path: root/arch/s390/crypto/sha512_s390.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-15s390/crypto: sha: Use -ENODEV instead of -EOPNOTSUPPDavid Hildenbrand
2018-07-09crypto: shash - remove useless setting of type flagsEric Biggers
2017-11-24s390: crypto: Remove redundant license textGreg Kroah-Hartman
2017-11-24s390: crypto: add SPDX identifiers to the remaining filesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2016-08-29s390/crypto: cpacf function detectionMartin Schwidefsky
2016-04-15s390/crypto: cleanup and move the header with the cpacf definitionsMartin Schwidefsky
2015-07-22s390/crypto: add cpu feature modaliases for crypto modulesHendrik Brueckner
2014-11-24crypto: prefix module autoloading with "crypto-"Kees Cook
2011-05-04crypto: s390 - extend crypto facility checkJan Glauber
2009-09-05crypto: sha-s390 - Fix warnings in import functionJan Glauber
2009-07-22crypto: sha512-s390 - Add export/import supportHerbert Xu
2009-03-21crypto: sha512-s390 - Add missing block sizeHerbert Xu
2009-02-18crypto: sha-s390 - Switch to shashHerbert Xu
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] sha384: Hardware acceleration for s390Jan Glauber
2008-04-21[CRYPTO] sha512: Hardware acceleration for s390Jan Glauber