Untested: Try to update mali code to r0p6John Stultz5 years
hikey-4.1-WIPSELinux: per-command whitelisting of ioctlsJeff Vander Stoep6 years
hikey-android-4.1-WIPusb: gadget: f_fs: do not set cancel function on synchronous {read,write}Rui Miguel Silva6 years
hikey-mainlineblock: genhd: Add disk/partition specific uevent callbacks for partition infoSan Mehat6 years
masterMerge tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/t...Linus Torvalds9 years
p3/paneltry to add suspend/active pinmux bitsJohn Stultz2 years
test/4.14/2048edidUse EDID provided by YongqinJohn Stultz2 years
timerslack-mergeMerge remote-tracking branch 'common/android-4.4' into timerslack-mergeJohn Stultz5 years
tmp/p3-for-sumitblueline: GKI: Additional fixes to work in a common build env (for gki)John Stultz18 months
tmp/p3-for-vkHACK: hardcode dsc block for encoder 0Vinod Koul18 months
tmp/p3-v5.6-rebaseblueline: GKI: Additional fixes to work in a common build env (for gki)John Stultz17 months
tmp/qclt-integration-fixupsPull in db845c_defconfig from Amit's treeJohn Stultz23 months
upstream/drm-kirin-updatesdrm: kirin: Move ade drm init to kirin drm drvXu YiPing23 months
upstream/experimental/android-4.1Revert "debug: add parameters to prevent entering debug mode on errors"Amit Pundir6 years
upstream/fbhelper_deferreddrm/hisilicon: Remove custom FB helper deferred setupThierry Reding4 years
upstream/hikey-hdmi-audioarm64: dts: hi6220: Add k3-dma and i2s/hdmi audio supportJohn Stultz5 years