path: root/drivers/rpmsg/Kconfig
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-03rpmsg: Switch to SPDX license identifierSuman Anna
2018-04-25rpmsg: qcom_smd: Access APCS through mailbox frameworkBjorn Andersson
2017-10-25rpmsg: Allow RPMSG_VIRTIO to be enabled via menuconfig or defconfigAnup Patel
2017-08-29rpmsg: glink: Introduce glink smem based transportBjorn Andersson
2017-08-29rpmsg: glink: Move the common glink protocol implementation to glink_native.cBjorn Andersson
2017-06-27rpmsg: Drop VIRTUALIZATION dependency from RPMSG_VIRTIOSuman Anna
2017-05-30rpmsg: Introduce Qualcomm RPM glink driverBjorn Andersson
2017-03-28soc: qcom: smd: Remove standalone driverBjorn Andersson
2017-01-18rpmsg: char: add CONFIG_NET dependencyArnd Bergmann
2017-01-18rpmsg: Driver for user space endpoint interfaceBjorn Andersson
2016-09-12rpmsg: smd: fix dependency on QCOM_SMD=nArnd Bergmann
2016-09-08rpmsg: Introduce Qualcomm SMD backendBjorn Andersson
2016-09-08rpmsg: Move rpmsg_device API to new fileBjorn Andersson
2013-04-21rpmsg: fix kconfig dependencies for VIRTIOSuman Anna
2013-01-11drivers/rpmsg: remove depends on CONFIG_EXPERIMENTALKees Cook
2012-09-28virtio: remove CONFIG_VIRTIO_RINGRusty Russell
2012-02-22rpmsg: depend on EXPERIMENTALOhad Ben-Cohen
2012-02-08rpmsg: add Kconfig menuOhad Ben-Cohen
2012-02-08rpmsg: add virtio-based remote processor messaging busOhad Ben-Cohen