BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterplget: add some corrections for short helpIvan Khoronzhuk14 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 hoursplget: add some corrections for short helpHEADmasterIvan Khoronzhuk
14 hoursplget: fix address pointer issueIvan Khoronzhuk
18 hoursplget: set prio only if it's specifiedIvan Khoronzhuk
18 hoursplget: make bind conditional for raw alsoIvan Khoronzhuk
18 hoursplget: make interface name to be conditional while avtp socket creationIvan Khoronzhuk
19 hoursplget: allow avtp listeners to be part of multicast groupIvan Khoronzhuk
19 hoursplget: add mac address reading for avtp and raw types packetsIvan Khoronzhuk
22 hoursREADME: structure update of READMEIvan Khoronzhuk
30 hoursplget: correct , on ; while raw packet creationIvan Khoronzhuk
31 hoursplget: save addr in common way for sock typesIvan Khoronzhuk