AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-16kasan: inline (un)poison_range and check_invalid_freeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: open-code kasan_unpoison_slabAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: inline random_tag for HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: inline kasan_reset_tag for tag-based modesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: remove __kasan_unpoison_stackAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: allow VMAP_STACK for HW_TAGS modeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: unpoison stack only with CONFIG_KASAN_STACKAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: introduce set_alloc_infoAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename get_alloc/free_infoAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: simplify quarantine_put call siteAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kselftest/arm64: check GCR_EL1 after context switchVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16kasan: add documentation for hardware tag-based modeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: enable CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: reset tags when accessing metadataAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: print report from tag fault handlerAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: implement HW_TAGS runtimeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: expand CONFIG_KASAN checksAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, x86, s390: update undef CONFIG_KASANAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: define KASAN_GRANULE_SIZE for HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16arm64: kasan: add arch layer for memory tagging helpersAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16arm64: kasan: align allocations for HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: untag page address in free_reserved_areaVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: mte: switch GCR_EL1 in kernel entry and exitVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: mte: convert gcr_user into an exclude maskVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: kasan: allow enabling in-kernel MTEVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: mte: ensure CONFIG_ARM64_PAN is enabled with MTECatalin Marinas
2020-12-16arm64: mte: add in-kernel tag fault handlerVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: mte: reset the page tag in page->flagsVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: mte: add in-kernel MTE helpersVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16arm64: enable armv8.5-a asm-arch optionVincenzo Frascino
2020-12-16kasan: introduce CONFIG_KASAN_HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: separate metadata_fetch_row for each modeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename SHADOW layout macros to METAAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename print_shadow_for_address to print_memory_metadataAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename addr_has_shadow to addr_has_metadataAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: rename kasan_init_tags and mark as __initAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: move initialization messageAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: only use kasan_depth for software modesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, arm64: only init shadow for software modesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: decode stack frame only with KASAN_STACK_ENABLEAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: hide invalid free check implementationAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: don't duplicate config dependenciesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename report and tags filesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: define KASAN_MEMORY_PER_SHADOW_PAGEAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: split out shadow.c from common.cAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: only build init.c for software modesAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename KASAN_SHADOW_* to KASAN_GRANULE_*Andrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: rename (un)poison_shadow to (un)poison_rangeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: fix build issue with asmlinkageValdis Kletnieks
2020-12-16kasan: shadow declarations only for software modesAndrey Konovalov