BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
F4_serial_Hal_macroserial: stm32f4 IT USART handlingErwan Gouriou15 months
doc_nucleo_f401reboard: Add doc for nucleo_f401reErwan Gouriou12 months
dt_agross_nucleo_l476rgserial: dts configurationErwan Gouriou13 months
dt_nucleo_l476rgdt: stm32l476: update clocks valuesErwan Gouriou14 months
hal_baylibre_port_cubeserial: Implement stm32 generic driverErwan Gouriou15 months
nucleo_bleBLE: patches for Beacon testErwan Gouriou12 months
nucleo_l0soc: stm32: Add minimum support for ll clock driverErwan Gouriou9 months
stm32_cube_serialego_patch l4_cube_serialErwan Gouriou14 months
stm32f4xx_portingboard: Add support for nucleo_f411reErwan Gouriou16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-14serial: stm32f4 IT USART handlingF4_serial_Hal_macroErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stm32f4xx: IT activation using HALErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stm32f4xx: move uart handle from dev_config to dev_dataErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stm32f4xx reduce default timeout valueErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11timer: Add systick on stmf4xxErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stm32f4xx: add serial IT support on stmf4xx devicesErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stmf4xx add fifo fill/read apisErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: stm32f4xx: move USART_2 to uart_stm32_2Erwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: add IT support on stm4xx devicesErwan Gouriou
2016-10-11serial: add IT support on stmf4xx devicesErwan Gouriou