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developmenttidy ups in CSV parsingDavid A Rusling7 months
mastertidy upsDavid A Rusling3 days
releasetidying upDavid Rusling5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daystidy upsHEADmasterDavid A Rusling
4 dayssync and tidy upsDavid A Rusling
4 dayssyncDavid Rusling
4 daysfix upsDavid Rusling
4 daysupdates to sheets/David Rusling
4 daysadded sheets/update.pyDavid Rusling
5 dayssyncDavid A Rusling
5 dayslocation not always specified in calendarDavid A Rusling
5 daysutf-8 fixupsDavid A Rusling
5 daysfixed up sheets/ and register.pyDavid A Rusling