AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-22TEMP: w/a issues for property names with comma s/ti,prus/ti-prus/ti-pruss-binding-issueGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2020-12-22TEMP: w/a issues for properties names with commaGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2020-12-22TEMP: arm64: dts: k3-am65-main: add PRUSS related nodesGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2020-12-22TEMP: dt-bindings: serial: add pruss-uart bindingGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add helper functions to get/set PRUSS_CFG_GPMUXTero Kristo
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add helper function to enable OCP master portsSuman Anna
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add helper functions to set GPI mode, MII_RT_event and XFRSuman Anna
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add pruss_cfg_read()/update() APISuman Anna
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add pruss_{request,release}_mem_region() APIAndrew F. Davis
2020-12-21soc: ti: pruss: Add pruss_get()/put() APITero Kristo
2020-12-21remoteproc: pru: Configure firmware based on client setupTero Kristo
2020-12-21remoteproc: pru: Add pru_rproc_set_ctable() functionRoger Quadros
2020-12-21remoteproc: pru: Deny rproc sysfs ops for PRU client driven bootsSuman Anna
2020-12-21remoteproc: pru: Add APIs to get and put the PRU coresTero Kristo
2020-12-21dt-bindings: remoteproc: Add PRU consumer bindingsSuman Anna
2020-12-21remoteproc: Introduce deny_sysfs_ops flagSuman Anna
2020-12-16dt-bindings: soc: ti: Update TI PRUSS bindings about schemas to includeGrzegorz Jaszczyk
2020-12-16Add linux-next specific files for 20201216next-20201216Stephen Rothwell
2020-12-16Merge branch 'akpm/master'Stephen Rothwell
2020-12-16secretmem-test-add-basic-selftest-for-memfd_secret2-fixJohn Hubbard
2020-12-16secretmem: test: add basic selftest for memfd_secret(2)Mike Rapoport
2020-12-16arch-mm-wire-up-memfd_secret-system-call-were-relevant-fixAndrew Morton
2020-12-16arch, mm: wire up memfd_secret system call were relevantMike Rapoport
2020-12-16PM: hibernate: disable when there are active secretmem usersMike Rapoport
2020-12-16secretmem: add memcg accountingMike Rapoport
2020-12-16secretmem: use PMD-size pages to amortize direct map fragmentationMike Rapoport
2020-12-16mm: introduce memfd_secret system call to create "secret" memory areasMike Rapoport
2020-12-16kfence: fix implicit function declarationAnders Roxell
2020-12-16set_memory: allow querying whether set_direct_map_*() is actually enabledMike Rapoport
2020-12-16set_memory-allow-set_direct_map__noflush-for-multiple-pages-fixAndrew Morton
2020-12-16set_memory: allow set_direct_map_*_noflush() for multiple pagesMike Rapoport
2020-12-16mmap: make mlock_future_check() globalMike Rapoport
2020-12-16mm: add definition of PMD_PAGE_ORDERMike Rapoport
2020-12-16mm/gup: assert that the mmap lock is held in __get_user_pages()Jann Horn
2020-12-16mmap locking API: don't check locking if the mm isn't live yetJann Horn
2020-12-16selftests/filesystems: expand epoll with epoll_pwait2Willem de Bruijn
2020-12-16epoll: wire up syscall epoll_pwait2Willem de Bruijn
2020-12-16epoll: add syscall epoll_pwait2Willem de Bruijn
2020-12-16epoll: convert internal api to timespec64Willem de Bruijn
2020-12-16mm: fix some spelling mistakes in commentsHaitao Shi
2020-12-16kasan: update documentationAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: allow cache merging with no metadataAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: sanitize objects when metadata doesn't fitAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: clarify comment in __kasan_kfree_largeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: simplify assign_tag and set_tag callsAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: don't round_up too muchAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: rename kasan_poison_kfreeAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan, mm: check kasan_enabled in annotationsAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: don't use read-only static keysAndrey Konovalov
2020-12-16kasan: add and integrate kasan boot parametersAndrey Konovalov