path: root/arch/powerpc/platforms/celleb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-04-13[POWERPC] Rename get_property to of_get_property: arch/powerpcStephen Rothwell
2007-03-22[POWERPC] Split cell platforms into their respective Kconfig fileKumar Gala
2007-03-09[POWERPC] Create and use get_pci_dma_ops()Stephen Rothwell
2007-03-09[POWERPC] Create and use set_pci_dma_opsStephen Rothwell
2007-03-08[POWERPC] Celleb: bug fix caused by not casting pointer typesIshizaki Kou
2007-02-16[POWERPC] celleb: fix scc_uhc.c dependencyIshizaki Kou
2007-02-16[POWERPC] celleb: fix CONFIG_KEXEC dependencyIshizaki Kou
2007-02-13[POWERPC] Celleb: improve MMU hashtable lockingAkira Iguchi
2007-02-09[PATCH] powerpc: celleb trivial endianness and iomem annotationsAl Viro
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: basic supportIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: support spu priv1 opsIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: support udbgIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: htab routinesIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: support iommuIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: setup usb host controller in SCCIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: support interruptsIshizaki Kou
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: interfaces to the hypervisorIshizaki Kou
2007-01-24[POWERPC] Celleb: setup sio in SCCIshizaki Kou
2007-01-24[POWERPC] Celleb: Support PCI bus and base of I/OIshizaki Kou
2007-01-24[POWERPC] Celleb: Cell SCC definitionsIshizaki Kou
2007-01-24[POWERPC] Celleb: hypervisor call numbersIshizaki Kou