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2021-10-21KVM: SEV: Flush cache on non-coherent systems before RECEIVE_UPDATE_DATAMasahiro Kozuka
2021-10-18KVM: SEV-ES: reduce ghcb_sa_len to 32 bitsPaolo Bonzini
2021-10-18KVM: SEV-ES: Set guest_state_protected after VMSA updatePeter Gonda
2021-10-15KVM: SEV-ES: fix length of string I/OPaolo Bonzini
2021-09-23KVM: x86: nSVM: don't copy virt_ext from vmcb12Maxim Levitsky
2021-09-23KVM: x86: nSVM: test eax for 4K alignment for GP errata workaroundMaxim Levitsky
2021-09-23KVM: x86: nSVM: restore int_vector in svm_clear_vintrMaxim Levitsky
2021-09-22KVM: x86: nSVM: refactor svm_leave_smm and smm_enter_smmMaxim Levitsky
2021-09-22KVM: x86: SVM: call KVM_REQ_GET_NESTED_STATE_PAGES on exit from SMM modeMaxim Levitsky
2021-09-22KVM: x86: nSVM: restore the L1 host state prior to resuming nested guest on S...Maxim Levitsky
2021-09-22KVM: SEV: Allow some commands for mirror VMPeter Gonda
2021-09-22KVM: SEV: Update svm_vm_copy_asid_from for SEV-ESPeter Gonda
2021-09-22KVM: SEV: Pin guest memory for write for RECEIVE_UPDATE_DATASean Christopherson
2021-09-22KVM: SVM: fix missing sev_decommission in sev_receive_startMingwei Zhang
2021-09-22KVM: SEV: Acquire vcpu mutex when updating VMSAPeter Gonda
2021-09-07Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/kvmLinus Torvalds
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: Add 5-level page table support for SVMWei Huang
2021-08-20KVM: x86: Allow CPU to force vendor-specific TDP levelWei Huang
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: split svm_handle_invalid_exitMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: AVIC: drop unsupported AVIC base relocation codeMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: call avic_vcpu_load/avic_vcpu_put when enabling/disabling AVICMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: move check for kvm_vcpu_apicv_active outside of avic_vcpu_{put|load}Maxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: remove svm_toggle_avic_for_irq_windowMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: SVM: add warning for mistmatch between AVIC vcpu state and AVIC inhibitionMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-20KVM: x86: don't disable APICv memslot when inhibitedMaxim Levitsky
2021-08-16KVM: nSVM: always intercept VMLOAD/VMSAVE when nested (CVE-2021-3656)Maxim Levitsky
2021-08-16KVM: nSVM: avoid picking up unsupported bits from L2 in int_ctl (CVE-2021-3653)Maxim Levitsky
2021-08-13KVM: x86: Move declaration of kvm_spurious_fault() to x86.hUros Bizjak
2021-08-13KVM: x86: Kill off __ex() and __kvm_handle_fault_on_reboot()Sean Christopherson
2021-08-10Merge branch 'kvm-vmx-secctl' into HEADPaolo Bonzini
2021-08-04KVM: SVM: improve the code readability for ASID managementMingwei Zhang
2021-08-04KVM: SVM: Fix off-by-one indexing when nullifying last used SEV VMCBSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: nSVM: remove useless kvm_clear_*_queuePaolo Bonzini
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Drop redundant clearing of vcpu->arch.hflags at INIT/RESETSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Emulate #INIT in response to triple fault shutdownSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: x86: Move setting of sregs during vCPU RESET/INIT to common x86Sean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Stuff save->dr6 at during VMSA sync, not at RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Drop redundant writes to vmcb->save.cr4 at RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Tweak order of cr0/cr4/efer writes at RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Don't bother writing vmcb->save.rip at vCPU RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: x86: Move EDX initialization at vCPU RESET to common codeSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: x86: Consolidate APIC base RESET initialization codeSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Drop explicit MMU reset at RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Fall back to KVM's hardcoded value for EDX at RESET/INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Require exact CPUID.0x1 match when stuffing EDX at INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: SVM: Zero out GDTR.base and IDTR.base on INITSean Christopherson
2021-08-02KVM: x86: Use KVM_BUG/KVM_BUG_ON to handle bugs that are fatal to the VMSean Christopherson
2021-07-27KVM: SVM: use vmcb01 in svm_refresh_apicv_exec_ctrlMaxim Levitsky
2021-07-27KVM: SVM: tweak warning about enabled AVIC on nested entryMaxim Levitsky
2021-07-27KVM: SVM: svm_set_vintr don't warn if AVIC is active but is about to be deact...Maxim Levitsky