BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dev/buf-deferred-free-drmpagepooldma-buf: system_heap: Add deferred freeing to the system heapJohn Stultz4 months
dev/db845c-mainline-WIPdb845c_defconfg: remove venus configJohn Stultz10 days
dev/db845c-v5.11ANDROID: Workaround for cryptobam driver not working with modular clk driversJohn Stultz4 months
dev/db845c-v5.12media: venus: core, venc, vdec: Fix probe dependency errorBryan O'Donoghue8 weeks
dev/dma-buf-heap-uncachedx86 VM defconfigJohn Stultz5 months
dev/hikey-5.12more adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz5 weeks
dev/hikey-mainline-WIPmore adv7511 debug bits (reverting)John Stultz4 weeks
dev/hikey960-5.11[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz4 months
dev/hikey960-5.12test userland switchingJohn Stultz8 weeks
dev/hikey960-mainline-WIP[ANNOTATION: Below is temporary/in-development fixes]John Stultz2 days
v3.7-rc5android-dev-3.7-rc5.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.7-rc4android-dev-3.7-rc4.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.7-rc3android-dev-3.7-rc3.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.7-rc2android-dev-3.7-rc2.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.7-rc1android-dev-3.7-rc1.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.6android-dev-3.6.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.6-rc7android-dev-3.6-rc7.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.6-rc6android-dev-3.6-rc6.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.6-rc5android-dev-3.6-rc5.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
v3.6-rc4android-dev-3.6-rc4.tar.gz  Linus Torvalds9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysdb845c_defconfg: remove venus configdev/db845c-mainline-WIPJohn Stultz
10 dayswireless: ath10k: Return early in ath10k_qmi_event_server_exit() to avoid har...John Stultz
10 days[ANNOTATION] Below are GKI/module changesJohn Stultz
10 daysANDROID: clk: qcom: Add sync_state = clk_sync_state for db845c clock providersJohn Stultz
10 daysANDROID: GKI: clk: Don't disable unused clocks with sync state supportSaravana Kannan
10 daysANDROID: GKI: clk: Add support for clock providers with sync stateSaravana Kannan
10 daysfirmware: QCOM_SCM: Allow qcom_scm driver to be loadable as a permenent moduleJohn Stultz
10 daysirqchip/qcom-pdc: Switch to IRQCHIP_PLATFORM_DRIVER and allow as a moduleSaravana Kannan
10 days[ANNOTATION] Below this is dpu1 alpha supportJohn Stultz
10 daysdrm/msm/dpu1: add alpha and blend propertiesJohn Stultz