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2022-05-26Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rdma/rdmaLinus Torvalds
2022-05-26RDMA/rtrs-clt: Fix one kernel-doc commentYang Li
2022-05-25Merge tag 'scsi-misc' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsiLinus Torvalds
2022-05-25Merge tag 'drm-next-2022-05-25' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/drm/drmLinus Torvalds
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Remove all traces of diagpkt supportDennis Dalessandro
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Consolidate software versionsDennis Dalessandro
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Remove pointless driver versionDennis Dalessandro
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Fix potential integer multiplication overflow errorsDennis Dalessandro
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Prevent panic when SDMA is disabledDouglas Miller
2022-05-24RDMA/hfi1: Prevent use of lock before it is initializedDouglas Miller
2022-05-24RDMA/rxe: Fix an error handling path in rxe_get_mcg()Christophe JAILLET
2022-05-24Merge tag 'v5.18' into rdma.git for-nextJason Gunthorpe
2022-05-24IB/core: Fix typo in commentJulia Lawall
2022-05-24IB/hf1: Fix typo in commentJulia Lawall
2022-05-24IB/qib: Fix typo in commentJulia Lawall
2022-05-24IB/iser: Fix typo in commentJulia Lawall
2022-05-20RDMA/mlx4: Avoid flush_scheduled_work() usageTetsuo Handa
2022-05-20IB/isert: Avoid flush_scheduled_work() usageTetsuo Handa
2022-05-19RDMA/mlx5: Remove duplicate pointer assignment in mlx5_ib_alloc_implicit_mr()Daisuke Matsuda
2022-05-17RDMA/qedr: Remove unnecessary synchronize_irq() before free_irq()Minghao Chi
2022-05-12Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/netdev/netJakub Kicinski
2022-05-12RDMA/hns: Use hr_reg_read() instead of remaining roce_get_xxx()Wenpeng Liang
2022-05-12RDMA/hns: Use hr_reg_xxx() instead of remaining roce_set_xxx()Wenpeng Liang
2022-05-11RDMA/irdma: Add SW mechanism to generate completions on errorMustafa Ismail
2022-05-11RDMA/siw: Enable siw on tunnel devicesBernard Metzler
2022-05-10scsi: target: iscsi: Rename iscsi_conn to iscsit_connMax Gurtovoy
2022-05-10scsi: target: iscsi: Rename iscsi_cmd to iscsit_cmdMax Gurtovoy
2022-05-09net/mlx5: Lag, expose number of lag portsMark Bloch
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Enforce IBA C11-17Bob Pearson
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Move mw cleanup code to rxe_mw_cleanup()Bob Pearson
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Move mr cleanup code to rxe_mr_cleanup()Bob Pearson
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Move qp cleanup code to rxe_qp_do_cleanup()Bob Pearson
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Check rxe_get() return valueBob Pearson
2022-05-09RDMA/rxe: Add rxe_srq_cleanup()Bob Pearson
2022-05-06RDMA/rxe: Remove IB_SRQ_INIT_MASKBob Pearson
2022-05-06RDMA/rxe: Skip adjusting remote addr for write in retry operationChengguang Xu
2022-05-04RDMA/rxe: Optimize the mr pool structZhu Yanjun
2022-05-04RDMA/hns: Remove the num_cqc_timer variableYixing Liu
2022-05-04RDMA/hns: Add the detection for CMDQ status in the device initialization processYangyang Li
2022-05-04RDMA/rxe: Change mcg_lock to a _bh lockBob Pearson
2022-05-04RDMA/rxe: Do not call dev_mc_add/del() under a spinlockBob Pearson
2022-05-04RDMA/hns: Remove unnecessary ret variable from hns_roce_dereg_mr()Guo Zhengkui
2022-05-04RDMA/siw: Fix a condition race issue in MPA request processingCheng Xu
2022-05-04RDMA/rxe: Replace paylen by payloadBob Pearson
2022-05-02RDMA/irdma: Fix possible crash due to NULL netdev in notifierMustafa Ismail
2022-05-02RDMA/irdma: Reduce iWARP QP destroy timeShiraz Saleem
2022-05-02RDMA/irdma: Flush iWARP QP if modified to ERR from RTR stateTatyana Nikolova
2022-04-25RDMA/core: Avoid flush_workqueue(system_unbound_wq) usageTetsuo Handa
2022-04-25RDMA/rxe: Remove useless parameters for update_state()Li Zhijian
2022-04-25RDMA/mlx5: Clean UMR QP type flow from mlx5_ib_post_send()Aharon Landau