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tag date2015-02-06 11:42:35 +0000
tagged byDaniel Thompson <daniel.thompson@linaro.org>
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This is all outstanding patches for kgdb shared during this development
cycle, both from myself and from Colin Cross/Kiran Raparthy. No patch included in this pull request has any outstanding review comments. Bisect and build testing reported nothing except a checkpatch warning that is better left unfixed (a long string constant spread across multiple lines). The result is several bug fixes: * A regression that resulted into non-printing characters being shown is fixed, * A bug in the grep logic that results in failure to show the command prompt is fixed, * Stopping due to ttyNMI0 no longer issues a stach trace (this is a useability fix and aligns behaviour with other user-requested stops), * Requests to automatically reboot the system on panic are honoured (rather than entering the debugger). In addition to the fixes there is also a new feature that allows the grep logic to be reused by the pager to provide interactive forward search. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJU1KtoAAoJEHzjJV0594ihExEP/RaBE1I4xFJtWYIM4Hj2YLXg i7qh7H7kHUZRT/lPLNswhKXhw5wsWQQWsrN+1iYP2mufbgdjRwuD6iX1mgwcw0xz ehEnn2s309kmvaVrdbAj9FNhduY70PW6hhPvkWW6B2wuf76ptnQZazSxBgWHmLFY OMGH0xrhxA5kEhTo6uwHk2BfW4/6N6wSGOMel2EEI0Spj3Y5a7j8OOKpLjwE8BAU uOw3FkwqI29WIHD7u34eR1tnb6wwoFJ0P+3rBYiv2yOUCpk70FWP6Tnhxw9mFUAD QqHTb0Ao2EIPiP74F5iYi6Dw8WeMhlu/CUYojEf+k3rWu7SfkWnR+UkkHz1K7wZN pYEC8VD3JmU2lIBAWMfs3ffkGsrBEfors+YxqwPJCNwtFYcNm2D7V97GGNrLgB9u 5KVloLUJ5WdSal0xrsFsVWF6aacPG2yRNl90rEfWrNMSJVoxlrfrrzljbt2IPgn3 OI6RDqovag3E0TZ5/EV09ka/wfDMtEZ792/3j/ZGnPnprN5szX7eMO318SYRdAfd jmk9ODDkKCa23UiXNdkVLI3dVMfD85q2gvW3MC2Nfrq55NuqjU0kZSd58HXIAipw ZjObAok9+90g6Axafv7aHKcavMQUQZpfkSAaR8saSmatu62zUkaq6kFVgbq0Eqic Ctu3SQq+lYufcA1qjM4F =EzgE -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----