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test-branchinitial check-inGanesh Raju2 years
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2016-11-01initial check-intest-branchGanesh Raju
2015-08-07YARN-3948. Display Application Priority in RM Web UI.(Sunil G via rohithsharm...Rohith Sharma K S
2015-08-06HDFS-8856. Make LeaseManager#countPath O(1). (Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)Arpit Agarwal
2015-08-02YARN-3974. Refactor the reservation system test cases to use parameterized ba...Carlo Curino
2015-08-06Revert "HDFS-8499. Refactor BlockInfo class hierarchy with static helper clas...Jing Zhao
2015-08-06Revert "HDFS-8623. Refactor NameNode handling of invalid, corrupt, and under-...Jing Zhao
2015-08-06MAPREDUCE-6257. Document encrypted spills (Bibin A Chundatt via aw)Allen Wittenauer
2015-08-06MAPREDUCE-6443. Add JvmPauseMonitor to JobHistoryServer. Contributed by Rober...Junping Du
2015-08-06YARN-4019. Add JvmPauseMonitor to ResourceManager and NodeManager. Contribute...Junping Du
2015-08-05YARN-3961. Expose pending, running and reserved containers of a queue in REST...Arun Suresh