AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-26test userland switchingdev/hikey960-5.12John Stultz
2021-04-26dma-buf: heaps: Set VM_PFNMAP in mmap for system and cma heapsJohn Stultz
2021-04-26drm/vgem: use shmem helpersDaniel Vetter
2021-04-26dma-buf: Require VM_PFNMAP vma for mmapDaniel Vetter
2021-04-26dma-buf: system_heap: Add a system-uncached heap re-using the system heapJohn Stultz
2021-04-26dma-buf: dma-heap: Keep track of the heap device structJohn Stultz
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is misc hacks that need to be reworked]John Stultz
2021-04-26fix: bluetooth: hci_ll: set enable_gpio direction OUT at probeGuodong Xu
2021-04-26dts: hikey960: Fix bootwarning on mapping reboot reason sysconJohn Stultz
2021-04-26arm64: dts: hi3660: adb reboot nodeChen Jun
2021-04-26reset: hisi-reboot: adb reboot bootloaderChen Feng
2021-04-26dts: Add pmctrl entryJohn Stultz
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is Bifrost Mali driver - NOT FOR UPSTREAM!]John Stultz
2021-04-26arm64: dts: enable gpuShihui Zhao
2021-04-26MALI: 5.11-rc fixups (could be done better)John Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: 5.9-rc fixupJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: Fixups for 5.8-rc1John Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: fix time related APIs for build error with 5.6-rc3Yongqin Liu
2021-04-26MALI: Fix up deprecated dmabuf kmap interfaceJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: Kbuild: add $(srctree) for -I ccflagsYongqin Liu
2021-04-26MALI: build warning fixesJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: bifrost: Bulid fixup for 5.1-rcJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: v4.21/5.0 build fixesJohn Stultz
2021-04-26HACK: MALI: 4.20-rc fix to use vmf_insert_pfnJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: mali_kbase_smc.c: define __asmeq for this file onlyYongqin Liu
2021-04-26MALI: Build fixup when using O= w/ kernel buildsJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: 4.19-rc build fixupJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: fix semicolon.cocci warningskbuild test robot
2021-04-26MALI: fix debugfs_simple_attr.cocci warningskbuild test robot
2021-04-26MALI: fix vma_pages.cocci warningskbuild test robot
2021-04-26MALI: fix platform_no_drv_owner.cocci warningskbuild test robot
2021-04-26MALI: Build fixups for 4.15John Stultz
2021-04-26HACK: MALI: Fixup ACCESS_ONCE removal issuesJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: Fix make clean issue with missing tests dirJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI hikey960 enablementJohn Stultz
2021-04-26MALI: r10p0 code dropJohn Stultz
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is i2s/audio support]John Stultz
2021-04-26arm64: dts: hi3660-hikey960: Add i2s & sound deviceYoulin Wang
2021-04-26ASoC: add hikey960-i2s DT bindingsYoulin Wang
2021-04-26sound: Add hikey960 i2s audio driverYoulin Wang
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is defconfig/clang/dts hacks needed for testing ]John Stultz
2021-04-26HACK: ANDROID: Allow CAP_SYS_NICE tasks to migrate processes between cgroupsJohn Stultz
2021-04-26ext4: Build fixup for 5.12-rc4+John Stultz
2021-04-26ANDROID: ext4: Optimize match for casefolded encrypted dirsDaniel Rosenberg
2021-04-26ANDROID: ext4: Handle casefolding with encryptionDaniel Rosenberg
2021-04-26ANDROID: mm: add a field to store names for private anonymous memoryColin Cross
2021-04-26arm64: defconfig: Add HiKey960 defconfig changesValentin Schneider
2021-04-26hikey960_defconfig: Initial hikey960_defconfigJohn Stultz
2021-04-26[ANNOTATION: Below is the HiKey960 DRM driver patchset]John Stultz