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masterplayingDavid A Rusling11 months
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2017-11-11playingHEADmasterDavid A Rusling
2017-10-31added home-it via shDavid A Rusling
2017-03-23saved home asus router settingsDavid A Rusling
2017-03-22added -baseDavid A Rusling
2017-03-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// A Rusling
2017-03-22fixedDavid A Rusling
2017-03-22fixed (some) IP addressesDavid A Rusling
2017-03-22fixed typoDavid A Rusling
2017-02-27tinkering at the edgesDavid A Rusling
2017-02-25provision of docker containers doneDavid A Rusling