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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner
2019-05-07Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-nextLinus Torvalds
2019-05-06Merge tag 'arm64-mmiowb' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm...Linus Torvalds
2019-05-05Merge branch '100GbE' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jkirsh...David S. Miller
2019-05-04i40e: Memory leak in i40e_config_iwarp_qvlistMartyna Szapar
2019-05-04i40e: Fix of memory leak and integer truncation in i40e_virtchnl.cMartyna Szapar
2019-05-04i40e: Use struct_size() in kzalloc()Gustavo A. R. Silva
2019-05-04i40e: Revert ShadowRAM checksum calculation changeMaciej Paczkowski
2019-05-04i40e: missing input validation on VF message handling by the PFMartyna Szapar
2019-05-04i40e: Add support for X710 B/P & SFP+ cardsAleksandr Loktionov
2019-05-04i40e: Wrong truncation from u16 to u8Grzegorz Siwik
2019-05-04i40e: add num_vectors checker in iwarp handlerSergey Nemov
2019-05-04i40e: Fix the typo in adding 40GE KR4 modeGrzegorz Siwik
2019-05-04i40e: Setting VF to VLAN 0 requires restartGrzegorz Siwik
2019-05-04i40e: add new pci id for X710/XXV710 N3000 cardsAleksandr Loktionov
2019-05-04i40e: VF's promiscuous attribute is not keptGrzegorz Siwik
2019-05-04ice: Disable sniffing VF traffic on PFMichal Swiatkowski
2019-05-04ice: Use more efficient structuresJesse Brandeburg
2019-05-04ice: Use bitfields where possibleJesse Brandeburg
2019-05-04ice: Add function to program ethertype based filter rule on VSIsAkeem G Abodunrin
2019-05-04ice: Separate if conditions for ice_set_features()Tony Nguyen
2019-05-04ice: Remove __always_unused attributeTony Nguyen
2019-05-04ice: Suppress false-positive style issues reported by static analyzerBruce Allan
2019-05-04ice: Refactor getting/setting coalesceBrett Creeley
2019-05-04ice: Always free/allocate q_vectorsBrett Creeley
2019-05-04ice: Do not unnecessarily initialize local variableBruce Allan
2019-05-04ice: Add more validation in ice_vc_cfg_irq_map_msgMichal Swiatkowski
2019-05-04ice: Don't remove VLAN filters that were never programmedAkeem G Abodunrin
2019-05-04ice: Preserve VLAN Rx stripping settingsTony Nguyen
2019-05-04ice: Fix for allowing too many MDD events on VFMichal Swiatkowski
2019-05-04ice: Use pf instead of vsi-backJesse Brandeburg
2019-05-04Merge branch '100GbE' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jkirsh...David S. Miller
2019-05-03i40e: Introduce recovery mode supportAlice Michael
2019-05-03i40e: print PCI vendor and device ID during probeStefan Assmann
2019-05-03i40e: fix misleading message about promisc setting on un-trusted VFHarshitha Ramamurthy
2019-05-03i40e: update version numberAlice Michael
2019-05-03i40e: remove out-of-range comparisons in i40e_validate_cloud_filterJacob Keller
2019-05-03i40e: Further implementation of LLDPAleksandr Loktionov
2019-05-03i40e: Report advertised link modes on 40GBase_LR4, CR4 and fibreAdam Ludkiewicz
2019-05-03i40e: ShadowRAM checksum calculation changeMaciej Paczkowski
2019-05-03i40e: remove error msg when vf with port vlan tries to remove vlan 0Aleksandr Loktionov
2019-05-03i40e: change behavior on PF in response to MDD eventCarolyn Wyborny
2019-05-03i40e: Fix for allowing too many MDD events on VFCarolyn Wyborny
2019-05-02ice: Use dev_err when ice_cfg_vsi_lan failsBrett Creeley
2019-05-02ice: Refactor link event flowBrett Creeley
2019-05-02ice: Add missing PHY type to link settingsTony Nguyen
2019-05-02ice: Add reg_idx variable in ice_q_vector structureBrett Creeley
2019-05-02ice: Remove runtime change of PFINT_OICR_ENA registerMd Fahad Iqbal Polash
2019-05-02ice: Fix issue when adding more than allowed VLANsAkeem G Abodunrin
2019-05-02ice: Remove unnecessary wait when disabling/enabling Rx queuesBrett Creeley