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2017-03-29WIP: Migrating PMR interrupt locking away from kernel_entrydev/arm64_nmi-v4.10Daniel Thompson
2017-01-14rcu: Narrow early boot window of illegal synchronous grace periodsPaul E. McKenney
2016-11-14rcu: Don't kick unless grace period or requestPaul E. McKenney
2016-11-14rcu: Remove obsolete comment from __call_rcu()Paul E. McKenney
2016-11-14rcu: Remove obsolete rcu_check_callbacks() header commentPaul E. McKenney
2016-11-14rcu: Tighten up __call_rcu() rcu_head alignment checkPaul E. McKenney
2016-10-15Merge tag 'gcc-plugins-v4.9-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel...Linus Torvalds
2016-10-10latent_entropy: Mark functions with __latent_entropyEmese Revfy
2016-09-14Merge branches 'doc.2016.08.22c', 'exp.2016.08.22c', 'fixes.2016.09.14a', 'ho...Paul E. McKenney
2016-08-22rcu: Provide exact CPU-online tracking for RCUPaul E. McKenney
2016-08-22rcu: Avoid redundant quiescent-state chasingPaul E. McKenney
2016-08-22rcu: Don't use modular infrastructure in non-modular codePaul Gortmaker
2016-08-22rcu: Use rcu_gp_kthread_wake() to wake up grace period kthreadsJisheng Zhang
2016-07-15rcu: Convert rcutree to hotplug state machineThomas Gleixner
2016-06-15rcu: Correctly handle sparse possible cpusMark Rutland
2016-06-15rcu: sysctl: Panic on RCU StallDaniel Bristot de Oliveira
2016-06-14rcu: Move expedited code from tree.c to tree_exp.hPaul E. McKenney
2016-06-14rcu: Remove some superfluous linesPeter Zijlstra
2016-06-14rcu: Fix outdated hotplug-exclusion comment in rcu_gp_init()Paul E. McKenney
2016-06-14rcu: Fix outdated rcu_scheduler_active commentPaul E. McKenney
2016-04-21Merge branches 'doc.2016.04.19a', 'exp.2016.03.31d', 'fixes.2016.03.31d' and ...Paul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcutorture: Expedited-GP batch progress access to torturingPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Dump ftrace buffer when kicking grace-period kthreadPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Awaken grace-period kthread if too long since FQSPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Make FQS schedule advance only if FQS happenedPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Awaken grace-period kthread when stalledPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Overlap wakeups with next expedited grace periodPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Consolidate expedited GP code into exp_funnel_lock()Paul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Consolidate expedited GP tracing into rcu_exp_gp_seq_snap()Paul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Consolidate expedited GP code into rcu_exp_wait_wake()Paul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Add exp_funnel_lock() fastpathPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Enforce expedited-GP fairness via funnel wait queuePaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Shorten expedited_workdone* to exp_workdone*Paul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Force boolean subscript for expedited stall warningsPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Remove expedited GP funnel-lock bypassPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Add expedited-grace-period event tracingPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Add funnel-locking tracing for expedited grace periodsPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Make cond_resched_rcu_qs() supply RCU-sched expedited QSPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Make expedited RCU-preempt stall warnings count accuratelyPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Make expedited RCU-sched grace period immediately detect idlePaul E. McKenney
2016-03-31rcu: Consolidate dumping of ftrace bufferPaul E. McKenney
2016-03-15Merge branch 'smp-hotplug-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ke...Linus Torvalds
2016-03-15Merge commit 'fixes.2015.02.23a' into core/rcuIngo Molnar
2016-03-01rcu: Make CPU_DYING_IDLE an explicit callThomas Gleixner
2016-02-25rcu: Use simple wait queues where possible in rcutreePaul Gortmaker
2016-02-25rcu: Do not call rcu_nocb_gp_cleanup() while holding rnp->lockDaniel Wagner
2016-02-23rcu: Catch up rcu_report_qs_rdp() comment with realityPaul E. McKenney
2016-02-23RCU: Privatize rcu_node::lockBoqun Feng
2016-02-23rcu: Remove useless rcu_data_p when !PREEMPT_RCUChen Gang
2016-02-23rcu: Set rdp->gpwrap when CPU is idlePaul E. McKenney