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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-21treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 13Thomas Gleixner
2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner
2019-05-08net: hns3: remove redundant assignment of l2_hdr to itselfColin Ian King
2019-05-07net: ethernet: support of_get_mac_address new ERR_PTR errorPetr Štetiar
2019-05-07net: hns3: use devm_kcalloc when allocating desc_cbYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: some cleanup for struct hns3_enet_ringYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: unify the page reusing for page size 4K and 64KYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: optimize the barrier using when cleaning TX BDYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: fix error handling for desc fillingYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: combine len and checksum handling for inner and outer header.Yunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: refactor BD filling for l2l3l4 infoYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: fix for tunnel type handling in hns3_rx_checksumYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: add linearizing checking for TSO caseYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: add counter for times RX pages gets allocatedYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: use napi_schedule_irqoff in hard interrupts handlersYunsheng Lin
2019-05-07net: hns3: unify maybe_stop_tx for TSO and non-TSO caseYunsheng Lin
2019-05-04net: hns3: add support for FEC encoding controlJian Shen
2019-05-04net: hns3: add autoneg and change speed support for fibre portJian Shen
2019-05-04net: hns3: add support for multiple media typeJian Shen
2019-04-28Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/bpf/bpf-nextDavid S. Miller
2019-04-26net: hns3: remove reset after command send failedWeihang Li
2019-04-26net: hns3: prevent double free in hns3_put_ring_config()Huazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: extend the loopback state acquisition timeliuzhongzhu
2019-04-26net: hns3: fix pause configure fail problemHuazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: not reset TQP in the DOWN while VF resettingHuazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: use a reserved byte to identify need_resp flagHuazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: use atomic_t replace u32 for arq's countHuazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: stop sending keep alive msg when VF command queue needs reinitHuazhong Tan
2019-04-26net: hns3: handle the BD info on the last BD of the packetYunsheng Lin
2019-04-26net: hns3: fix for TX clean num when cleaning TX BDYunsheng Lin
2019-04-26net: hns3: fix data race between ring->next_to_cleanYunsheng Lin
2019-04-23net: phy: marvell: add new default led configure for m88e151xJian Shen
2019-04-23net: pass net_device argument to the eth_get_headlenStanislav Fomichev
2019-04-19net: hns3: add function type check for debugfs help informationYufeng Mo
2019-04-19net: hns3: add queue's statistics update to service taskliuzhongzhu
2019-04-19net: hns3: Add handling of MAC tunnel interruptionWeihang Li
2019-04-19net: hns3: add support for dump ncl config by debugfsWeihang Li
2019-04-19net: hns3: Add support for netif message level settingsYonglong Liu
2019-04-19net: hns3: dump more information when tx timeout happensJian Shen
2019-04-19net: hns3: fix loop condition of hns3_get_tx_timeo_queue_info()Jian Shen
2019-04-19net: hns3: refine tx timeout count handleJian Shen
2019-04-19net: hns3: add some debug info for hclgevf_get_mbx_resp()Huazhong Tan
2019-04-19net: hns3: add some debug information for hclge_check_event_causeHuazhong Tan
2019-04-19net: hns3: add reset statistics for VFHuazhong Tan
2019-04-19net: hns3: add reset statistics info for PFHuazhong Tan
2019-04-15net: hns3: fix for vport->bw_limit overflow problemYunsheng Lin
2019-04-15net: hns3: fix sparse: warning when calling hclge_set_vlan_filter_hw()Jian Shen
2019-04-14net: hns3: code optimization for command queue' spin lockPeng Li
2019-04-14net: hns3: free the pending skb when clean RX ringPeng Li
2019-04-14net: hns3: do not initialize MDIO bus when PHY is inexistentJian Shen