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8 daysMerge tag 'staging-5.15-rc6' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2021-10-06iio/test-format: build kunit tests without structleak pluginBrendan Higgins
2021-10-03iio: light: opt3001: Fixed timeout error when 0 luxJiri Valek - 2N
2021-09-26iio: adis16480: fix devices that do not support sleep modeNuno Sá
2021-09-26iio: mtk-auxadc: fix case IIO_CHAN_INFO_PROCESSEDHui Liu
2021-09-25iio: adis16475: fix deadlock on frequency setNuno Sá
2021-09-18iio: ssp_sensors: add more range checking in ssp_parse_dataframe()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-18iio: ssp_sensors: fix error code in ssp_print_mcu_debug()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-14iio: adc: ad7793: Fix IRQ flagAlexandru Tachici
2021-09-14iio: adc: ad7780: Fix IRQ flagAlexandru Tachici
2021-09-14iio: adc: ad7192: Add IRQ flagAlexandru Tachici
2021-09-14iio: adc: aspeed: set driver data when adc probe.Billy Tsai
2021-09-14iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: add missing clk_disable_unprepare() in rzg2l_adc_pm_runt...Yang Yingliang
2021-09-14iio: adc: max1027: Fix the number of max1X31 channelsMiquel Raynal
2021-09-14iio: adc: max1027: Fix wrong shift with 12-bit devicesMiquel Raynal
2021-09-14iio: adc128s052: Fix the error handling path of 'adc128_probe()'Christophe JAILLET
2021-09-14iio: adc: rzg2l_adc: Fix -EBUSY timeout error returnColin Ian King
2021-09-14iio: accel: fxls8962af: return IRQ_HANDLED when fifo is flushedSean Nyekjaer
2021-09-14iio: dac: ti-dac5571: fix an error code in probe()Dan Carpenter
2021-09-08Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2021-09-08iio/drivers/hid-sensor: use HZ macrosDaniel Lezcano
2021-09-08iio/drivers/as73211: use HZ macrosDaniel Lezcano
2021-09-01Merge tag 'staging-5.15-rc1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2021-08-30Merge tag 'for-v5.15' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sre/li...Linus Torvalds
2021-08-17Merge tag 'iio-for-5.15b' of https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-08-16Merge 5.14-rc6 into staging-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2021-08-15iio: adc: Add driver for Renesas RZ/G2L A/D converterLad Prabhakar
2021-08-15iio: pressure: hp03: update device probe to register with devm functionsThéo Borém Fabris
2021-08-15iio: adc: rockchip_saradc: add voltage notifier so get referenced voltage onc...David Wu
2021-08-15iio: ltc2983: fix device probeNuno Sá
2021-08-15iio: potentiometer: Add driver support for AD5110Mugilraj Dhavachelvan
2021-08-13iio: adc: rn5t618: Add iio mapAndreas Kemnade
2021-08-09iio: hid-sensor-press: Add timestamp channelYe Xiang
2021-08-08iio: accel: bmc150: Add support for BMC156Stephan Gerhold
2021-08-08iio: accel: bmc150: Make it possible to configure INT2 instead of INT1Stephan Gerhold
2021-08-08iio: light: cm3323: Add of_device_id tableSiddharth Manthan
2021-08-08iio: chemical: Add driver support for sgp40Andreas Klinger
2021-08-08iio: ep93xx: Prepare clock before using itAlexander Sverdlin
2021-08-08iio: adc: fsl-imx25-gcq: adjust irq check to match docs and simplify codeTang Bin
2021-07-31iio: dac: max5821: convert device register to device managed functionThéo Borém Fabris
2021-07-31iio/adc: ingenic: add JZ4760B support to the sadc driverChristophe Branchereau
2021-07-31iio/adc: ingenic: add JZ4760 support to the sadc driverChristophe Branchereau
2021-07-31iio/adc: ingenic: rename has_aux2 to has_aux_mdChristophe Branchereau
2021-07-31iio: sx9310: Support ACPI propertyGwendal Grignou
2021-07-31iio: adc: Fix incorrect exit of for-loopColin Ian King
2021-07-25iio: adc: meson-saradc: Fix indentation of arguments after a line-breakMartin Blumenstingl
2021-07-25iio: adc: meson-saradc: Add missing space between if and parenthesisMartin Blumenstingl
2021-07-25iio: adc: meson-saradc: Disable BL30 integration on G12A and newer SoCsMartin Blumenstingl
2021-07-24iio: humidity: hdc100x: Add margin to the conversion timeChris Lesiak
2021-07-24iio: gyro: st_gyro: use devm_iio_triggered_buffer_setup() for bufferAlexandru Ardelean