BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branch-2.4AMBARI-18923. Keytab settings in kerberos.json for SPARK are at the wrong pla...Attila Magyar2 years
masterFix brunch error. This pulls in an ancient jsdom that breaks in io.js.Ganesh Raju2 years
trunkRevert "AMBARI-13187. Refactor host components utils (onechiporenko)"Yusaku Sako3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-08-30Fix brunch error. This pulls in an ancient jsdom that breaks in io.js.HEADmasterGanesh Raju
2015-07-09AMBARI-12351. SecondaryNameNode alert not working with SPNEGO enabled cluster...Andrew Onishuk
2015-07-09AMBARI-12350. Storm manual upgrade from HDP 2.2 to HDP 2.3 leaves nimbus.seed...Vitaly Brodetskyi
2015-07-09AMBARI-12344 - Various Configs in webcat-site.xml Are Using Paths With 'curre...Jonathan Hurley
2015-07-08AMBARI-12337. Kerberos: LDAP error updating and removing service principals i...Robert Levas
2015-07-08AMBARI-12345. Warn the user to not assign Ranger Admin on host where load bal...Yusaku Sako
2015-07-08AMBARI-12304. Summary:500 error when attempting to add service (Extra fix for...Richard Zang
2015-07-08AMBARI-12341. RU: invalid symlinks on upgraded cluster (ncole)Nate Cole
2015-07-08AMBARI-12342 - Rack Awareness : is not available on HMaste...tbeerbower
2015-07-08AMBARI-12340. Hosts page is showing up empty (keeps spinning). (yusaku)Yusaku Sako