path: root/drivers/infiniband/hw/mlx5/mr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-05Revert "RDMA/mlx5: Fix releasing unallocated memory in dereg MR flow"Maor Gottlieb
2021-11-25RDMA/mlx5: Fix releasing unallocated memory in dereg MR flowAlaa Hleihel
2021-11-01Merge tag 'v5.15' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Initialize the ODP xarray when creating an ODP MRAharon Landau
2021-10-19Merge brank 'mlx5_mkey' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Attach ndescs to mlx5_ib_mkeyAharon Landau
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Move struct mlx5_core_mkey to mlx5_ibAharon Landau
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Replace struct mlx5_core_mkey by u32 keyAharon Landau
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Remove pd from struct mlx5_core_mkeyAharon Landau
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Remove size from struct mlx5_core_mkeyAharon Landau
2021-10-19RDMA/mlx5: Remove iova from struct mlx5_core_mkeyAharon Landau
2021-10-04RDMA/mlx5: Avoid taking MRs from larger MR cache pools when a pool is emptyAharon Landau
2021-09-08RDMA/mlx5: Fix xlt_chunk_align calculationNiklas Schnelle
2021-09-08RDMA/mlx5: Fix number of allocated XLT entriesNiklas Schnelle
2021-08-24RDMA: Use the sg_table directly and remove the opencoded version from umemMaor Gottlieb
2021-08-02RDMA/mlx5: Delay emptying a cache entry when a new MR is added to it recentlyAharon Landau
2021-06-22Merge tag 'v5.13-rc7' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe
2021-06-21RDMA/mlx5: Enable Relaxed Ordering by default for kernel ULPsAvihai Horon
2021-06-10RDMA/mlx5: Delete right entry from MR signature databaseAharon Landau
2021-05-20RDMA/mlx5: Remove unused parameter udataLang Cheng
2021-05-18{net, RDMA}/mlx5: Fix override of log_max_qp by other deviceMaor Gottlieb
2021-04-13Merge branch 'mlx5_memic_ops' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Jason Gunthorpe
2021-04-13RDMA/mlx5: Move all DM logic to separate fileMaor Gottlieb
2021-04-07IB/mlx5: Reduce max order of memory allocated for xlt updatePraveen Kumar Kannoju
2021-03-23RDMA/mlx5: Create ODP EQ only when ODP MR is createdShay Drory
2021-03-22RDMA/mlx5: Add missing returned error check of mlx5_ib_dereg_mrLeon Romanovsky
2021-03-11RDMA/mlx5: Rename mlx5_mr_cache_invalidate() to revoke_mr()Jason Gunthorpe
2021-03-11RDMA/mlx5: Consolidate MR destruction to mlx5_ib_dereg_mr()Jason Gunthorpe
2021-03-11RDMA/mlx5: Use a union inside mlx5_ib_mrJason Gunthorpe
2021-03-11RDMA/mlx5: Zero out ODP related items in the mlx5_ib_mrJason Gunthorpe
2021-02-08RDMA/mlx5: Cleanup the synchronize_srcu() from the ODP flowYishai Hadas
2021-01-20RDMA/mlx5: Support dma-buf based userspace memory regionJianxin Xiong
2020-12-14RDMA/mlx5: Fix MR cache memory leakMaor Gottlieb
2020-12-07RDMA/mlx5: Assign dev to DM MRMaor Gottlieb
2020-12-07RDMA/mlx5: Fix error unwinds for rereg_mrJason Gunthorpe
2020-12-07RDMA/mlx5: Reorganize mlx5_ib_reg_user_mr()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-12-07RDMA/uverbs: Allow drivers to create a new HW object during rereg_mrJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-26RDMA/mlx5: Use PCI device for dma mappingsParav Pandit
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Use ib_umem_find_best_pgsz() for mkc'sJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Split mlx5_ib_update_xlt() into ODP and non-ODP casesJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Split the WR setup out of mlx5_ib_update_xlt()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Move xlt_emergency_page_mutex into mr.cJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Change mlx5_ib_populate_pas() to use rdma_for_each_block()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Remove npages from mlx5_ib_cont_pages()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Remove ncont from mlx5_ib_cont_pages()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Remove order from mlx5_ib_cont_pages()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Move mlx5_ib_cont_pages() to the creation of the mlx5_ib_mrJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Remove mlx5_ib_mr->npagesJason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Fix corruption of reg_pages in mlx5_ib_rereg_user_mr()Jason Gunthorpe
2020-11-02RDMA/mlx5: Remove mlx5_ib_mr->orderJason Gunthorpe