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masterIgnore objs and libs in .gitignoreTaras Kondratiuk4 years
odp-mcsdk- objs and libs in .gitignoreTaras Kondratiuk4 years
odp-mcsdk-  Taras Kondratiuk4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-06Ignore objs and libs in .gitignoreHEADodp-mcsdk- Kondratiuk
2014-09-30SA LLD:version update projects to be compatible with PA LLD Ruei
2014-09-05SA LLD test code and project file update to handle three PA classify1 images ...Eric Ruei
2014-07-30SA_UnitTest*.txt: fix file name case mismatchEric Ruei
2014-07-28ReleaseNotes_SA_LLD: version Ruei
2014-07-23Firmware image Ruei
2014-07-23fw/Module.xs: cp v0/saphp1_bin.c, saphp2_bin.c to fw/ for backward compatibilityEric Ruei
2014-07-19Need to memset array sizes[] and aligns prior to API call Pa_getBuffReq()Eric Ruei
2014-07-19Version Ruei
2014-07-15Undo the directory name changes at all SA unit test projects since we have ch...Eric Ruei