path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/cadence
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-21Merge tag 'spdx-5.2-rc2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gre...Linus Torvalds
2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner
2019-05-14net: macb: fix error format in dev_err()Luca Ceresoli
2019-05-07Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2019-05-07net: macb: Change interrupt and napi enable order in openHarini Katakam
2019-05-05net: macb: support of_get_mac_address new ERR_PTR errorPetr Štetiar
2019-05-03net: macb: shrink macb_platform_data structureNicolas Ferre
2019-05-03net: macb: remove redundant struct phy_device declarationNicolas Ferre
2019-04-08Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2019-04-08net: macb driver, check for SKBTX_HW_TSTAMPPaul Thomas
2019-03-27Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2019-03-21net: macb: Add null check for PCLK and HCLKHarini Katakam
2019-03-19net: macb: simplify getting .driver_dataWolfram Sang
2019-03-03net: macb: Add support for suspend/resume with full power downHarini Katakam
2019-03-03net: macb: Add pm runtime supportHarini Katakam
2019-03-03net: macb: Support clock management for tsu_clkHarini Katakam
2019-03-03net: macb: Check MDIO state before read/write and use timeoutsHarini Katakam
2019-02-14net:ethernet:cadence: Replace dev_kfree_skb_any by dev_consume_skb_anyHuang Zijiang
2019-02-13net: macb: replace dev_kfree_skb_irq by dev_consume_skb_irq for drop profilesYang Wei
2019-02-12macb_main: pass struct device to DMA API functionsChristoph Hellwig
2019-02-08net: macb: add sam9x60-macb compatibility stringNicolas Ferre
2019-01-29net: macb: Apply RXUBR workaround only to versions with errataHarini Katakam
2019-01-04net: macb: remove unnecessary codeClaudiu Beznea
2018-12-20Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2018-12-18net: macb: add missing barriers when reading descriptorsAnssi Hannula
2018-12-18net: macb: fix dropped RX frames due to a raceAnssi Hannula
2018-12-18net: macb: fix random memory corruption on RX with 64-bit DMAAnssi Hannula
2018-12-18net: macb: restart tx after tx used bit readClaudiu Beznea
2018-12-03net: cadence: switch to using nvmem_get_mac_address()Bartosz Golaszewski
2018-10-25net: ethernet: cadence: fix socket buffer corruption problemTristram Ha
2018-10-21net: ethernet: cadence: macb_main: simplify getting .driver_dataWolfram Sang
2018-09-25net: macb: Clean 64b dma addresses if they are not detectedMichal Simek
2018-09-18Merge ra.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2018-09-17net: macb: disable scatter-gather for macb on sama5d3Nicolas Ferre
2018-09-12net: ethernet: Add helper to remove a supported link modeAndrew Lunn
2018-09-12net: ethernet: Use phy_set_max_speed() to limit advertised speedAndrew Lunn
2018-09-02net: cadence: Fix a sleep-in-atomic-context bug in macb_halt_tx()Jia-Ju Bai
2018-08-25net: macb: do not disable MDIO bus at open/close timeAnssi Hannula
2018-08-25net: macb: Fix regression breaking non-MDIO fixed-link PHYsAhmad Fatoum
2018-08-07net: macb: Mark expected switch fall-throughGustavo A. R. Silva
2018-08-07net: macb: add support for padding and fcs computationClaudiu Beznea
2018-08-07net: macb: move checksum clearing outside of spinlockClaudiu Beznea
2018-08-07net: macb: use netdev_tx_t return type for ndo_start_xmit functionsClaudiu Beznea
2018-07-20Merge ra.kernel.org:/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linuxDavid S. Miller
2018-07-07net: macb: Allocate valid memory for TX and RX BD prefetchHarini Katakam
2018-07-07net: macb: Free RX ring for all queuesHarini Katakam
2018-07-05net: ethernet: Add missing VENDOR to Cadence and Packet Engines symbolsGeert Uytterhoeven
2018-06-28net: macb: initialize bp->queues[0].bp for at91rm9200Alexandre Belloni
2018-06-21net: macb: Fix ptp time adjustment for large negative deltaHarini Katakam
2018-05-16drivers: net: Remove device_node checks with of_mdiobus_register()Florian Fainelli